Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bijou's first annual Cut a thon and helping hands!

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What I love generally about people, is their willingness to help! This village especially, I'm telling you, just ask and people are so happy to help! I guess people help, because I ask, I'm a firm believer that the answer will always be NO! Unless you ask! So I ask, because I never mind when people say no and I never mind when people ask me for help..I LOVE to help!

So the idea came a while ago about a cut a thon. We've had so many clients who have said to us jokingly...Come on, it's beautiful, can't you just cut my hair outside this time! I always have said, just wait, maybe one day we will! In the back of my mind, I filed the idea...a cut a thon, we cut for specified hours and donate the money to whatever cause we decide! The problem was, we needed a passionate cause....

THEN I read something in the letter to the editor a little while ago, that next day we had a scheduled staff meeting...I let the girls read the newspaper cut out and asked if they wanted to do the cut a thon for that particular cause. Unanimously they said YES! It was perfect! We would donate the cut a thon earnings to the PARCS fund, we will make a collective donation to honor a sweet angel.
BUT we hope to make a huge donation, knowing they have about 40k and the goal for the budget of the playground is 125k, we know we won't be able to pull in that much, but we can give a good start!

So we started planning, coming up with ideas every day...and of course, clients jump in..."What can I do?".....

Then we came up with a plan, with the help of friends.. to add to our donation of cuts...snow cones, bake sale, hair accessories, hair wraps, raffle baskets (most of them valued well over $100) much more...everyone started jumping in! Echo on the lake will stay open and donate a portion of their nights sales, Mark from Doug's will give us Ice for the snow cone machines, Bill from Johnny Angel's donated meal tickets! Patience Brewster offered a basket! (She herself came down:) Deb from Mottville Emporium, always jumps in!! Cindy Petters offered her services to make snow cones and hopefull she will blog about it, that will be fun:) And the list continues and is growing!!

Then I started looking online..(because for a moment, I worried about rain..but then I rain can come on such a day!)..... for tents on Auburn party rental, then I saw it...A DUNK TANK! How fun, I had remembered once in Marcellus, they had one and it was lots of fun to do! Then I had Marty Hubbard, the mayor of Skaneateles down for his monthly haircut. I asked him if he would let us dunk him, out of context, I think I scared him...when I explained...(actually I said this..."Come on, do it for your grandkids, they need a new playground at Austin park!) he said I just needed to clear it with the boss (aka: his wife, Debbie) She was so excited and I think would have cleared the entire day for him to get dunked...I have a feeling, she may even buy lots of balls to throw! Then I talked to one of the teachers at the school, she called the middle school principal Tim Chiavara, and he said he'd be glad to do it...then I called Mr. Williams, a favorite middle school teacher, he jumped right in....Tim Green would have gladly done it, but was out of town for the first football game! (darn!)...Then when I was being interviewed by the Skaneateles Press, the editor Jason Emmerson and he OFFERED to be dunked too! Then I jokingly asked my good friend Erin, the go to girl Erin, if she thought Thom Filicia would be willing to get dunked, she said she would ask...and GUESS WHAT, he said yes!

He's going to dress in a suit and tie and let whoever wants to meet him and dunk him!!

So please, come join the fun, we promise it will be fun, lots of people helping, lots of laughing and lots of haircuts!

And one day, we can all sit up at the new park and know that we had a little to do to make it what it is!

P.S. Bring lots of money!...LOTS OF MONEY;) and please pass this on!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Very "Pin"terest - ing!

Oh my did I find a tool that is changing the salon and consultations! We've always talked about taking old magazines, clipping favorite styles, looks, color inspirations...We're always talking about recipes with clients, but Oh where did we see that, darn it, should have clipped it! BUT seriously, who has the time to get scissor out, clip them, glue them or stick them into a book. It was a great concept I had at a meeting, but we just never had the time to do it. good friend turned me on to THIS. And now, it's so simple, literally takes seconds and we can collect all our pinned items here. So don't be surprised, if the next time you come in and have told us in the past, like Donna Adamo just did, "Next time I come in Sam, I'm all yours, you can do whatever you want, I'm in your hands!" (She said she has never done that with a stylist:) SO, from that appointment until her next ap
pointment, Sam has been collecting looks for her, color options, cut options and she will have her own special board!

So the concept is this, a virtual bulletin board, with different categories that you create. Please take a look and for goodness sake, make your own pinteresting board, if you need an invitation, reply back, it seems that is the quickest way, as if you ask for your own, there is a bit of a waiting list!

Have fun, browsing at ours, and it changes every day! If you need a tutorial, feel free to come in and I'll sit down with you and teach you:)

Why I love our village...

This village is special, no doubt about it. It's mainly the people, they exude kindness and support. We are all there for eachother, no doubts. Simple things make us happy, it's a great place to live!

Let me share this "around town" scavenger hunt that the sweetest soul ever did for her daughter..A few of her favorite things around town, including our very own Bijou.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

New and familiar faces...

Okay, I do solemnly swear to give an update on each girl. BUT since it's summer and we can hardly breath..(Thankful for that btw:) I will start with names first, hopefully this will suffice until we can get proper introductions in case you have not met these lovely girls yet!

Starting in the back row from left to right: Kara, Miranda, Amanda, Christina, Kim (Moi) and Courtney
Front row, left to right: Taylor, Lori, Samantha and Jolene (yes I want to sing Dolly Parton's hit too;)

Great crew, along with our new full time front desk coordinator Andrea (Grandinetti) Brzostek, and part time Ellen and Tammy!

Shiney new faces, some old familiar faces..All happy and striving for one common thing, to be the best at what we do!