Sunday, March 29, 2009

Artists are true friends..

The beautifying of Bijou!

One step forward, ten steps back..but then ten more steps forward and add twenty more!

Well after the photo, where the retail area seemed almost complete....26 boxes from Aveda came...then the glass shelving units another 10 boxes...and suddenly my area that was spic and span was all disarray again!

I feel like we've changed the salon around every weekend,(click slideshow) we have to take it apart on the non business hours and then put it back together for the next day of work..making it look presentable! 

Last night we were there from 3pm to 3am...working, and working hard!  We made such progress and the kids were great...Dylan pitched in a lot and Chase was on "sticker on the bag" duty!  

And last night we made big we will put the shelves in from Aveda, paint the bar, (I hope:) and organize more!  Shelly and Chiara are coming in for some painting...Don't worry, I'll take pictures!  If you want to stop by and take a peek...stop on...BUT watch out, we might ask you to pick up a paint brush!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Expansion Press - Thank you!

My friend Miranda at the Skaneateles Press wrote a wonderful article about our expansion:) Over Charcoal grilled pizza and Tiramisu:) We talked alot;)

Read about it here..and see the photos she took!

Thanks Miranda!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


(Want to see all the photos from start to finish? Click on the right, where it says flickr..just click the word flickr and it will magically take you there:)

With Jackie working hard and the Bijou girls and some little kids (bah to child labor laws;) we finally feel some progress! The light at the end of the dusty tunnel!

Thank you everyone for pitching in...Thanks Josh for staining...Thanks Tom and Joe (in advance) for doing the floors (once again;)...Thanks Kim Bolton for pitching in and grabbing a paint brush...Thank you to all the team at Bijou for not blinking an eye when I ask for some help....Thanks Shel for lending me your design eye today and concocting ideas..Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Now for an interruption in extreme salon makeover....


Laura's List: Books for Women and Syracuse University
College of Visual and Performing Arts Presents
“An Evening with Thom Filicia”

Thursday, April 30, 2009
6:30pm at Anyela's Vineyards
2433 West Lake Rd. Skaneateles, NY

Inspired Ideas for Creating Rooms You'll Love

This exclusive reception features Thom Filicia, one of the nation’s foremost interior designers, who rocketed to success as the design expert of the Fab Five quartet on Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Filicia currently hosts the extremely popular Dress My Nest on the Style Network and owns a successful, New York based interior design firm, Thom Filicia, Inc. which specializes in residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

The special two hour event will be held at award winning Anyela’s Vineyard in Skaneateles, New York. The event includes a conversation with Thom Filicia, book-signing, cocktail reception with signature featured food item, delectable dessert, espresso bar.

$50/person. A portion of ticket will support local Breast Cancer organization, Positively Pink Packages, in honor of Thom's mother. Limited seating to 200.

Tickets available for purchase at Bijou Salon

Monday, March 23, 2009

The first Manicure bar in Skaneateles!

First you have to make a plan...or several ideas of a plan...
Then you might alter the plan, make different dimensions, change it around...

Then you always discuss it, maybe over a Dr. Pepper and Ginger Ale...

But then once you start building, you don't stop until way past dinner time!

But when it's done....

You should always try it out to see if the plan worked...(I wanted Thomas to pretend to give Joe a manicure, and he did, but I was too slow for the photo opp:)

These guys of ours can do it all! Thank you again Joe! We really appreciate your design and hard work! Cookies and brownies are on their way! And thanks Dina for letting us have him for the day, anytime you want to borrow Thomas, he's yours too for the day:)

A very very busy weekend!

Ahhh, Bijou is finally back to being tidy...okay not to get too excited, it's only the front area..the bella blue part is still a work in progress...2 weeks down...2 weeks (I think) to go!

Before the tidiness....sometimes things have to get worse before they get better!!

So really quick as I have to run to the shop to check on the plumbing and dash to the fabric store to get my 20% off fabric and then the window seat can be made, hooray!

So the floors are done, Thanks to James and thanks to James wife Amy for letting him stay till 3am to finish for us! Thanks!

The desk is done, thanks to Joe and Thomas...Many thanks to Dina for borrowing her husband to us for two full days...We don't know what we would have done without friends like you!! As Thomas says, we would be screwed:) Thank you Thank you, the next big project at your house, Joe better call Thomas! Two perfectionist engineers, they work terrific together!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Syracuse has heard we're expanding too? There goes my secret;)

Wow and now for a little unexpected press:)

Bob Niedt, he has the 'Store front' feature in the business section of the Post Standard, caught me yesterday (Tuesday when we were closed...We had 23 messages from Tuesday, YAY!) I had stopped into the salon to check on progress and luckily (so luckily) picked up the phone. One of my clients who works at the paper...(Thanks Rich!) mentioned to him that we were expanding, so he gave me a little mini interview and then today I found it in the paper. First page of the business section:) Hooray for Bijou!

