Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Angels in Skaneateles

This is how it will work.

15 Angels (or artists) have painted beautiful works of arts to benefit the Skaneateles Drama club. We have collected the art, will display them at Imagine/Imagine that! from Halloween to November 4th, where they will be moved to the Skaneateles High School to display. Now here is the little tid-bit that might help you. At the performances you can buy as many raffle tickets for $1 each and bid on each painting you fancy, BUT if you really love one (you can also view them on the Skaneateles High school drama facebook page) you can have the option to "Buy it now!" at Imagine during those few days. Only there can you "buy it now", after they are moved and people start buying raffle tickets to win it, it is only fair to call the "buy it now" option, off!

We hope you will help:)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Francis House event: No place like home.

The Bijou girls, almost all of us, are heading out into Syracuse to do some good and to have a little outside salon bonding time! Killing to two birds with one stone, love to do that! We are heading to volunteer at the Francis House event held at the Fairgrounds in the horticulture building! We are super excited, the event is called - No place like home.

Here is Amanda, Sam and Christina listening to our instructions of what our jobs might be. We will be Key sellers, house watchers and maybe some of will work in the "bank". The budget for the Francis house each year is..1.2 million, this fundraiser, raises 1/3 of it!! The object of the night is for people to buy keys for $5.00 each and there are houses that the keys might fit into, in that house if your key is a lucky one, you get a ticket that tells you what you won. There are different color keys for different levels of gifts. All the gifts are donated by people, Bijou donated a Moroccan oil gift box and a $100 dollar service certificate, (a $200 value). There are also golden keys, selling for $25, you could win a trip to the Bahama's.

The entrance into the event is $50, this includes so many food stations (the inside scoop is, that there will be a baked potatoe bar!!), beer and wine. I've heard for years that this event is the best, so now that you know about it and know we Bijou girls will be there....What's stopping you?? Mark it on your calendar, October 13th, Wednesday from 5-8!

Here are what the keys look like...

Not enough money with you? No problem, debit or credit card will get you event money, works the same as cash!

Here is one of the houses, my friend Beth (the big kahuna in fundraising) brought us one of the houses and showed us how it all works! We're all ready to volunteer!