Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting to know...Courtney Conley!

So here we are again, getting to know your stylists! This week it's Courtney Conley! She is my June girl..she does not have a middle name, so I gave her one:) Courtney June Conley! In my business plan, I said I would add someone in June (I had added a girl in April, but specifically I stated that I would add another in June and so I did!) I made a post mentioning that and voila! Courtney showed up at my door the next day or so! Really, she did, read here!

Court is the best, she is always ready to be our cheerleader, always the super duper team player! Very considerate and very nurturing to every client that walks through the door! Courtney is a lot like I was as an employee, always thinking about work outside of work, researching ideas and making notes. Sometimes I come in and she has about 4 pages of Courtney's notes, I love the extra help and honestly it's more the thought that touches me more! We are all lucky to work with such a great girl!

1) My hair right now?
It's chin length Bob, but styled to be curly and full! It's a medium copper golden brown with medium gold highlights! (don't be deceived by the picture...they are Jessica Simpson extensions...I'm tricky like that;)

2) My current style?
My style is classy with a little bit of "bite"! It depends on the seasons!

3) What's on my ipod?
I like a little bit of everything! But I have to say, I'm still young at heart and listen to 107.9 and 93Q.

4) My current favorite product?
I have to say that with my hair being naturally curly, for me the best is Moroccan oil, curl & defining solution by Eufora and Kenra Volume spray #25.

5) Things or people that inspire me?
I would have to say that what inspired me was being brought up in the this industry with my Mother being a hairdresser and business owner. My mother has shown me that hard work and persistence pays off!

I'm a hairdresser because....
It is my love and passion, being able to help people look and feel their best is so rewarding!

7) Why I love working at Bijou
(sorry I couldn't resist to ask;)
What can I say, Kim Baker is SO up to date on education and marketing, Bijou is what it is because of her, "she sparkles inside and out"...(Okay stop, I'm blushing now...Ha she gets points for that one;)

8) Favorite Quote?
"It's not what I know that makes me great, it's about what I learn that makes me better!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elisabeth writes a children's book!

One of my sweetest, kindest, most caring clients ever is Elisabeth Hurley! (like the actress but much nicer;) I know personally that she nurtures people, when one of her friends is not feeling well or not up to par, Elisabeth has been known to cook meals non stop for them, call them at their weakest hour to make sure they know someone is still there and just be a constant for them no matter what. She is what a true friend is. She doesn't judge, she is conscious of every living thing, she is how everyone should be!

So my friend Elisabeth has always made up little stories about nature and her lifelong dream has been to make a little book. So what did she do? Well she followed that dream, she wrote that little book, she found an illustrator and put it all together and (like Emeril says...) BAM! Here it is! Digging spring!

I love the cover of the book, it reminds me so much of my see Elisabeth is German, like my Mother, I tend to love all things German, as it was a huge part of my childhood. The cover of this book looks like a little taste of German..I can't wait to bite into it!!

The book can be purchased at Creekside Bookstore and you can also see it at Bijou if you come in!

Here is the press release that was written about her!

The magical emergence of spring is delightfully written and illustrated in Digging Spring, a picture book from the author/illustrator team of Elisabeth Hurley of Skaneateles and Erin Sherman of Weedsport, New York. Little Ann is saddened by the lack of time her mother has to spend with her until she discovers the wonders of springtime in her own backyard, making new friends including Grandmother Earth. The team is particularly delighted with the response the book has received so far. Young children adore it, adults applaud it for its “clarity and beauty of language” and for its “fantastic illustrations.” A nine-year old reader said “I love that book“, and a fourteen-year old called it “a wonderful story of spring coming to life.

About the Author
Elisabeth Hurley was born and raised in Germany. She graduated from Fordham University summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Comparative Literature and a Master of Science degree in Education. For an independent study she received special honors. She held administrative positions in for profit and not for profit organizations, requiring extensive technical writing. A passionate reader with a love for the written word, she has collected children’s books from different time periods. For personal pleasure she read to New York City neighborhood children and wrote a historic exploration of the Hudson Highlands and a detailed travel log about an archaeological excavation she participated in.