The cool thing about Bob....He has a blog too:) (way better than mine;)

Here is what he wrote:

Kim Baker's Bijou salon in Skaneateles has doubled the size of its space at 6 Jordan St. in the village. The empty Bella Blue Boutique space is now part of Bijou, which is adding facials, massages, full body waxing and more to its services, plus "cool trendy retail items," said Baker. The Web site is

Thanks Bob and Thanks Rich!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A busy Monday and Tuesday!

Okay, here is the other big drastic change...hard to imagine, yes I know, for me too...But in a couple of days, this will be a little cubby hole for us Bijou girls! The other shelves will be removed too, on Saturday our most awesome construction guy, James, will be putting the hardwood down on the rest of the existing carpet...and then we'll add the cabinetry in the cubby hole, add the two stations and move the current dispensary to the facial room and redirect all our color....I think it's essential to do it in the right steps....Those steps..however, are a mystery to me! If anyone is good at these types of "going in the right order to avoid mass confusion" give me a call!

I keep asking James..."Sooooo, I should do this first.....right?" I think he actually thinks I know what I'm talking about....oh well, it'll all work out...I usually "fly by the seat of my pants", something I don't mind at all, if it's'll work out:) We'll get there one way or another...right?....right?!

Here is James...well he won't allow me to take pictures shy! But the point of this photo is....MY FLOOR is being cut! Deep breath...all for a good cause...have I mentioned, that I somewhat don't really love change?? Yeah, I prefer to keep things the same...
This will be the new view from the reception desk...oh scratch that...there won't be a reception desk there anymore...okay this will be a new view from the new 6th can imagine it, no? (Don't worry, me either;)
Okay, so there is an awful lot of dust...I can handle it...actually, I need to leave right now, so I can go in and dust right now instead of blogging...I have clients tomorrow...any suggestions on how to get rid of all the dust...let me know!

Okay enough about the expansion...Here we were lucky enough on Monday to attend the Women in business luncheon at the Lodge here is town! An afternoon of meeting exciting, interesting and inspiring women, having a nice lunch and listening to successful women share their experiences about how they balanced motherhood and being businesswomen. Courtney, Linda and I attended and had a really great time!
So that was our Monday and Tuesday, back to work on Wednesday! We are keeping busy as bee's at Bijou salon! Remember Bijou is blooming, we have to work work work:)

Our trade show table...quite nice if I do say so myself!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

So talented that girl is!

My Kimberlee, she is the best! The first girl I hired, it was just me and her for a little while! She really is the best and you just can't help but love her! (and psst, she's single now too..any takers;) Here she is, working away...I know, I know, just the other day, James our best construction guy was painting nails, and now here Kimberlee is, sealing up the drywall...what on earth is going on at Bijou?
Things are moving along just great, we will be closed on Tuesday all day for some real messy stuff. I put new photos on Flickr, you just have to click on that word or click on the play button to the right---------------> Every time I add new photos, it updates it on my photo stream...WOW, what did we ever do without the Internet before?!

OHHH and how could I forget? I had a very exciting and informative meeting with Laura Ponticello, from Laura's list...she gave me scoop on Thom Filicia!!! I know I have about 20 people that are waiting for tickets...AND I learned, that they only have 200 tickets! Bijou will be one of the places selling them, I'll be sending out an email to let you know when! Stay tuned!

Lesson learned ~ Don't give up, make a wish and check Ebay!

My only source of stress has been my beloved sconces, (that are just there for decoration and don't actually work) since we planned to make two new stations, I have been looking for the sconces...Lowe's discontinued them (of course!) and I thought I could eventually find them online someplace...I exhausted all my resources...countless hours surfing the net to find them (I am most certain I have glanced at every brushed nickel sconce!) an attempt at contacting Portfolio brand lighting....(made in china I think), with no luck at all! It's been weeks and it was stressing me out...I mean seriously, the sconces are beaded and silver and make the whole design of the stations. I was really bummed and was considering replacing all of them, so they would match...BUT I loved them! Gah!

So late, late, late last night after scouring the internet and googling anything possibly close to 'silver beaded sconces', I was about to give up! Brushed my teeth, got in my p.j.'s and was ready to hit the sack...I remembered my wish tickets Shelly got me for my friendship shower when I started Bijou...I got in bed, made a wish and had a thought....Ebay! Okay now at this point, my eyes were getting drowsy and I could have very easily fallen asleep, but Ebay was calling...I got up, typed in 'silver beaded sconces'...and waited..nope! I knew matches. I was angry at myself for wasting more time on these stupid things, when I scrolled down and saw suggestions....AND read with such delight...

Chic French Crystal Beaded Wall Lamp/Sconce/Light

When something like this happens...I hear the trumpets of victory! Hallelujah ! (Doesn't everybody??)

