Friday, December 21, 2007

Jessica Simpson hair-do! Now available!

So when Kimberlee and I were at the NYC show, we were walking around thinking….WOW, these other stylists, really went all out, I mean really, their hair looked more than fabulous, it was amazing…UNTIL we realized their secret!!!!

THEY had Jessica Simpson and Ken Pave’s Hair do’s! We matched our color, had the class and walked out of there looking and feeling like we spent hours and thousands of dollars on this beautiful hair. AND it was soo easy to clip in and manage!

I, myself, having very fine hair…realized something…GIRLS with thick beautiful locks…have a lot of POWER! I felt like everyone was admiring me for my hair. That is not just my opinion, my future niece in law was going to a wedding and since her birthday was coming up, I decided to get her the honey ginger 23 inch long wavy hair extension, we put it in within 10 minutes had it looking like real Hollywood hair. That next day, I asked her how it went, if she had lost her hair on the dance floor and she happily said that it stayed in just fine and no one suspected a thing…She also made the comment that when she went into the local pub, 3 girls and over 10 guys hit on her, to which she said “I love that hair, I want it on me all the time, no one would have even looked at me twice with my normal hair”!

So, stop in or ask about them, Kimberlee or me will be happy to let you “play” with the fantasy of having fuller and longer hair:)