Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our luscious bath treats have arrived...

Bijou smells yummy! Everyone is loving the smell, we just got a fresh shipment of wonderful smelling bath treats!! Here are just a few of their new ones. We order from Blissful Bath, click here and visit their site, you can read all about their wonderful stuff!

Our fragrant soap cubes cleanse gently with super moisturizing glycerin to keep skin soft & hydrated. Our Get Up & Go Soap Cube is scented with our signature essential oil blend of lime, orange and tangerine. The essential oil blend is designed to help get you going in the morning. Now get up & go!

What could be better than a relaxing bath with a yummy cupcake? Our fizzy bath cupcakes are filled with moisturizing oils, fizzing action and fragrant scents. They will leave you feeling moisturized and wonderfully scented. Just drop in your bath for a fizzy bath treat. Great for favors or gifts! Our glitter girl fizzy bath cupcake is scented with kiwi strawberry fragrance and has a sprinkling of glitter on top. And what girl doesn't need a little glitter in her life?

How do you get your son to take a bath? Willingly? Throw in a dino-shere bath bomb. Scented with peach, banana, pineapple and orchid with a special surprise inside. Every dino-sphere bath bomb comes complete with a dinosaur inside! That's right a dinosaur. The boys go crazy for this bath bomb and keep their dinosaur collection! You can't miss!

What do you get when you mix one part yummy treat with one part Hollywood bubble bath? A truly unique bathing experience! Our cupcake bubble bath is hand decorated to look like a real cupcake. But, it's actually a solid bubble bath. A solid bubble bath? Yes! Our Berry Yummy Cupcake Bubble Bath is a blend of raspberry, orange and musk. It's berry yummy!

Be sure to stop in, even just to smell. Pick one up for your kids, or better yet, stop here, pick up a tub truffle, go to Vermont Coffee store pick up some real truffles and stop at the ships store to get a bottle of wine, take a bath and decadent does that sound???!

I use these for rewards and treats for my kids...Or a gift to a friend, to say..."take it easy, enjoy a bath".

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A message from Michele Zeppieri

I’m Michele, welcome to Bijou!

Here’s a little about me. I am very close to my family and friends. I’m a fun loving, adventurous person who loves to laugh. You can usually find me outdoors, in nature, or by the water. Living in the Fingerlakes region is great for that; it’s beautiful here.

I’m trying to be more “green” in my life, our planet is important to me. We use Eufora products; their ingredients are natural and great for all types of hair. I love to make people shine at any age--that’s why I’m a hairstylist!

I’ve been doing hair since I was 18 years old--oops, I’m giving my age away…well, that being said, I’ve been a stylist for 22 years. I still love it! I’ve worked with a lot of talented stylists along the way and I’ve learned a lot from them; I use that knowledge on my treasured clients. They deserve the best hair care!

I like to think outside the box, so it shows in my hair artwork. A touch of color makes a great cut stand out. Or how about a beautiful, soft curl? I stay on top of trendy cuts, the newest colors, and new color placements, such as new foiling techniques. If someone has to look respectable/conservative, I have great cuts and color ideas for them also that can go from work to play. We can’t forget to top it off with a relaxing manicure and pedicure and we cannot forget to wax those unwanted hairs.

Children are the future. So their haircut is important to me--it is important to take the time for them. We can grow together. Males desire a great cut too; they should be sharp or conservative--styling products help accent that great cut. It’s ok guys, if you want color, I won’t tell, it’s for everyone.

I provide all services on the salon menu, except updos…the other stylists are great at that! I feel a good consultation should be first before we get started, I want us to be on the same page. Communication is key. Once you’re in my chair, it’s all about you!! I’m looking forward to meeting you…have a wonderful day!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

A message and a little hello....From Courtney Conley ~ Our newest team member of Bijou!


I would like to take the time to introduce myself! My name is Courtney Conley and I started working here at Bijou 2 weeks ago.