By writing a book for children, the author fulfilled a long-time dream. Her recent retirement gave her the free time to let her imagination take full reign. Picturing her granddaughter and niece, both of kindergarten age, helped immensely. Yet, Elisabeth’s own love of nature was the start and focus of the story.

About the illustrator
Erin (Bellamy) Sherman followed her education in the Skaneateles school system and junior college degree in Studio Art & Design with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology, with additional studies in Graphic Design, also from RIT. She uses her combined skills for the creation of unique and rewarding designs for area businesses. Her website is

Erin’s great desire is in creating illustrations for children’s books. For this reason she was delighted to illustrate Digging Spring, a story she was attracted to for its “creative imagination of spring in the mind of a child, and for the redemptive quality in its conclusion.” This talented artist enjoys presenting her work to children in elementary schools and to art students at her first alma mater, Cayuga Community College, where she was given the special honor of being chosen Visiting Artist for a number of years.

Digging Spring can be purchased at Creekside Books and Coffee in Skaneateles. It is also available on

Monday, February 16, 2009

Little "G" donates her hair for Locks of love!

So here we have another little girl, who is donating her lovely locks, to locks of love! She is very excited and yet, still a little nervous...such a big change, will she like it? I love the moment of when the girls come in and say they would like to donate their hair, always a little timid, a little reserved..and very proud...the before pictures, they say it all! And when the hair is cut, we always make sure to take the utmost care and sensitivity to measuring it and showing the girls and then...the cutting begins...because it is normally done can hear it being cut, when the final cut is done and the pony is released...the face brightens up and you can see it...scroll down...Little G's face tells all...She is proud and has warm fuzzy feelings for sure!

Some kids will get very emotional when their locks come off, I think it's a combination of losing something they have been quite attached to and also the thought of who it goes to...sometimes tears come with the cut...even in older kids...heck, even with adults!

BUT all in all, it's a wonderful thing, it takes 6 pony tails to make one full wig. We here at Bijou are commited to making the experience a lovely one! And as always, if you are donating your hair...we are donating our time! Your haircut is free at Bijou when you are donating it to any one of the places. There are quite a few, all requiring different lengths of hair! Read about them below!

Locks of Love -

  • Hair that is colored or permed is acceptable.
  • Hair cut years ago is usable if it has been stored in a ponytail or braid.
  • Hair that has been bleached (usually this refers to highlighted hair) is not usable. If unsure, ask your stylist. We are not able to accept bleached hair due to a chemical reaction that occurs during the manufacturing process.
  • Hair that is swept off of the floor is not usable because it is not bundled in a ponytail or braid.
  • Hair that is shaved off and not in a ponytail or braid is not usable. If shaving your head, first divide hair into multiple ponytails to cut off.
  • We cannot accept dreadlocks. Our manufacturer is not able to use them in our children’s hairpieces. We also cannot accept wigs, falls, hair extensions or synthetic hair.
  • Layered hair is acceptable if the longest layer is 10 inches.
  • Layered hair may be divided into multiple ponytails.
  • Curly hair may be pulled straight to measure the minimum 10 inches.
  • 10 inches measured tip to tip is the minimum length needed for a hairpiece.

Pantene beautiful lengths -
In order to make the most beautiful, realistic and durable wigs, donated hair must meet the requirements below.
  • Donated hair must be a minimum of 8 inches long (measure hair from just above the elastic band of the ponytail to the ends).
  • Wavy/curly hair texture is fine—you may straighten hair to measure.
  • Hair should be freshly washed and completely dry, without any styling products.
  • Hair may be colored with vegetable dyes, rinses and semi-permanent dyes. It cannot be bleached, permanently colored or chemically treated.
  • Hair may not be more than 5 percent gray.
Here is another place, wigs for kids, they do require 12 inches to donate, but check out their has a step by step process of how the wigs are made and what happens to your hair when they get your pony tail! Very interesting!

So here she is all finished and look at that smile! This little one was so lucky, because when we cut off her locks...her curl perked up and suddenly she had this lovely curly hair! Of course we fashioned it with a little clip and a ring pop for an extra bling!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

You don't need to go to Jamaica for Cornrow braids...

