Monday, May 25, 2009

Bareminerals and Rareminerals, we've got them here at Bijou!

Bareminerals and Rareminerals are here in Skaneateles, at Bijou!! Come on in and try them out, we can get you anything you want!

So I keep reading about this raremineral treatment. It's from Jurassic soil...I know that really interested my 10 year old and his friends!! We have it displayed on our large oval table and everyday, I look at it, I have put it on my hand a few times and kept meaning to try it, seemed to me that everything it promised..I needed!!

After Kimberlee (the skeptic of the salon;) (me? I'm the gullible one;) said that after her big Bareminerals class she took in Albany a few weeks ago, they told them to put this on one hand for a few weeks and look at the difference, she was showing me the other day and we both could really see a difference. I came home that night and actually did some research, and read some reviews online, good and bad (there were way more good reviews than bad!) along with reading the pamphlet that I have had for over a month!! (sometimes it takes me a while;)

On one small sidenote, I did find a really cool blog that reviewed all the baremineral products in a fun way! Check it out!! This girl is wicked cool!

So I decided to give myself a challenge: Apply the Rareminerals every night before bed and see if I notice a difference after a month! Now my problems with my skin are typical, I have a "T" zone, oily on my nose and chin, but then super dry between my cheeks and nose...almost chapped dry. I have large (2 really large) pores on my nose and currently my skin has decided to pay me back for all that great skin I was fortunate enough to have as a teenager! I have little baby acne on my cheeks! So what I have to do is every night make tiny circles with my very soft little Rareminerals thingy and then go to bed!! I'll let ya know!

What it is:
The groundbreaking Bare Escentuals RareMinerals(TM) Skin Revival Treatment is the first and only clinically-proven mineral-based skincare treatment to deliver clearer, brighter, smoother-looking skin while you sleep. An exclusive blend of 100% pure RareMinerals(TM) derived from untouched virgin soil and in potent powder form, it's the perfect nutrient carrier for vitamins A and C and a host of botanical extracts.What it does:Naturally activated by your own skin, it effectively yet comfortably delivers benefits such as visibly-reduced lines and wrinkles, reduced sun damage, more refined pores, brighter complexion, softer, smoother texture, less noticeable redness, and clearer and firmer-looking skin. Containing no preservatives and zero irritants whatsoever, it's ideal for all skin types, including those with the most sensitive skin conditions, like rosacea.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens- Sulfates- Synthetic Fragrances- Synthetic Dyes- Petro-Chemicals- PhthalatesWhat else you need to know:The Pillow Puff(TM) applicator provides flawless delivery and exact application, so you can infuse nutrients while diffusing imperfections.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Trash ties?

Have you heard of Trash ties??? They are the brilliant invention of Heather Bailey! No more rubber bands and the confines of their elasticity, not when you have metal wrapped in beautiful shiney ribbon!! Sleek and functional...AND we have them at Bijou in Skaneateles!

Click here to see what you can do with them!! And of course she has a blog too!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thank you Barb!

Okay first let me say, that giving is such great feeling!! For the life of me, I cannot figure out why every person on this earth doesn't feel that way! To me the best high I can get is to know that a little bit that I sacrifice can help so many people! So easy and feels SO good!

Second, when you have a letter written in the journal, a letter to the editor..not an article written (well that's really cool too;) but someone pouring their heart out in get a really warm fuzzy nice feeling:) I remember when I wrote a letter to the editor for our computer guy...he saved us, he really did and I thought everyone should know it! He's a knight in shining computer guy! He still keeps saving us every now and then;) I guess we made him feel all warm and fuzzy too:) Now I remember him saying that...I'll have to remember to write more often in there, so many people deserve SO much credit!

So Thank you Dr. Barbara Conner, you made my day! We are so happy to help in any way for the lost boys.....what you do is way bigger, someone should be writing letters about you:) I'm really so glad to have that little bridge connect us! It's truly an honor!

By the way...if you feel like you want to donate, and remember, any little tiny bit I guarantee it will come back to you tenfold.....please click here!

Thanks for salon donation

Posted Wednesday, May 20, 2009

As medical director of the Duk Lost Boys Clinic in South Sudan, and on behalf of John Dau, and the John Dau Sudan Foundation, I would like to publicly recognize and thank Kim Baker, of Bijou Salon, for her generosity.

Bijou Salon on Jordan Street in Skaneateles, near Doug's Fish Fry, had its Grand Opening on Saturday, May 9, and Kim, the owner of the salon, donated 10 percent of her Grand Opening proceeds to the Duk Lost Boys clinic. In today's economy that is true generosity indeed.

The event had fantastic gourmet food and refreshments, and it was a very jovial atmosphere as friends greeted friends in the elegant and comfortable spa and salon. The salon staff are all as warm and giving as Kim is, and my only regret is that it took me so long to learn what a wonderful place Bijou is. I found so many friends there that night, new and old.

Kim donated to the Sudan clinic quietly and on her own. We did not solicit her. I met her because I learned of her plans to donate. She did it because she cares about the greater good. That's the purest kind of gift, and rare.

So thank you, Kim Baker, and Bijou Salon for making a difference. I can assure you that your donation will save people's lives.

As the name Bijou means in French, this salon really is a gem in Skaneateles. And Kim Baker has a heart of gold.

Thank you from the bottom our our hearts.

Dr. Barbara Connor


Laure Lillie...can even make my toes look nice in a picture!!

While taking pictures of our toes for the "flip flop project", my toes were one of the models.

Photography is an art form! 100% Laure Lillie is an artist! She makes magic with photos! Be sure to click all the me, magic you will see! (not to mention, her music on her website is SO nice!)