So there you have it...I didn't give up, I made a wish and checked Ebay! I strongly recommend it:)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Week two of expansion project!

Have I mentioned how fabulous the guys doing the work are?? Well all of us Bijou girls say it everyday, so forgive me for not making note of it here! They ROCK!! They are fast, neat, (well as neat as you can be with sawdust, sheet rock and insulation) quiet, and they laugh when we say funny things! The clients are growing fond of our main guy, he's the best, we think he has a great eye for hair! He gave Beth C. great advice and compliments on her hair! I'm really not kidding, if he didn't like construction so much, I'd tell him to come work with us:) We'll all be really sad when he's done! (but happy it's done, of course:)

The work is coming along really nicely! The shopping is out of the way...and now it's just online shopping for little things..ooh the little things ad up! We are making tres' fab plans for the Grand opening. Sherry and Andy Ramsgard are donating Hypnotiq..mmm can't wait! (it's blue!) I'll let ya know when that is, right now it all depends on the fate of both my boys Ootm teams!

So what is left to do? The hardwoods...the stations...the manicure bar....finish the treatment our new employee lounge/dispensary...and CLEAN! I cannot wait to clean...The salon is getting dustier by the's normal though, and definitely worth it!! Kathy and Elliot Mattice, who did the huge mural for Doug's fish fry are coming to do the front sign, and I'm trying to get a hold of the vinyl letter guy...I need to order the paper lanterns for the front and Carolyn Legg is waiting for the fabric for the cushions for the window...So much to do...yet I feel we are still on schedule!

So I heard today that Mr. Kinder was able to keep up on his guys during his vacation with our little blog...So if Tom, is doing the same thing...I just want to say, your guy is doing a great job and even stepped in a little bit today to give Courtney a manicure...he did owe her one, cause he accidentally mentioned he thought she was 40 years old ;) see we are still having fun:) no stress at Bijou, just cookies, coffee and fun! Bring back some sun Tom and have some fun!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 4 of expansion...almost 1/3 of the way done!

Ooh, I know it's beautiful and SO chocolaty! Yum!

Okay so other than the mess, can you see the "vision"...we'll have to talk to Shelly about that "vision", she's got it all up in her head:)

Next is painting the hallway, taking down our one tower and curtain that hid our basement door..moving the pedicure stations into here and then they will start on the 2ND phase...building the room!

Now for the fun part...this weekend Thomas, Joe and all the boys will do an extension on our lovely desk from Bella Blue! Maybe they will be inspired to make the bar too! AND while they are doing that, Shelly and I will be hitting the stores we visited the first time....a shopping we will go, a shopping we will go...hi ho the merry o, a shopping we will go! Don't worry, I'll bring the camera;)

Till next time!

It's prime time..then painting time...Day two!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A little glimpse...Day one

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Now THIS looks serious....

Monday, March 2, 2009

What's happening at 6 Jordan Street??

Bye Bye Edie, we'll surely miss you!!!

The gems are off the wall, ready for a fresh new look. What will it be, what color, what style...what will go in here??? I can't wait to see for myself...such a mystery...a'll be a month..then we'll all see!

Edie is also ready to take on a whole new life...Grand kids, leisurely horse back, baking...and just relaxing!

What's going to happen next? Well you'll just have to check back and see what is Blooming at Bijou?? But right now, the gems are going to be used in an Odyssey of the mind skit...SO good to recycle!

Bijou is Bloooming!

Since March has come in, we have been BOOMING! January and February can typically be slow months...(and rainy months, which it has proven to be)....BUT not for us..We are so blessed and fortunate to stay busy like bee's!! In the month of January, we had 82 new clients!!! Holey Moley, Thank you Thank you, we sooo appreciate every referral we get! Bijou is a wonderful place for everyone, because of our clients! You make it cozy, great!

We had two wonderful birthday parties for two special little girls! Pictures will be coming soon!
The little girls were so much fun and well behaved, such little ladies, all glammed up and sparkly!

So onto other news, I may not have much time to make posts for the next month, if you follow this blog, it may be a picture or two or three...


Have you heard????

Bijou is BLOOMING too!!!!

Exciting things are coming to 6 Jordan street!

Stay tuned for some photos of what exactly is going on behind those blackened windows on the main street of Jordan....

One more thing I wanted to share...

I ran into a client at the local supermarket and she made a really lovely comment to me, she said that I surrounded myself with really spectacular people...I replied that yes, I was indeed very lucky with who I have around me, she thinks it's that I attract them because I am a good person....I'm not sure about that, perhaps (I tend to not allow myself that kind of compliment) because I do believe in being nice to others and helping anyone when I can, that the whole "pay it forward" thing happens...or as my Mom would say..."what comes around goes around", regardless, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside for her to say such a nice thing! Thanks Linda, I think you're great too!!