That's right, no need to head to Jamaica or Bahama's for cornrows for your kids....Kimberlee does them at Bijou in Skaneateles....Yep! Right here, think of the money you'll save on plane tickets ;)

It's a great way for kids to keep their hair out of their faces and you can keep them in for quite some time! I think with a trim this took Kimberlee under an hour!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I always said I'd say..."I knew him when..."

Another exciting thing that happened to me when I was at Anyela's for the Fab event...was I ran into a parent of 2 boys that I used to cut their hair. They were my first clients when I moved to Skaneateles, some 13 years ago....I can't even imagine how old he is now, nor can I recall how old they were when I started cutting their hair....These two boys were the way I wanted my boys to become! Nice, kind hearted, able to talk to adults, just great kids!

The Slater boys! Mike and Rob! Rob was the older one, and if I'm correct I think he was already in at least 8th grade...maybe older. Mike was the younger one and soo funny and interesting to talk to! I always looked forward to both of their conversations and stories! Mike was a swimmer, a very good one, I dulled many o' shears on that head of hair...chlorine build up kills our scissors. I used to tell him when he made it to the Olympics, he would have to become an endorsement for a scissor line, so he give me new shears! I remember him telling me that his coaches used to ask him to shave his head...he would flat out refuse and would say the best line ever! (oh it WAS a long time ago, so forgive me for paraphrasing, and Mike if you read this, feel free to correct me!) "Half of being a winner is looking good!" I have so many kids that all their teammates are shaving their heads or making mohawk's and such...I always tell that story!

Okay, so what I learned was pretty cool...Mike Slater..the kid I used to say..."One day...I'm gonna be able to say...I knew him when...." is a radio personality in the Tennessee! AND get this...he too, has a BLOG!

Great Job Mike!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Life is sweet event at Anyela's in Skaneateles!


Such an amazing, powerful night! What happens when you put over 100 women, chocolate and red wine??

Connections happen!

Us Bijou girls are so lucky to have been fortunate enough to be a part of this great night! We all got gussied up, only missing one Bijou girl...Jackie is on her way to HOLLYWOOD! Who can blame her for missing such an event. We know she won't miss the next event......

Speaking of the next was REVEALED tonight!!

Laura Ponticello of Laura's list announced that Skaneateles' very own...(I hope we can say that:)

THOM Filicia will present 'Inspired ideas for creating rooms you'll love!' He'll be signing his book, and I'm assuming will work the room, in a way only he could do! The event will be at Anyela's Vineyards again! So save the date : Thursday, April 30th

Tickets can be purchased right at Bijou, which is very convenient for us, because when we were spreading the would have been fantastic if we would have thought to sell the tickets at Bijou! See, we're all learning! So this time you'll be able to get tickets for this great night, remember, April 30th, don't make any other plans, but spending the night with Thom! (well you know what I mean;)

SO back to the event...the proceeds from ticket sales and raffle sales went to Vera house, a great cause that everyone was excited to help raise money for! Let me tell you what was there...besides the wine...which btw...IS FANTASTIC!!!! Not to mention the winery inside, it was my first time there, I have been hearing about it for quite sometime and just not had the chance to visit it....after going tonight...I'll be running out there often, what a great idea for just a a girls get together or to meet a friend...great place, don't rely on my pictures...which are somehow a bit blurry...seriously it's my camera..I only had one...maybe two glasses of wine:) I have heard that you can go out to Anyela's and have cheese platters and some tastings with light food involved too.

Okay let me continue, you know I'm too excited to keep focused, I wish I could be a roving reporter with a news camera to let you experience it yourself, it was just so much fun and really exhilarating...ahh, just come next time, you'll see for yourself! Nobody should miss these events...good food, great people, raising money for an important cause, all rolled into one! Life is sweet indeed!

