Thursday, June 19, 2008

Recipe for the best little girls birthday party ever...

All you need is just a few snacks...chocolate and chips will do..

Some drinks....Capri sun or special french lemonade...

Cupcakes....decorated with chocolate and aqua sprinkles...but of course!

A few activities (beads are always a hit!) to fill in the time between a special hair-do and a beautiful nail color....ooh la la!

Special little "Bijou cookies"...A very special treat from Savoir fare.

AND just a few, or maybe many little girls ready to be pampered...


And see what happens!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow, I will have pictures of what happens when you mix all these things together!!

Our parties have been so much fun, we are almost all fighting over who gets to do them! The girls have all been very grateful and easy to please. Thank you to all the little friends we have met during the parties, you make us remember what it's like to be little girls again:)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Altieri Brothers and Kimberlee!

Let me first start off by saying...she agreed, only for a trim...she wanted to still grow her hair, but was willing take it a bit shorter...a little bit! Platform artists never listen to a "little bit"!

The first cut, she saw my face...and started to almost cry...

We had the chance to take a class a while back. I say a while back, because I will show you some pictures, but if you come into the salon, you will see how much Kimberlee's hair grew back already!

These guys are a dynamic duo, during the NYC show, I wrote on a piece of paper, 'could that be Elvis?' Riccardo, the bigger one, seriously was showing some hip action, you know, channeling Elvis. In all seriousness, these guys are excellent platform artists, they demonstrate reasonable cuts and styles that we can bring home to you. Sometimes at shows, you walk away with a couple things, but a tiny bit from this cut, a tiny bit from that one, but not one whole one if you know what I mean...I guess it doesn't make much sense, unless you have been to a hair show...they are rather avante a beautiful cut...but that 12inches on the one side hanging in a sharp point is just plain weird...It's like going to a Paris fashion show, for of them are gorgeous, but then sometimes the overall outfit, is just plain weird!

Okay, I'm sorry, I digress...So back to Riccardo and Tony...They came to Syracuse and we were invited to a private class with them...they are fun and after all they cut Miley Cyruses hair, amongst others, so we were happy and excited to attend!

This was a while ago, actually there was only Kimberlee, Jackie and me at the shop. And Kimberlee's hair is a lot longer now and different colors too! Once a month she changes her style, I just love that about her!

So here you are, the before, afters and during:) Riccardo Altieri's version of Posh Spice's bob!

Oooh, I was so happy to see a smile:) on her face, not that anyone could make Kimberlee look ugly, but you know, I didn't want any tears on the way home!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What is coming to Bijou?? (AND WHO!?!?!?)

Here are a few little "spoilers" flavored bath bombes, that have been a hit!! Everyone loves them for the reason that I do...they make your kids take a bath, and they smell soo good for the rest of the day!

Let's see what else is new? Oh something that I tried the other day to find for my little guys birthday...his only request and I could not find them in Skaneateles, so I thought, well we should just order them to have here...can you guess....? (take a look up above:)

Hmmm, I think very very soon, we will be offering make up application, we have chosen Glow mineral make up, it is the best mineral make up out there, it is triple milled and contains plenty of antioxidants for the health of your skin!

Speaking of changes...(oh wait, was I talking about changes???) There may be two new faces at Bijou. But first I should back up. (it's been so long since I made an update, you may be missing some previous news)

Remember the post I made about..."and then there were three".
Well, well well, that is old news! We now have 5, 6 and possibly 7!! After Michele, came Connie, who is very excellent at pedicures and manicures and can put you to sleep and heal all your problems with an hour long reflexology treatment. Connie can also tell you so much valuable information about Young Living Pure Essential Oils, and let me tell you, you won't be able to live without them! Connie will only be with us for the summer and into early fall, so many people already have had reflexology treatments on Monday, when it's nice and quiet, treat yourself you won't be sorry! She is also offering Aqua Chi foot bath sessions, click on that word and you can read a bit about it! It is very interesting indeed!

Coming soon will be Courtney, she is coming to us from Best & Company in Syracuse and we are very excited for her to join our team!! Keep checking back for more info on Courtney, she will bring alot of talent and enthusiasm to our team! She will be offering make up applications with the Glo mineral make up line as well!!

Another possibility is someone that if you know me, (the owner Kim, you know, the older one) you probably know her, we have worked together before and always worked very well together, she is looking for a fresh change, so we are in "negotiations"...Don't worry, you'll be the first to know:)

So I guess that is it...all the updates...wait...did I mention, we are open 7 days a week???? Oh yes we are!! Our hours are as follows...
Monday - Friday 9-8
Saturday 9 -4
Sunday 11 - 5

Thank you and have a wonderful start to this glorious summer!!