Monday, October 24, 2011

Bijou was noticed, from half way across the country!

Imagine my surprise when I was checking my emails for Facebook and saw one that said, your marketing Bff posted a link about you. Of course I was curious...Who was my marketing Bff? I clicked on the link that said congrats you were featured in our latest blog post! And got to read the nicest, most complimentary posts about me. I was so delighted!

So lets back up a little bit, I've been blogging for several years, I read LOTS of blogs and I'm always inspired by people. I have been featured once before on my dearest friend Shelly's blog, where she wrote how she stepped outside of her creative box and helped me so much designing Bijou. And that made me so excited too, but THIS lovely girl, I don't even know. She is a marketing genius, because now I will have my eye on her and what she will be posting and already have read some of her posts. One of my favorites was this one about good gossip! But I also really related to this one.

I love blogs in general. I typically feel indulgent when I read them, I love to read, so they are my little short stories I can dive into. Sometimes I have to tear myself away from them. BUT when they are business related AND enjoyable to read and entertaining as well, I feel less indulgent and more doing what I am supposed to be doing;) .

When things are more story like and make sense, I can remember and recall them later when needed. Does that make any sense to anyone else but me? Probably not. The bottom line is, that because I feel like this is a friend giving advice, and not a dull reading book, it works for me!

Isn't the internet great for all these things, I mean really, 10 years ago, no one from Arizona would have been able to hear about, a little gem of a salon, clear across the country in upstate New York. Let alone would we have been able to connect.

Thank you Tana for writing such a nice post complimenting my marketing attempts. Coming from you, I take it as a very high compliment.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Breast Cancer awareness month at Bijou

It's October, can you believe it? We are participating in Breast cancer awareness month for the 3rd year in a row. We have several survivors and thrivers that are friends of Bijou. And also several that are battling right now. So this is near and dear to us.

We are happy to help, it's no trouble at all. It's fun to wear pink and feels good to wear pink for the cure. Won't you come get pinked?

We kicked off early this year and already before the 1st received 38 donations. Oh yeah, I guess you would like to know how it works: Donate $10 and receive a pink hair extension! And you get to write your name on a pledge sheet and hang it on our doorway! It's all good, you know ;)

I should tell you how this got started, because I love a good story, so you should too...right?!

Well the coach from the Auburn high school volleyball team, Rachelle, contacted me to ask if we were participating in pink hair for hope? I immediately googled the program to see what it was all about. We always like to do something and normally donate 10% of our month to a fund we decide on that relates to Breast cancer research. I looked specifically at the actual pink hair for hope, but was disappointed that only $7 of the $10 to research and then when you figure that most of the research funds have administrative fees as well. I hate to see money dwindling, it's hard earned, ya know!? So I took matters in my own hands, and found pink hair extensions for a reasonable price, bought 200 of them, because, HELLO! That is $2000 and Bijou donated the pink hair extensions so the whole $10 BUCKS can go to whatever fund we decide.

Any suggestions for where it should go? The one with the least amount that goes to administrative fees and the most of the buck goes to actual research or assistance.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

What's new in nails at Bijou!?

Getting bored of just painting your nails? Well there really is no reason for that!

People step outside of their boxes every day, more and more. Why didn't we think of these things before, it's the young people, isn't it?? They're really good at stepping outside of boxes.

Like painting all your nails one solid color, but then mixing it up on the ring finger. Sparkles, polka dots, stripes, whatever is your passion. Just do it!

And you have no longer to do just a plain a combination of different ones, light on the tip, bright on the tip, all different tips - whatever you desire. The sky is the limit, not the figertip

And shatter, have you heard about that? It's nailpolish that shatters right after application. Very cool effect and the creativity you can create with that is limitless! Nail polish companies are making huge strides in offering creative new ideas and products. I heard it from a very reliable source (the owners of OPI who visited Bijou in Skaneateles) that they were making a magnetic nailpolish, that after painting, you used a tool that made an embossing mark on the nail. That sounds really neat.

And then you have the Ombre, yes you see it in hair coloring. But now it's in nails too. Look at all the examples of Ombre nails, can you say AMAZING!?

And look what you can do with scotch tape and fancy scissors! That's incredible...(remember that show?)

And lastly, holding up the train of nails, we have our dear friend - Shellac! Can I just say, I love this product!