So the chocolate...another local celebrity (well she WAS on Bridge street that very morning!) Donna Parr from Heart and Hand, (her license plate is 'pielady', he he) made tons and tons of bottomless chocolate cupcakes that were to die for...I think one of my friends...actually my web designers fiance;) may go with those little cupcakes for wedding favors this year, how cute would that be:) (and it was even my idea, I love bringing people together in one way or another:) Then there was the nunbetter chocolate, they brought white trash...not real white know just the sweet treat:) Laura was telling us that visiting their place was fascinating, they are really nuns...habit and all, sitting there making chocolate! And of course the chocolate pizza people, my favorite treat:) It was all so good, and I can honestly say that the chocolate and wine were Divine....and what I thought my focus for the evening would be....BUT it was seriously talking to everyone and the energy of the place that made the evening perfect for me!

Do yourself a favor, don't miss the next one, we'll be there for sure!

Please make sure you click on the highlighted takes you places...don't worry, I'll teach you blog speak:) Just point your cursor on the highlighted text or words up above and the Internet will magically take you to those places, when you are finished, have no worries, just click your back button and come back to us! Blogs are fun! I've got to get Donna Parr from heart n' hand a blog:)

Oh and one more thing, I'll get more info on it later, but another little bird told me, that the Auburn public theatre (which I will link to from our site) is hosting an extravaganza on Oscar night..with a red carpet and all!!!!! Sounds fun, hopefully I'll get more info about that and more importantly have a chance to list it here:) otherwise feel free to call Auburn Public theatre for yourself and let me know what you learn!! That sounds like fun! OHH I just peaked at their site and the info is all there! My little source (Hi Sherie!) told me the tickets were on sale...for $35! It's a great cause too, I can't wait to read up on that site, it was the first I had heard of it at Anyela's tonight...see all the stuff I learned:) and now I'm sharing with you!

Here are some more photos from the evening...Laure Lille was there taking photos professionally, I cannot wait to see those!!!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Getting to know your stylist - Meet Samantha Mahoney!

So as I said before, Sam Mahoney is our newest Bijou girl! Practically on her first day, I handed her this questionnaire...I wonder if she had second thoughts?? Actually, I know before I hired her that she read all about us, so I'm pretty sure she had me figured for something like this:)

So here are her answers, I like learning about the girls too!

1) My hair right now?
Shoulder length, multi-colored, lots of browns, blonds and reds...yes you can mix them all together!
2) My current style?
Cute and sassy! A cute sweater, plaid Capri's, lots of layering...simple and trendy!

3) What's on my ipod?
I have a lot of Beyonce on my ipod. I have some rock too, I actually love all types of music, country, pop and even Britney Spears!

4) My current favorite product?
I love KENRA! Shine serum, and the hot spray is amazing!

5) Things or people that inspire me?
People who inspire me are very ambitious people. Someone who has a goal in life and goes after it! My MOM is my hero!

I'm a hairdresser because....
I love fashion! I'm very up to date on everything! I love to make people feel good about themselves. I make it a personal goal to try to be good at everything I do! I really love people!

7) Why I love working at Bijou
(sorry I couldn't resist to ask;)
Bijou is a rare salon, it's very calming. The girls all work great together and it's modern, classy and a total full service salon! I love that, you won't find another like it!

8) Favorite Quote?
"The best any of us can do is to never quit! Play the hand we've been dealt and accessorize what we've got!"

So there you have it! Sam is spunky and fun, she's great with a razor and has great ideas on styles!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's new at Bijou? Gel nails are! Right here in Skaneateles, NY!

Well it's official, we have now had our class and 3 of the girls are certified! Linda, Courtney and Sam! We learned how to do gel overlays, sculpted gels and gel extensions. Gel nails are just plain great!!

OOOH look at Mimi's nails! She was one of our models, stop in and look more closely! She will tell you herself, how she never has any luck with her nails..and POOOF just like magic...she has supermodel nails;)

Gel Nails

So, if you want beautiful long nails that look like your own, then Gel Nail is the way to go. These artificial nails were once made with a dental porcelain gel powder (can you imagine?!) Now, technology has advanced and nail technicians us a mylar form to sculpt your nail, then allow the gel nail to set under an ultraviolet light. Because of the way this gel nail is applied to your own nail the need to have your nails filled will be less often then if you have acrylic nails. Having fill ins are necessary, but not as often.

