Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do you want smooth hair???

Aveda has a great new product, we've been lucky enough to let our clients that have been in over the week sample it and I just got the email that it is on it's way!!!!!

So Aveda has a shampoo and conditioner that is just fabulous, I'll give you the "express" link to read all about it, but I also will copy/paste some of the reviews...I find reviews incredibly helpful, I hardly buy a thing without checking out as many reviews as possible! I guess I'm a consensus person, I do like opinions, good or bad, I want to learn about things and the best way is to listen to people who have tried them!

I love this product June 15, 2009
"I have a ton of hair and this product is the only one that can tame it, even in Hawaii"
This product is best for: Coarse hair, Thick hair, Wavy hair

"This shampoo gave good results after the first time I used it. It doesn't strip the oils from your hair and leave it "squeeky" after rinsed. In conjunction with the Smooth Infusion Conditioner, it got rid of my frizzy ends I had been battling for months."
This product is best for: Fine hair, Thick hair, Dry hair, Wavy hair

"This is a fantastic shampoo! It really does soften my hair- and usually my hair only gets soft after conditioning it. It makes straightening my hair a little easier and smoothes it out really nicely. I highly recommend this shampoo to anyone who wants to soften and smooth their hair, and if you straighten your hair and your hair is thick, then this is the product for you!"

"I am 53 years young and my hair is naturally a dark ash blonde. Uck! So I have beautiful highlights all over and my hair is, as a result of constant highlighting, stressed. But I use only Aveda products on my hair and you would guess my hair to be that of someone many years younger because it is healthy, shiny, non-frizzy, and simply gorgeous!! Thank you Aveda!!"

These are just a "few"...there are actually 54 pages of them and more than 95 reviews. The new product is the product that replaced hang straight! We already love it and I know it will fly off the shelf as soon as we get it!

We've had very interesting guests before...but this out does them all!!!

Okay at Bijou salon in Skaneateles, we have had some really super duper interesting people come visit us, we've been so lucky since we've opened, but it seems our luck may have changed....Let's not jump to conclusions...but really what could this be? Did the Milfoil monster really need a pedicure or is it his....milfoil...?!?! that needs trimming???

Here's what happened....(First of all, I've heard of this milfoil, I pretty much know what it is, you can click here for a full explanation, I pretty much know what the danger is, but you can click here to find out for yourself! And I have even heard what the solution is, (just in case you don't, click here) BUT a monster, lurking in our lake, wreaking havoc around town...NO WAY! Something should be done!)

Jackie our lovely cruise director (haha, she loves when I call her that..she's our front desk coordinator) walked to the bank to get some change and she came back asking me if it was my kids who made the big giant monster tracks in the I had to think, because we walked downtown yesterday for a ice cream, and stopped in front of Bijou to pull a couple of weeds, but monster tracks?? That didn't make much sense! So I walked outside and low and behold, the memory of the pancake breakfast this year flashed before my eyes, I almost ran inside I was so frightened! I grabbed my camera, snapped a shot and ran back inside! We were on guard all day, but I suppose he stays in the lake during the day, hiding from the milfoil fighters!!

When I finally got home from a long days of work, I got online and started to research this monster, my boys had heard all about it and just the other day while sitting at the foot of the lake, we were talking about how cool it would be to have a mythical creature like Nessie, or my kids favorite movie 'Magic in the water', but really I was NOT serious! I couldn't believe this Milfoil monster even has the nerve to Twitter, taunting us all in Skaneateles! It's crazy! The more I research, the more I find, he's actually walked the grounds at the Skaneateles Golf course!! Beware and be careful...he's dangerous and invasive, if he's allowed to just roam free, there is no telling the damage he may inflict!

I'm lucky I know a little bit about the milfoil project from my good friend Tommy,(among many other hard working guys out on those vacuum boats!) who when he came in yesterday, showed the signs of how hard he is working to solve this problem, let me tell you, he was as red as a lobster and that (he said) was with a spf of 55! But what do you know?? After we saw the footprints, we started asking in the salon...Why is it bad? What happens if we just keep letting it grow? How did it get there? I was surprised, because we all were not completely sure and I thought hmmm, just another affirmation of my favorite saying..."Everything happens for a reason"...Cause watch out Milfoil coming around our shops and businesses, you betcha we will learn all about you and you'll be run right out of this town!!

I think we will have to have a salon meeting, just in case he decides to stop in, we need to be prepared to learn how to take care of him....errr service him, yes milfoil monster, you will be our guest at Bijou, come right in, we'll give you a little pedicure, maybe a manicure...and then a BIG haircut!! Beware, you don't want to be visiting Bijou...we've got your number!

WHAT CAN YOU DO?? I found out just by looking at the page of info on the milfoil project!

What can I do personally to limit the impact of milfoil in the lake?

  • First of all, your personal donation will help to fund this major project.
  • Please spread the word about this project and fundraising need to friends, neighbors and colleagues.
  • Be mindful that milfoil spreads when disturbed by boat propellers or other trauma. By avoiding existing patches, you can slow the spread of milfoil.
  • Finally, as mapping of milfoil patches is an ongoing effort, please contact us if you discover milfoil near your property.

