Monday, November 30, 2009

Who needs Christmas music, when we have the Dicken's....

So we had some visitor's the other day...They were so cute and jolly, so much so, that Courtney wanted to join in...I did to, but somebody had to take a picture. I really love how the Dicken's keep in character, it must be a blast to do! (except on cold rainy days;)
SO bring on the holiday's, we are all ready, sparkled and set to go. Bijou is a winter wonderland, or as Candy from the Chamber of Commerce thought...Buddy the elf came in late on night and decorated for SANTA!

I will pass on my Christmas tradition of 5 years now. It's what I do for my family, they gladly stick to it and when the holidays come, they, on their own, start planning...We do 4 gifts for everyone.... (click there to see my post from last year on that same idea:)

Something they WANT,
Something they NEED,
Something to WEAR,
and something to READ

It seems like so little, in fact you may think the eve of Christmas...Oh dear, what have I done, what will they think? Will they think they were naughty? BUT I guarantee you will wake up to happy people, who will remember everything they got, even months down the road:)

Have a super fantastic holiday season, may all your wishes come true!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Michele Z's work, (aka: MochaMocha)

Here is Michele's client, her haircolor had long since left, she needed a fresh new palette and Michele was all for doing her in mochamocha...Michele's favorite new color! Think...Hot mocha chocolate with ribbons of caramel in it...yummm!

An awesome display of various colors..Michele's masterpiece, her mocha mocha! The pictures really don't do it the proper justice, what really is impressive is all the colors and how rich it looked! Her client was beyond happy and walked out of Bijou like a new woman!! I have to say...I LOVE her new bangs too!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Samantha's work!

A lovely little girl, waiting to get a new haircut..By Samantha!

Perfect as can be, nice length, new layers, a happy girl!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving day!

I am thankful today!
For...SO much!

The new and improved Bijou..Doubling our space has been great, everything we expected and more!! Thanks Ted and thanks Edie for offering your space, we do miss you!!

I am thankful today for the smooth river of may be smooth, because I don't every push the river..(Life will happen how it is supposed to happen, wheter you push it or not)..or that I am a very lucky person and have great Karma...whatever it is..I'm thankful!

I'm thankful for my family, they make owning a business so easy, especially Thomas, doing all that I can't do, without blinking an eye, just because he loves us so much....running errands on their day off....being understanding when I have to work extra, putting up with all this computer time...sweeping when they come in and doing projects for the business I give them with a smile. I'm so grateful for them!

I'm thankful for the Bijou girls and the Bijou boy, who all work so hard to keep Bijou what it is AND for appreciating what Bijou is. Asher was sick the other day, he stayed home to watch Tabatha salon takeovers...He texted me and said, watching these episodes makes me realize how nice it is at Bijou. That made my day! I'm thankful that they actually believe in me and listen to my advice. Thanks guys, I can't wait for our Christmas party at Mirbeau, where I can really show my thanks to you:)

I'm thankful to the clients of Bijou, thankful not only that we have so many, but that they are all such wonderful people and that they appreciate what we have to offer so much. I am thankful that when one of them has a suggestion to make our salon better, they tell us without worrying it might offend us, this helps us so much, we love to hear what you LOVE about Bijou, but also what can improve us, we are striving for perfection, but are realistic and know there is always room for improvement! I'm thankful for every new person that walks through our door and then returns again and again. We are blessed, as Michele said the other day!

Thank you and with your families or your friends, have a wonderful Turkey day! Gobble Gobble!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bijou's FIRST magazine article!

Yep I told you, we are lucky, blessed..whatever you call it, we have angels watching over us (I say this because an angel store did reside in our spot before us:)

My new friend, Michelle from Nails magazine was visiting Doug's fish fry, she was actually getting ready to stand in line and peeked over and saw our window...she looked in and came in (Thanks God!) made an appointment, (Linda stayed to accommodate her and pamper her to the fullest) and she asked to write an article about us...AS IF she had to ask!!! We were beyond honored! Michelle is such a lovely writer and the article brought a tear to my eye (I know, big surprise!) but it was so nice hearing, or rather "seeing" in print the dream I had in my head for so long..that what I was doing and what the Bijou girls were living by, was actually working..I can't believe it, I was right:)

Thank you Michelle and Nails magazine for doing the 'On the road' feature! And thanks also for coming back with your husband to enjoy another pedicure together! I really wish I could make another Bijou in Binghamton just for you!

