Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lesson learned ~ Don't give up, make a wish and check Ebay!

My only source of stress has been my beloved sconces, (that are just there for decoration and don't actually work) since we planned to make two new stations, I have been looking for the sconces...Lowe's discontinued them (of course!) and I thought I could eventually find them online someplace...I exhausted all my resources...countless hours surfing the net to find them (I am most certain I have glanced at every brushed nickel sconce!) an attempt at contacting Portfolio brand lighting....(made in china I think), with no luck at all! It's been weeks and it was stressing me out...I mean seriously, the sconces are beaded and silver and make the whole design of the stations. I was really bummed and was considering replacing all of them, so they would match...BUT I loved them! Gah!

So late, late, late last night after scouring the internet and googling anything possibly close to 'silver beaded sconces', I was about to give up! Brushed my teeth, got in my p.j.'s and was ready to hit the sack...I remembered my wish tickets Shelly got me for my friendship shower when I started Bijou...I got in bed, made a wish and had a thought....Ebay! Okay now at this point, my eyes were getting drowsy and I could have very easily fallen asleep, but Ebay was calling...I got up, typed in 'silver beaded sconces'...and waited..nope! I knew matches. I was angry at myself for wasting more time on these stupid things, when I scrolled down and saw suggestions....AND read with such delight...

Chic French Crystal Beaded Wall Lamp/Sconce/Light

When something like this happens...I hear the trumpets of victory! Hallelujah ! (Doesn't everybody??)

So there you have it...I didn't give up, I made a wish and checked Ebay! I strongly recommend it:)