The great thing about gel nails is that they do little damage to your natural nail when applied and removed correctly. (But, there is no health benefit to your nails, I don't want to misinform you:) Once, you start using Gel Nail or any type of artificial nails it will need to become a routine, just like coloring your hair. Once you have the gel nail removed your plain nail is there once again.(Much better than the days of weak nails after acrylics!)

When wearing Gel Nails or any other form of artificial nails you will need to see your nail technician every few weeks. (But not every 2 weeks like your old acrylic tech!) Your nail technician will be able to fill in, if necessary, and check for any signs of the gel nail lifting off from your natural nail.

When you are ready to have the Gel Nails removed, the safest and easiest way is to visit your nail technician or manicurist. You want to make sure you do not damage the cuticle or your natural nail. The nail technician knows exactly how to accomplish this without causing any damage. Your nails will need to be soaked and then the Gel Nails can be gently removed by your manicurist.

You will be glad that you chose Gel Nails for your artificial nail source. Your nails will look beautiful and natural all the time. No more cracked or chipped nails. Using artificial nails such as Gel Nail is a great way to stop the bad habit of biting your nails. You will be able to proudly display your finger nails.

Enjoy the pampering while having Gel Nails applied and then have fun wearing your new nails out on the town!

GEL NAILS are an extremely natural-looking enhancement: thin, clear, flexible, non-yellowing, nonporous, resist lifting. Gel nails can be used for natural nail overlays (actually one of the most difficult techniques--but it looks the easiest) tip overlays, and sculpted onto forms for short extensions.

Benefits of Gel Nails:
1) Odorless
2) Natural Feeling
3) Thin
4) Flexible
5) Crystal Clear
6) Light Weight
7) Natural looking

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Getting to know Kim Baker - Owner of Bijou (that still sounds so weird!)

Hey there! Well I wasn't planning on featuring myself so soon, but for the past week my computer has been giving me problems! I'm still working on the kinks, like the kink that is not allowing me to upload photos! So I did want to make a post today and this was the only picture I had on my home computer:) I know, I know, that IS a baby starfish on my nose! (trust me, no animals were harmed in the making of that photo, he was fine:) And please excuse my hair we were combing the beach in Maine for all sorts of stuff!

I'm a bit short on photos of myself, as I am always the picture taker and not the poser! Most everyone who knows me knows that I almost always have a smile on my face:) So without any more is my Q&A...and yes this homework was harder than I anticipated! But like Michele says...actually kinda fun in the end!

1) My hair right now?
Blond with caramel highlights, flipped under or out, tucked behind my ears and if I can't make it look good, my favorite grey Beret will do just fine!

2) My current style?
Wow, all over the place, I would have to say...flowy (is that a word?) pants, whimsical sweaters, chunky jewelry. Or leggings with my black twirly (is THAT a word?) skirt , black tunic with my favorite brown sweater...and my silver lady bug pin! But my favorite is my brown yoga pants and aqua sweatshirt, not at work of course:) (told ya, all over the place)

3) What's on my ipod?
Ingrid Michaelson, Feist, Ditty Bops, Dishwalla, Robby Williams, Lily Allen, Zucchero, Muse...actually you can hear my favorites on the blog...turn up your volume!

4) My current favorite product?
Moroccan oil! Kenra Taffy (love the way it smells and how easy it is to work with!) Eufora Hydrating shampoo (saved my hair!!) and Urgent repair (thanks urgent repair God, you saved my hair too!)

5) Things or people that inspire me?
The people that inspire me are my boys! (all three of them!) My Bijou girls (all 9 of them, including Mimi and Victoria too) The strong women entrepreneurs I get to work with, my artist friends, my clients...Things that inspire me...colors in nature...when fall comes I want to add sparks of fall to every ones hair...when I look at hair cuts, I see structure, I think of buildings...inspiration to me is everywhere you see it!

I'm a hairdresser because....
I love making people feel better about themselves, we as hairdressers are therapists, only 30% of our price is hair, 70% is making people feel special and look their personal best!

7) Why I love working at Bijou
(sorry I couldn't resist to ask;)
Because we are a fabulous team! We all have the same objective, to make our clients have the best experience when they come to Bijou, that means no tension, a professional and clean salon! I am incredibly lucky to work with such great, talented girls! The Bijou girls are the best!

