Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting your haircut at Bijou and Face Shapes!

Stop experimenting with haircuts that look good on others and wear a style that looks good on you!!

To find out the shape of your face, measure it with a tape measure or ruler. You will take the following measurements.
    1. Measure your face across the top of your cheekbones. Write down the measurement on a piece of paper.
    2. Measure across your jaw line from the widest point to the widest point. Write down the measurement.
    3. Measure across your forehead at the widest point. Generally the widest point will be somewhere about halfway between your eyebrows and your hairline. Write down the measurement.
    4. Measure from the tip of your hairline to the bottom of your chin.
Oval Face - Length equal to one and a half times width.
Round Face - Your face is as wide as it is long. This may vary a little but generally the measurement is close.
Oblong - Longer than it is wide.
Heart - Narrow at jaw line, wide at cheekbones/and or forehead.
Square - your face is about as wide as it is long.
Diamond - Widest at cheekbones, narrow forehead and jaw line of approximately equal widths.

Your haircut should be as unique as you . Your face shape is a natural guideline for finding the perfect style. Our stylists don't just cut your hair ; we design a customized haircut specifically for you based on face shape,texture,and thickness!

It's our passion and attention to detail that that makes Bijou Salon sparkle above the rest! Plus we listen to what you really want and advise you on what will work best with your hair!

Monday, May 24, 2010

What is Keratin Complex ? by Courtney Conley

Shelly before

Shelly before

WELL well summer is finally here! I'm so excited to say i just spent the day getting re certified and Bijou also has Samantha to accommodate more clients because she was certified as well!!

I have to say that each and every client I have treated with the Keratin Complex, they have all felt it made styling much much easier! With humidity coming and lots of styles smooth and straight or full of body (minus the frizzzzzz) this is the way to go!!

Shelly after (over a week after)

What is Keratin Complex?

Have you ever wished that your hair was more manageable? Softer? Smoother? Had more shine? Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by COPPOLA is the answer, it's also called the "Brazillian blowout"!

This revolutionary smoothing system infuses Keratin deep into the hair cuticle, eliminating up to ninety-five percent of frizz and curl and leaving the hair smooth, shiny and luxurious. Results typically last 3 to 5 months depending on hair type.

Our client testimonials refer to Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy as “life changing.” It rejuvenates and revitalizes the hair, giving it a softer, silkier feel that everyone raves about.
Unlike other salon services, the more you treat your hair, the healthier it becomes. With each treatment, the build-up of Keratin makes the hair:

Smoother and Silkier
Straighter and Shinier
Easier and Faster to blow-dry
Close to being “maintenance-free"

Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy encases the hair follicle with a keratin bond to:

Promote Healing
Block the effects of humidity
Prevent environmental toxins from entering the hair.

Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by COPPOLA is gentle enough to use on all hair types: color treated, chemically processed, bleached or highlighted.
This service is only available in salons and is administered by specially trained stylists in the Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by COPPOLA methods.

Book now and receive a free cut!!($35 value)

*Claire Before*

Claire after

Claire After

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Virtually meeting Sue from MA!

I think the universe works in mysterious ways...I've always believed without any doubt that 'everything happens for a reason'. Even when bad thing happen, I've learned to brace myself, take the punches and wait to learn the "Why" it's happened.

When I meet people, I tend to know the ones that will be constants in my life one way or another.

The other day as I was exiting the salon, a phone call came in, they asked for me. When I got on the phone it was another salon that called asking me about my website, I told her that Dan Lovell at CodeMunkeys did it and how pleased I was with his work. I also told her about my blog - and that Leelou blogs designed my page for me. Here is the thing with me, I will share any piece of information I have...WHY? (alot of people do ask me that;) - because lots of people have shared with me and well I just like to share! Yep, I'm not the greedy kind, that word could never be used in conjunction with my name! (In fact years ago when I got a very substantial allowance $20, 25+ years ago, the whole neighborhood benefited from my luck, candy in the club house for everyone, once a week!) I especially love sharing blog info and I'm always willing to help people set one up...Probably because I am slightly (or perhaps, very) nosy and then I could read their blog! I had to get out of the salon and off the phone, so I offered my new friend to call me later and if she wanted, I would help her set one up! We started talking a little after 9, both in front of the computer... During that time, we gabbed and talked like old friends till well after midnight.

She might be thinking that I was such a big help to her, but she could have done it by herself, blogging looks harder then it is, but it really is so simple, it's almost stupid! I think my guardian angel who watches my back, must have known I was needing a mentor! (Don Bewley just did say to get one of those;) AND Sue has owned a business for 10 years, does a lot for her community, and is opening another location, I see myself doing this one day and am thrilled to have met her during this time!

Anyway, I had the best time talking to her, we quickly shared a lot of our experiences and I know we will both be valuable to each other. SO, do you want to know how nice this new friend is? She sent me these!!

Thanks Sue, you made my day! Now get that blog going, so I can read all about your salon! I know you've got exciting things to share!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Matter of trust update..