I will try to get the actual written article, otherwise come into Bijou and read it:)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Susan with the purple hair!

As luck would have it, Patrick walked into Bijou one day, asking Asher some questions about haircolor, after a few minutes of back and forth, Asher gave up relaying and brought Patrick back to talk to me. He was inquiring about purple hair and could we do it?! Of course, do you want like a streak or section of it? No, he wanted all of it purple, then he explained...His wife Susan was just diagnosed with breast cancer. (She is going to be fine, we know she will:) While they were talking with the doctor, he brought up wigs, she asked if she could have a purple wig? It was always her dream to have purple hair. The doctor didn't know, but I think a big bright idea sparked in Patricks head! And this is where we come in...Thankfully (Thank you to all the real estate agents in town who keep recommending us!:) they told him to come to Bijou! Patrick and Susan are relatively new to town and we were so glad to be able to give her the dream of having purple hair!

Before I started writing this, I of course had to research what the color purple meant...of course it means bravery, courage and royalty...this was perfect for Susan, she has a heart of Gold and we learned all about her that afternoon. Courtney and I enjoyed every minute and what Susan doesn't realize is, in her own way she will give courage to other woman...a client once told me that her mother used to say...God chooses his soldiers carefully...all the women who i know have had and beat breast cancer...are just that...courageous soldiers!!

*I'm writing this and the song that came on the radio is..."When a man loves a woman..." I'm adlib'ing "he will give her purple hair!"

I can't wait, because I have two things I'm working on...and I have two angels helping me...One is here and the other is here...stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesdays..half priced hair services for unemployed!

With so many people out of work these days, we at Bijou have come up with a way to help those unemployed have a cut above the competition for jobs.

We are offering half priced haircuts to anyone who's unemployed and wants to look good for that next job interview. We want those looking for a new job to look sharp for interviews. So this gives people an opportunity to feel good about themselves before they go into that interview and hopefully gives them a better deposition when being interviewed and give them a better chance at getting that job, the half priced haircuts are Tuesday and Wednesday only.

With the job market being so competitive if you do not feel 100 percent at your best, it will show in the interview..whether it be color, facial waxing or a manicure to give you that edge before your interview...Call us at Bijou and let us help you prepare! We'll give you a killer look so you can nail that interview!!
The goal here is to help people out-of-work look their best so they can land a job.

It is more important to put food on the table and take care of things at home, so we want to be able to help them look good for their job interviews as a wonderful client of ours said...It's wonderful to use Bijou as a vehicle to help other people in a time of need!

All we that those people keep paying it forward!

Pumpkin Spice pedicures and Sugar plum toes!

Our new holiday scrubs came and we have been using them for a couple of weeks now, of course, I am still way behind on my sharing! It's actually good, (see I always say, everything happens for a reason) because clients have been able to give us feedback about you want to hear what they say?? I betcha you do! We've heard..."It smells like Thanksgiving"...."I feel like you are smearing a pumpkin pie on my legs, mmmm"...."Sugar plums are dancing on my toes"...and "OOOhhh my legs are sparkling sugar plums"!...We've heard so many things, the bottom line is, everyone is very pleased with the Bidwell products. And we love them too!

Sugar and spice, and everything nice; that's what Spiced Pumpkin Scrub is made of! Warming essential oils and soothing shea butter combine with the natural enzymes of pumpkin pulp and exfoliating cane sugar help to smooth and refine skin texture, all wrapped up in the delicious aroma of homemade pumpkin pie.

New for Holiday 2009! Pure cane sugar and moisturizing shea butter buff away rough skin while soothing plum kernel oil and sugar cane extract hydrate and renew. Deliciously fruity with a touch of sugar and spice will make this sparkling holiday fragrance one of your favorites.

Call today to book your pedicure appointment! 685-1300
At Bijou you can expect to get the best pedicure and the most relaxing, come with a friend and pamper yourself!