Monday, March 2, 2009

Bijou is Bloooming!

Since March has come in, we have been BOOMING! January and February can typically be slow months...(and rainy months, which it has proven to be)....BUT not for us..We are so blessed and fortunate to stay busy like bee's!! In the month of January, we had 82 new clients!!! Holey Moley, Thank you Thank you, we sooo appreciate every referral we get! Bijou is a wonderful place for everyone, because of our clients! You make it cozy, great!

We had two wonderful birthday parties for two special little girls! Pictures will be coming soon!
The little girls were so much fun and well behaved, such little ladies, all glammed up and sparkly!

So onto other news, I may not have much time to make posts for the next month, if you follow this blog, it may be a picture or two or three...


Have you heard????

Bijou is BLOOMING too!!!!

Exciting things are coming to 6 Jordan street!

Stay tuned for some photos of what exactly is going on behind those blackened windows on the main street of Jordan....

One more thing I wanted to share...

I ran into a client at the local supermarket and she made a really lovely comment to me, she said that I surrounded myself with really spectacular people...I replied that yes, I was indeed very lucky with who I have around me, she thinks it's that I attract them because I am a good person....I'm not sure about that, perhaps (I tend to not allow myself that kind of compliment) because I do believe in being nice to others and helping anyone when I can, that the whole "pay it forward" thing happens...or as my Mom would say..."what comes around goes around", regardless, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside for her to say such a nice thing! Thanks Linda, I think you're great too!!