Thursday, March 12, 2009

So talented that girl is!

My Kimberlee, she is the best! The first girl I hired, it was just me and her for a little while! She really is the best and you just can't help but love her! (and psst, she's single now too..any takers;) Here she is, working away...I know, I know, just the other day, James our best construction guy was painting nails, and now here Kimberlee is, sealing up the drywall...what on earth is going on at Bijou?
Things are moving along just great, we will be closed on Tuesday all day for some real messy stuff. I put new photos on Flickr, you just have to click on that word or click on the play button to the right---------------> Every time I add new photos, it updates it on my photo stream...WOW, what did we ever do without the Internet before?!

OHHH and how could I forget? I had a very exciting and informative meeting with Laura Ponticello, from Laura's list...she gave me scoop on Thom Filicia!!! I know I have about 20 people that are waiting for tickets...AND I learned, that they only have 200 tickets! Bijou will be one of the places selling them, I'll be sending out an email to let you know when! Stay tuned!