Here is a little bit of my professional background! I have the love of pampering and hair literally in my blood. My mother has been doing hair for over 35 years! She started out in her home and continued, with hard work, to own her own salon! I started out in 1997 and continued to work for her until 2008. During those years I took advanced courses with
Aveda for skin care, manicures, pedicures, color, cuts, waxing, and body treatments! Throughout the year I attended many different classes including make-up application, specialty perms, and waxing. As far as taking over the salon I declined, knowing full well all the hard work my mother has put in over the years. I have a young family, so that is not something I have time for!

My husband Chris works for AT&T wireless in Camillus, Ny (next to Moe's) and works long hours--sometimes 6 days a week! We have two children; Samantha (7 ½) and Christopher (2 ½). We reside in Auburn, NY.

Before learning about Bijou Salon, I had worked at Best & Company in Syracuse for about 8 months and while I enjoyed this experience
alot, it was missing something. Not to mention the drive from Auburn to Syracuse was getting to be a bit much!

I began googling salons, I typed "
Skaneateles full service salons" and found Bijou! As I began reading about the salon, I could not believe it, the post I was reading was Kim saying that she was growing and was looking for a new team member, but wanted that person to come to fact this was what she wrote and what I was reading at the moment I got dressed up, had my resume in my hand and flew out the door.

She wrote: 'Life is good at Bijou! I'm more than happy with each girl and I will keep them forever!!:)
We are still looking for either one full time person and one part time person for days. I haven't wanted to advertise, because I feel that the right person will come to me, I'm in no hurry, I never believe to rush anything, just let things flow...So if you know of anyone that you think would blend well with us, have them give me a call:)'

After heading right down to Bijou Salon, I met Kim and we took a quick walk to get a coffee and chat, she mentioned that in her business plan that she had written that she would have a "June girl" start....I came in on a Thursday and we set up an interview with her business partner on SUNDAY, JUNE 1st!!

It was an amazing hiring process and a very thorough interview…on the spot, Kim says to me “I need to see you do a cut,” so I replied “Okay, let me call a couple of friends and see who could come.” Her reply was “Well, I need a cut. Do you want to do it now?” I was game! I trimmed her hair and was very comfortable working on her. I also did a pedicure the next day, on a longtime client of hers, said I did it just as well as Kim does it, I could tell that was compliment!

After meeting Kim Baker and being hired, I just knew that this salon would be my new home! Her personality and passion for the beauty business are just a couple of traits we have in common.

Tucked away on the back side of Jordan Street, behind Bella Blue, sits Bijou (a gem of a little salon), an enchanting oasis of relaxation, comfort and friendliness. With our expertly skilled staff and neighborhood atmosphere, Bijou is a full service salon that caters to all who enter!

Kim Baker has created Bijou as a place where anyone can feel welcome, get pampered, and, above all, know they’ll be taken care of. Like I said, she creates a strong sense of family working here (unlike many other jobs)! She has made her salon a warm, discreet environment with an affordable price structure, a personable staff, and highly trained specialists!

Since working here at Bijou Salon, there has been a strong sense of family among both our staff, and our clients.

A client I have been doing for years came in and said how welcomed she felt, and that she felt like she had been coming to Bijou for years! This is due to Kim Baker’s philosophy,
“Be yourself, shine on the inside, sparkle on the outside!” We as a salon want you to be comfortable! Our salon philosophy is our loyalty to you, not the other way around! Please choose any chair, any team member, any time! In a service industry, you can’t just ask for a higher compliment than that!

My current specialties include cuts, color, highlights,
lowlights, corrective coloring, specialty perms, chemical hair straightening, Brazilian keratin treatments, in addition to spa manicures, spa pedicures, nail art, and facial waxing.

My future at Bijou is endless!! My goal is to become a certified color specialist with our color line!

I know that in the future, with Kim’s hard work and success, she will expand her salon to the next level. My dream is to one day have an assistant to help my clientele grow.

I am a creative individual, craving
internet and trade magazine information, making me informed on new styles, new looks, new products, and new services! Continuing education is #1 on my list, next to #2: maintaining my clientele with my superb customer service!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me ! It was my pleasure spending time with you!