I just wanted to give everyone a little update that came to me from Lisa Gautier, the mastermind behind the Matter of trust organization. A lot of clients have been asking about the status of all the hair and what BP was doing, I thought this was great news and felt inclined to share it!

Another example of 'the squeeky wheel getting the oil'...haha, what a pun and it was intended!

All in all, this is great news and if you are not already, start saving the hair, it's not bad to ship it, it's easy and why not!? When Matter of trust doesn't need it, don't worry they'll tell us, they're not stockpiling it to make mattresses or something weird like that, they will tell us, okay we've got it covered, operation "H" is done, until then start saving and sending, it's a good thing:)

1) BP will be posting a press release with information on how they will be deploying the boom and natural fibers to soak up oil.

2) Laundry lint - a lot of you have suggested recycling laundry lint, especially from hotels. This might work for furniture stuffing and we look forward to researching this more after the Gulf response. For oil spill booms, lint may contain polyester and we only want natural fiber stuffing. Also, lint will disintegrate into tiny pieces and come out of the nylon mesh.

3) Every 12pm Noon PST, we are sending out addresses for the 19 Temporarily Donated Warehouses in the Gulf. Please don't ship to these addresses after June 10, 2010. If there is more need for boom after all these packages are received, it will go to other warehouses.

If you have already contacted us to request an address, we are replying to each of you individually as well because our bulk emails may be going to your spam folders. We hope you will all hear from us over the next few days. Please don't resend any address requests to us before May 24th, as it will double the work for our volunteers and we need our volunteers happy!


Lisa Gautier

Monday, May 17, 2010

Some of my favorites from Skaneateles Junior Prom 2010

Prom is always a great time of year...ahh it brings back memories for all us Bijou girls...especially since this year was an 80's's true that the dresses now are much better, but if I really remember how I wore my was over to the side and curly..just like a lot of the styles today! I remember thinking how cool OUR dresses were, but these dresses that the girls had this year were red carpet gorgeous! Bijou is now getting a detailed cleaning from all the hairspray used and we will be re-stocking bobby pins too! ;) All the prom girls from Friday, and then the Auburn prom and Marcellus Ball, were all fabulous girls! Thanks for choosing Bijou to make you shine on that day!

Hair and make up done by Courtney!

Hair done by Kim

Hair and make up done by Sarah Tompkins

Hair and make up done by Samantha Mahoney-Mattice

The inspiration ...

What do you think? Pretty close to the picture, I think:)

This was so easy to do, she had the hair that was perfect for it! She found the accessory's at a craft store and she even found the dress online, exactly like the one from Gossip girl!!
Hair done by Kim, make up done by Sarah Tompkins

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Great press from the Journal and the Press. Thanks!

The lovely Miranda from the Skaneateles Press, wrote a really wonderful article about our efforts for the Matter of trust! Check it out here! Actually since it's such a great cause and everyone was so supportive of it, the sweet Jessica came from the Skaneateles Journal. It was my first press conference...HAHAH, I am SO kidding:) Check that article here!

Thank you ladies for helping us at Bijou with your words!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Did you really think I would just use a plain hair keeper bin??

Just one quick thing: Matter of trust! Be aware! Talk about it, tell your friends, they don't HAVE to come to Bijou to help, tell them, when they get their haircut, just to ask the hairdresser cutting their hair to sweep up the hair and put it in a bag, bring it to Bijou and put it into THIS Bijou-dazzled hair keeper! We at Bijou will take care of the rest!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's a matter of trust!

This is just a small sample for show & comes with how to information. Real booms are donated to emergency oil spills or sold in bulk to municipalities to support the program

On Monday when I stopped in the shop, Courtney asked me to talk to her client, that client wanted to talk to me about her hair...after its been cut, while it's on the floor, waiting to be swept up, she was very upset about the oil spill and wanted to donate her hair. I knew exactly what organization she was speaking about and I got the chills, it's been on my mind too since it happened, I just tend to think..ooh we're too little, could we really make that big of a difference...BUT duh, I'm the one who always says, 'every little bit counts'...Sometimes I should really listen to my own advice! ;)

This is something I've been thinking about for quite some time, this is what I do, I think..sometimes unfortunately, I have SO many things that I "think" about. I almost always, again unfortunately, need a PUSH. (usually just a tiny little push:) This morning I read an email from Thomas and he said...'Start collecting hair in specific plastic bags,, I think it may be a good idea to send it in louisiana'...There it is, my push.

I got right on the computer and signed up, after reading all about the organization, I got even more excited!!!! (yes 4 exclamations) And I realized that not only human hair is good, but dog hair, I got right on the phone and called WAGS pet salon, they said they would start collecting hair right away!

Please click on all the links and here to get an idea of how they make the mats and please stop in, I just ordered a little tiny sample so we can see exactly how it is done!

Plus the great thing is, after they use the hair mats, it can be reused again!!
After hair soaks up the oil, it can be mixed 9:1 with greenwaste, composted over 2 years, and fed to worms! The bacteria in the compost and worm tummies break down the oil and the worms create a fantastic fertilizer!