Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tis the season…for frizzy hair!

Whether it’s sunny and humid or rainy and humid or cloudy and humid, summer is never good news for the silky, shiny tresses that we all yearn for, BUT don't worry, we have some products for everyone!

While as of today, chilly enough to wear a small jacket...yes, it's mid June..humid weather is just around the corner, and our clients are requesting frizz-fighting products, so I thought I'd share with you, some daily advice we give to all our favorite people!

On super hot days, avoid the blow dryer all together, especially if you have don't have air-conditioning inside. If your hair is on the longer side, use some leave in conditioners (my personal favorite one is Eufora leave-in) or Moroccan oil and braid your hair, down the back, a french braid, two on the side...when you take it out later,you’ll find yourself in happy low-frizz territory because you let your hair dry in a controlled environment.

If you want a really easy day, wash your hair in the morning, put leave in conditioner and a setting glaze (Eufora is the best one) and towel dry your hair, get some small clips to clip some big Gizelle like curls. (Ah ha...you are wondering what those are, well you will have to come into Bijou and we will show you:)

(See, like how they used to do it;)

Next, apply some sunscreen...(to your body and face silly, not your hair, you should be purchasing products with sunscreen in it, most of ours do!) Now go sit outside and relax for the rest of the day ;) oooh and sip something good too while you're at it! When you're nice and relaxed, bronzed by the sun and have had good thoughts all day, come inside, let your clips out and use some Aveda anti- humectant pomade to make your Giselle like curls smooth and shiney!

If you really insist on trying to battle the humidity and using a blowdryer, consider investing in the Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment and check out Bumble and bumble's "GROOMING CREME" and "LEAVE IN CONDITIONER" applied while hair is still wet. Then fight back humidity with Bb's "DEFRIZZ" (the ultimate frizz-warrior) after your blow-dry.