~ Courtney

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our first before and after!

Okay for many many weeks now, after every new cut or color...I always say...AFTER...I should have done a before and after for the web page!

So now with my camera in salon and ready to shoot....

Here is our first before and after cut for a young man ;)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What to expect from this site:)

Hmmm...Well this was most certainly a test drive for the blog part of the Bijou website. I find blogs very very interesting, and it's something that I find very enjoyable and like to do, but I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested or would even read what we had to say:)

Well the response that we have had is fantastic!!! To Tammy who is coming in this week (or next;) who has been following our blog, it's thanks to you that I will continue. And so many others, (Internet is amazing...Thank you Internet Gods, we love you:) I can't tell you how excited I was to hear about how you found our salon. That is just awesome! I will also say thank you to GOOGLE for helping Bijou find it's way to the top of the search engines.

My wonderful techie friend Pete, gave me a run down of how we ranked...and for only being online for about 9's pretty awesome! Thanks! BTW, comes up #2 in a search for "Skaneateles haircut" in Google. That's really good. (Interestingly, St. James church comes up # 5).
Here are some Google search results:

search term - ranking in Google
Skaneateles Haircut - #2
Skaneateles Haircuts - #7
Skaneateles Salon - #1 yay!
Skaneateles Manicure - #3
Skaneateles Manicures - #9
Skaneateles Pedicure - #3
Skaneateles Pedicures - #11 (2nd page)
Skaneateles Waxing - #2
Skaneateles Wax - #5
Skaneateles Nails - below #100
Bijou Salon - #3 (Very good for an International search!)
Best Salon in Skaneateles - #5
Best Pedicures in Skaneateles - #2
Reflexology in Skaneateles - #2

So you see we are below #100 for Skaneateles if later in my posts, I say Skaneateles Nails, or Skaneateles Manicures...don't mind me, I'm just trying to climb to the top of Google mountain!

So anyway (remember I did say I digress) What I would like this weblog to be, is to be a little window into Bijou and all the fun we have! It's a great place to be, everyone is happy and relaxed. We laugh all the time! I can't tell you how wonderful it feels when people, who don't even know eachother have the nicest conversations together and end up chatting like long lost friends!

It must have been all the Angel's that were in the salon before us:) This is true you know, the occupants before us, were Angel' dear friend Gloria, owned Angels by the lake, an Angel gift shop! My friend Bonita, came in when I first opened and asked if I did a cleansing of the shop? I said no and wondered why, she said, well a business failed here...and without even mouth went to auto pilot and I said "no, I don't think so, I think the Angel's were just holding the place for me", I never had such a notion before and my thoughts were just automatic and matter of fact. Gloria agreed, she always thought her Angels worked in mysterious ways:) And that my friends is a whole other post! (ugh, digressing again:)

So back to my title of this particular post...What to expect from this site? Before and After pictures...oooh won't that be fun! More photos of parties and celebrations and other news...Feel free to make any suggestions, I'd love to hear any and all feedback!

Thank you!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

What?! You didn't know we did wedding parties??

No one told you? We're so sorry, yes we do wedding parties!

Check out these bridesmaids and bride...They were wonderfully relaxed and ready to take that walk down the aisle.

We were fortunate to meet Maria, a very talented make up artist, who does airbrushing like the stars!

Everything just flowed, bridal hair has made a change...rather than the traditional all pinned up-do...bridal parties are opting for natural blown out styles...half up and half down or romantic soft waves!

This particular wedding party was going to follow a lot of Swedish traditions, as the bride was marrying a handsome Swede! I will have to make a link to the cake lady's blog, so you could see the Swedish princess cakes.

I can't wait to receive the photos from the actual wedding with the bride all done up and walking down the aisle!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

So busy, So are the pictures!!

Here they are...the little princess mentioned in the last post!

Arent' they adorable!? Wouldn't you love to be a little girl again, getting all fixed up with fancy nails!?