Please be sure to click on every link if you have time, really make yourself aware of this monster in our lake! All of us at Bijou didn't know enough before these footprints appeared in front of our door, but have no fear, we know now and are fully prepared if he comes back!

Monday, June 22, 2009

A collaboration with Laure Lillie, we made the bride beautiful, she captured her!

Check out one of our brides we had, a very fun bride, a very nice bride (SO not bridezilla'ish) we actually were lucky enough to spend a few days with her, with a practice session, a manicure and pedicure and then the day of!

Laure Lillie was the photographer, she does such a fantastic job! Bijou was lucky enough to be a backdrop for the first part of our brides day:) and Laure posted some of the photos from that day on her blog, so it's one that I can show you:) It's so fun for us when we do weddings, it's even better and more fulfilling when we actually get to see some of the pictures from the wedding!!

Read all about it...Free Aveda Shampure in Skaneateles at Bijou!

I have a really exciting offer that Aveda has presented to me! And boy did I grab it with all of you in mind!!!

First let me say that Shampure, shampoo and conditioner is one of my favorites! Years and years ago I fell in love with the smell and pureness of it! Even men love it!

So here it is, I get to offer you......(I love this part...kinda makes me feel like Oprah, giving free stuff...well on a much much smaller scale at this point;)

Freeeeeeee Shampure shampoo and conditioner for every referral you give us!! It's gonna be so easy, all you have to do is print out the ticket below, give it to someone and if you love Bijou, tell them about us, if they visit us with your name on the ticket, we will call you and you can come pick up your shampoo and conditioner!

Let me tell you...This is full size shampure, shampoo and's a retail value of $20!!!!

Thanks for your help, we have 24 sets to give, don't you want to try to get some free shampoo and conditioner? (Did you know this size Aveda shampure will last you 3 months if you use it properly!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh my aching back...and my effort in using Eastern and Western medicine:)

I'm not sure how many people actually read this little blog, I know there are a few who keep tabs on us this way, Thank you:) You've probably realized that it has been 16 days since my last post...I usually set a goal to post twice a week, normally exceeding it...happily:)

So the day after my last post, I woke up like normal, got ready and after breakfast in my usual 'rushing to get ready' routine, I reached for my toothbrush (which requires an inch of movement forward) and felt my back say "whoaaaa" or perhaps as Bonita said it was God tapping me on the shoulder, telling me to slow down;) So I went on to work (not slowing down a bit;) and just kept my hand on the small of my back ever so often, complaining..."Oh my aching back", this lasted from Tuesday the 2ND to Monday the 8Th, I complained a lot, but in comparison to the pain I later felt, it was a teeny tiny baby pain! So Thursday I had a massage in the Bijou relaxing room, from Marie, one of our two massage therapists on call (she's wonderful, I will vouch for that!) She felt exactly where I was having the issue, and I did get some relief, plus she was really helpful with helping me narrow down where the pain was...we both felt that it was a vertebrae issue (you know, cause we read Dr. Google or webMD;) I gave myself until Monday, if it did not pass, I would seek a Chiropractor for help.

This next week would start the week from Hell for me, with muscle spasms in my butt cheeks and legs, sciatica nerve pain and at that point...I didn't think I still had a vertebrae pain, but couldn't tell, I couldn't walk, sit, stand, lay down (except on position, on my side with one leg on a pillow) the pain was so terrible, I could hardly speak! So from Monday to Saturday that week, I tried everything possible to make it stop, I had regular massage, I kept going to Dr. Petters which was helping when I was there..he hooked me up to the muscle stimulator, and that felt wonderful and soothing, but when I left, I was right back to the same problems. I did 2 days of acupuncture (which I loved), but ultimately My good friends Dr. Vounas and Dr. Marc Cohen helped me. Basically my pain was causing major muscle spasms, which was causing me pain, which was causing my muscles to spasm, which was then causing more pain....get it? A vicious cycle was occurring and I needed to break it, I started taking pain medication on Sunday, along with a nerve medication and good ol' Ibuprofen for inflammation. After one dose of pain medication, my muscles relaxed and by the middle of the day, I could get myself up from bed without help. It still hurt, but I had some relief!

Monday was a hard day, but filled with love, just to get me better, Jackie brought me cookies, books and flowers, Laura brought me the best homemade applesauce, fresh picked strawberries my favorite Wegman's sub and salsa and chips...plenty of emails and plenty of calls, with support and love like that, I was sure to get better soon!

Later that afternoon I was still feeling bad and that is when my good friend Bonita came over to do a raindrop therapy and reflexology on me, this is when she told me (what I had been telling myself all week;) that God was trying to give me a message, I had not been he poked a little harder..I said..."I'm listening now"!!

I was trying's just I was taking baby steps, delegating a tiny bit more, letting go of a little more, leaving work on time..only doing 2 days of working 9am to 9pm...but was I really being consistent...nahhh!? So okay now, I will be more consistent, I know in order to continue to run a success full business, I need to stay sane.

