Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Week two of expansion project!

Have I mentioned how fabulous the guys doing the work are?? Well all of us Bijou girls say it everyday, so forgive me for not making note of it here! They ROCK!! They are fast, neat, (well as neat as you can be with sawdust, sheet rock and insulation) quiet, and they laugh when we say funny things! The clients are growing fond of our main guy, he's the best, we think he has a great eye for hair! He gave Beth C. great advice and compliments on her hair! I'm really not kidding, if he didn't like construction so much, I'd tell him to come work with us:) We'll all be really sad when he's done! (but happy it's done, of course:)

The work is coming along really nicely! The shopping is out of the way...and now it's just online shopping for little things..ooh the little things ad up! We are making tres' fab plans for the Grand opening. Sherry and Andy Ramsgard are donating Hypnotiq..mmm can't wait! (it's blue!) I'll let ya know when that is, right now it all depends on the fate of both my boys Ootm teams!

So what is left to do? The hardwoods...the stations...the manicure bar....finish the treatment our new employee lounge/dispensary...and CLEAN! I cannot wait to clean...The salon is getting dustier by the's normal though, and definitely worth it!! Kathy and Elliot Mattice, who did the huge mural for Doug's fish fry are coming to do the front sign, and I'm trying to get a hold of the vinyl letter guy...I need to order the paper lanterns for the front and Carolyn Legg is waiting for the fabric for the cushions for the window...So much to do...yet I feel we are still on schedule!

So I heard today that Mr. Kinder was able to keep up on his guys during his vacation with our little blog...So if Tom, is doing the same thing...I just want to say, your guy is doing a great job and even stepped in a little bit today to give Courtney a manicure...he did owe her one, cause he accidentally mentioned he thought she was 40 years old ;) see we are still having fun:) no stress at Bijou, just cookies, coffee and fun! Bring back some sun Tom and have some fun!