8) Favorite Quote?
Oh my most favorite thing to say and what I believe wholeheartedly is that "Everything happens for a reason!" and also that there are no coincidences, coincidences are Gods way of "winking" at you, letting you know you are on your right path!

Favorite Books? (I love books, I forgot to add this one for the girls...ahh, more homework!)
The best book ever! Tales of a female nomad! And of course, the Twilight series (not just for young adults!) Kabul Beauty school, The last lecture, Nicholas Sparks books...too many to name!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Life is sweet!

I would like to pass on a wonderful idea for a girls night out! An evening to reflect how "Life is so sweet!"

Grab a girlfriend, or two or three! Celebrate with wine and chocolate and the power of women!

We at Bijou are honored to be a part of this celebration and for such a great cause on top of that!! A portion of the ticket will go to the Vera house!

So please, come hang out, have some chocolate and wine, life is sweet! We'll all be there!
Below are all the details you need, we'll see ya there!

Laura's List-- Life Is So Sweet Party!
Thursday Feb. 12, 2009

at Anyela's Vineyards
2433 West Lake Road, Skaneateles
4 miles south of Genesee Street


Celebrate the spirit of St. Valentine and the kindred spirit between friends with a Wine & Chocolate Party at award winning Anyela's Vineyards. Indulge in Everything Chocolate & Wine with signature chocolate dishes featuring the Chocolate Pizza Company, Heavenly Trash from Nun Better Chocolates, and Donna Parr's unique bottomless black cupcakes from Heart N Hand (to be featured on Bridge Street TV that week)

Also, Free Raffle Items- beautiful floral centerpieces donated by Fleur-de-Lis, Folls Flower Farm, and Laxton's!

I am turning 40 and hope women will share their thoughts, laugh, and embrace the spirit of being woman as I ask the question "Can Your Describe Your Life in 6 Words? Legend has it that Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in only six words. His response? "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

What is Your Story? Grab a friend and join me for a fun filled night!

This is a ticketed event-- $12 per person. A portion of the ticket will be donated to Vera House to help make a difference in a woman's life.
For Reservations email me at

Thank you to our media sponsor
Creekside Books and Coffee

Laura Ponticello
Laura's List--Books for Women
Sowing Seeds of Hope--The Bridge that connects women

Sunday, February 1, 2009

She said...Eight is enough...or is it?!

Okay well this is a bit belated, things have just gotten so busy and although I did mention Linda Phelps joined our team, I have not had the chance to mention that Samantha Mahoney did as well!

And so she sang....Eight is enough....

So let me tell you about the two of these girls! Linda Cuddeback Phelps worked with me and Lori Lovell at Hairtique, she put in about 10 years there. It's so nice to have her here with us, as she is really a true team player at heart! A very kind and caring person, always taking little moments to go above and beyond your pampering needs! The definition of attentive, has her picture right there! Her expertise in hair care is very classic! So if you lost track of Linda, no worries, we have her right here and she is fitting right in with our relaxed and stress free working environment!

Our newest new girl, is Samantha! Her mom actually delivered my youngest son Chase, it's so much a small world!! Samantha brings a lot of that young spunk, Kimberlee is now not that youngest girl here, I think she'll like that! Sam is very talented already, she has two years under here belt, getting really great experience at the Carousel mall at Master cuts!! She's great with a razor and is a true artist with color! (I can vouch for that, I had her do my hair for her interview!)

So that is it! Eight is enough! We do have a gem of a little salon, first there were 2, then 3, then 4, then 5,6 and then we jumped to 7 and now 8! It cracks me up when people ask..."How many girls do you have?" When I answer 8, they are shocked and ask..."Where do you put them all?" Well the beauty of it is...We ARE open 7 days a week, from 9 - 8pm! We job share! It's perfect! A very well balanced operation! And you know, I always say it...but really we couldn't do it without YOU! Thank you!

So for now, I will leave you wondering...."how did those lyrics go from that TV show?" (I've been trying to remember myself since I thought of the title for my post) and also..."Will Kim ever stop adding new girls or is this it?" Hmmm, ya just never know ;) wink wink!