I have learned in this past week, that Bijou, along with the Bijou girls and my great salon coordinators can run without me being there 24/7. Jackie and Asher took care of everything for me and I didn't have to worry a bit. The Bijou girls all have been checking up on me, sending me wonderful caring said after I had said how much I missed being at work with them...'I know your having withdrawals, but we are working good together to keep it going good for you, so don't worry, just get better'.......I can't tell you how much that meant. These girls are the best team ever, of course we all have our days, and nothing is ever perfect, (that wouldn't be much fun, now would it) But the Bijou team is the best team I have ever worked with, we all look out for each other and that could not make me any more proud!

So today is Wednesday and it is my last day of resting...I'm itching to get back and I simply cannot wait! I love my job, I love Bijou and I love the people that I encounter everyday with Bijou. Thank you to everyone who has wished me to get better and those that gave me advice and care!

Thank you to Dr. Petters, Jessie my new acupuncturist, Maria Demitchell and Pam Schoener for giving me the best massages ever (both at the last minute without delay), Bonita for reflexology and raindrop therapy, Dee my best Doctor friend (you are always my lifesaver) and Dr. Mark for being home from Africa to make a house call and help me feel better! Thank you Jackie for taking care of Bijou and calling me everyday to keep me informed, Thank you to Dylan and Chase for being such self sufficient little boys and helping me with everything and checking on me every time I made an ouch noise, thank you to my Thomas for sitting next to me, even when I was the crankiest and just wanted to be alone in my misery, thank you for giving me your back to support me, for schlepping the massage table home every day so I'd have a firm mattress to sleep on next to you and every bit of wonderful loving care you give me, you've passed the 'in sickness and health' part over and over, this time you should have just ran away for the pain in the butt i was...but you are always there, right by my side..unwavering, and thank you, the three of you, for putting in my garden while I slept my pain away...It's perfect for my new zen lifestyle that I will be partaking in now!

So you wonder, what I will be doing now?? Yoga, gardening, still working, relaxing, playing, cooking, walking and taking long hikes with the family...enjoying and finding my joie de vivre

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I know, I see lemonade stands everywhere! When I see them, I always stop and buy a cup, remembering fondly my own lemonade stands..where we would collect our nickels and when the kool-aid or lemonade was all gone, to the store we went...For candy of course!

These kids, the lemonade kids raise money to give! Yep you heard me, GIVE..they give it away, they think with their hearts, and then they choose who to give it to. I already know where it will go this year;) I've got connections;)

So the next time you see Dave's lemonade a cup or two and pat them on the back...they deserve it. Their Father is most definitely smiling down on them everyday!!

Here is our friend Mason, he came in at the beginning of the summer with various Tupperware of cookies....Yep cookies! We were so excited and thought brilliant, cookie delivery, perfect for us, we love cookies! Then he told us what he was doing, he just finished his associates degree..I'm pretty sure he had it with honors and he was going to American college in D.C. He was for the summer, in addition to working at the Skaneateles Bakery, selling cookies for his college education! Impressive huh!? COLLEGIATE COOKIE, he is professional - he uses tongs to serve them and uses almost all organic ingredients, he is consistent - he's been in the shop every week selling cookies and last week he happily told us he has sold this summer, over $1000 worth of cookies! His cookies are really great, we look forward to his experimenting in cookie of my favorites were acai berry oatmeal cookies...they are about 1/3 less sugar and 1/3 less fat!

OH do you want to know what he is studying? International relations...he wants to go into politics! Good luck Mason and Good Job Dave's lemonade kids! Bravo to you both!

Monday, June 1, 2009

True all over face color from Bareminerals is my favorite thing!

I heard a great concept for a party! I so want to do it...It's on my list of things I should do, as a matter of fact;)

A client of mine told me the annual party that her daughter has every year. It's called Tiffany's favorite things...She sends out invites to all her friends...instructs them to bring their "favorite thing"...(think Oprah's "favorite things" show) They all bring their favorite thing with a value of $35-40 dollars and then they all sit around a room and do a type of trade...I can't remember what that trading game is, but it's where they steal from each other and stuff:) To me it sounded like a great time and someday in my spare time..I'd like to have a party like that. (Don't be holding your breath..parties stress me out;)

So it got me thinking....What would my favorite thing be?? Well right now, if it were tomorrow and I just had to narrow it down...It would most certainly be the product that has everyone complimenting me on my glowing and beautiful face....I swear, everyone I put it on buys it, because the look it gives you is so amazing, yet natural somehow! (It has a golden glimmer to it)

It's called True, by Bareminerals ~
Soft Focus True All Over Face Color is so true to each individual that it brings out their own unique color. True is a glimmering, sheer wash of color that adds a delicate coraly-pink sweetness to the whole complexion. Provides softest, sheerest of coverage with no mess and no mistakes. Combines two of our most innovative color concepts to create lit-from-within beauty.