Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some News..

(All of us girls...minus Courtney and Taylor)

I wanted to share some new's, most of you may already know. Our very favorite midwesterner girl, Stacy, will be heading back to the midwest! While Stacy was only here for a year, she charmed everyone who met her! All of us girls at Bijou will miss her dearly, on our last day together as we were walking out of the Blue Water grill a lady asked us if we were all sisters...Stacy said, "of course we are." The lady looked very proud of her self as she said...."I could tell by the way you are all enjoying eachother so much." Stacy then replied.."We are hairstylist that work together." She told me later that she walked away thinking about the amazing amount of sisterhood you share while working at Bijou!!!

For those of you who went to Stacy, please try any other girl you like, Stacy is still around getting ready for the move so she would also be MORE THAN HAPPY to match you up with who she thinks would be good for you! (This is a brilliant thing, because basically she knows you all, plus she knows her Bijou girls really well too!)

So with that news we also have a new girl that we are super excited about! Welcome Sarah Tompkins, with 10 years experience, she has been actually around Bijou for a couple months, she slid right in and made a perfect fit! A very talented stylist and the feedback we have received from her new clients is really fabulous! She does it all, full hair care, full waxing services (including Bikini's), make up, manicures and pedicures and can do our newest service, Shellac! (read more about that by clicking on that's revolutionary!)

Please stop in and welcome Sarah! She's quickly learning that Bijou clients and guests are pretty special people!

And once again, feel free to speak to me directly when choosing a stylist that is right for you, but ALWAYS remember, if the person you get is not the perfect fit, each and every girl that works at Bijou has no problem and actually encourages you to try other stylists, our main objective is to make you happy!

Welcome Sarah!

Let Sarah show you her expertise! During the month of August get 10% off any service with her by mentioning this email. (You must mention it to the front desk coordinator so they make a notation of it on your appointment)
sarah girl I am completely confident that her level of professionalism and skill will enhance even more what we have at Bijou! Thank you everyone, because as I say many many times, Bijou could not be what it is without our very special guests!
You all make our jobs a delight!