And lucky for Bijou, she is coming to take a photo shoot of my gem of a little salon!! Does this salon know how lucky it is!!?? Oh yes, we do!! Now one day I hope to get my family photographed by Laure...that is next on my list:)

Whether it be for a wedding, a new baby, graduation or whatever, treat your family to some art, starring them!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The flip flop project!

We can thank Christy Hubbard for lending us her toes in this photos:) and Laure Lille for taking such amazing photos!

The flip flop project is yet another wonderful thing that fell into Bijou's lap!

We are so proud to help and it benefits our customers, a win-win situation!

First let me say, that as soon as the birds came back from the south, I've been wishing I could find some flip flops (aside from the disposable ones we normally have) that could be sold and re-used again. I've been allover the Internet, but never ordered because nothing just hit me and it bugged me that I could not feel them or try them on myself!

So after the Thom Filicia event, Laura Ponticello and the Go-to Girl, Erin, were finishing up things with Jennifer Tom from Positively pink packages and they were fortunate enough to visit her operations. I think they saw the flip flops laying around and immediately hatched a brilliant idea! And lucky for me, they thought Bijou would be the perfect place! Here is the great part...We have 1000 pairs and they will sell at $15 each, they are nice, super comfortable and for a great cause! The best part of it all is, 100% of the proceeds go to Positively pink packages!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How I learned about blogging...

Blogs seem to be a new thing. Everyone seems, NOW, to know what they are. But in fact they have been around for quite some time. They are great if you are the blogmaster, it's a way to tell a story, and have the ability to use a specific word to zoom the person who is reading to another place to "show" them exactly what you are talking about. I SO wish when I talked and said certain words, it could take my listener to another place to see what I mean! How cool would that be!

I learned about them about 4 years ago! I wanted to learn French, so I googled - how to learn french, I found a site that said it would teach me one french word a day, I went there, signed up for the email that promised me, one french word a day and started getting emails from 'French word a day'. I read them everyday, and couldn't really figure it out, I mean I just assumed that it was in fact a company or corporation who delivered this email, but it seemed personal. Because I received them by email format, it looked just like text, until one day, I had clicked the highlighted link on the bottom and it took me here! Then I thought, oh my, this is an actual person, how cool is that!? It was a woman, Kristin (we've emailed back and forth, so I feel like I actually know her, in some virtual way:) who had 2 kids and was married to a french man, she was a desert rat and moved to France quite some time ago, she wrote about her life there and everyday would have a new adventure! Quite awesome, given that I am naturally a very curious (or nosey) person, this was my cup of tea! I read every day and at that point, had still not ever heard of the word blog! She did not label it that way, so I'm not sure exactly what I thought I was reading. One day, she wrote a post about her friend, who was also American and living there and how she had dared her friend Corey to start a blog. When I read this, I had to stop reading and had this "ah hah!" moment...I had been reading a blog and didn't know it. With the link embedded on this new persons name, I clicked it and zooomed to her birthing of her blog, a blog to which I still read weekly!! From Corey's blog, (who also has a handsome french husband, I think some people may read just to see photos of him;) I followed links and found other blogs, there was this one, that one, and these two! Have I mentioned that 3 of those blogs actually had books published?? Real books too!

I then started my own blog that I had for 2 years and made contact with many interesting people through it. There is a whole "blogosphere" out there, ones for cooking, crafting, culture, travel, home-making, other business blogs...anything! AND actually a blogger gave me the name for my business! (Be sure to click on the highlighted texts, they will take you to who I am talking about:)

So now I have a blog for my business! It's great fun! And I have friends who have blogs! There is Shelly at Drooz doodles, Laure Lille the photographer, Laura Ponticello from Laura's List, Susan Major with her inspirational blog, Thea Folls and her flower farm, Aurora and her hairapy blog across the country, Charity, a local girl and her interior design blog, Skaneateles even has its own blog - written by the Briel family, Dina the cake lady and her blog, and Skaneateles suites has one too!

Okay so you get the idea...almost everyone has gotten a blog:) It's fun, it's easy and you too can do it! If anyone would like to know how to do one, it's great for families to keep in touch, and rather than repeating something to everyone, if you are far away or abroad...just blog it. Stop in and see me, I'd be happy to show you how to set one up, it takes a second and believe me, it's as easy as 1-2-3!

So there it is, why I blog, how I learned about it and how you too can do it! It is a lot of fun, a great outlet, a great business tool and a great way to keep people informed! I love it! I have done 146 posts on this blog and when I look back at some things, I'm so grateful that I blogged it, it would have been long forgotten and now it's here forever;)

Thank you to everyone who actually reads these posts, I am always very very touched when someone says they love reading them or that they think it's interesting! (sometimes that's shocking to me, but what's more shocking is when people say I'm a great writer, that just makes me laugh to myself, I'm pretty much a fluff writer, it's as if I'm just writing in my diary;) So thank you and thank you again to anyone who actually reads this, I would still do it, even if nobody read it:)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Aveda Facials in Skaneateles!

(Don't worry, this is not what the process actually looks like;)

I just finished having the most luxurious facial ever! I was trying to relax...however..I also wanted to stay conscious and able to recall order to blog it of course;)

So first of all, let me say...My room is so relaxing..the chandelier..the painted tree..the warm chocolaty relaxing! Perfect in fact!

Courtney did my facial! After I got all cozy into the nice warm bed...I'm so glad I chose the organic bamboo sheets, they are like velvet! She started with a "hug" to my feet...(This is a gentle massage with HOT towels to your feet, to serve the purpose of cleaning and also warming the tootsies) It felt SO good, my tension was immediately erased from the past two weeks! (and boy I was stressed)

Then she started with the cleansing, moving onto the exfoliation...she made a "whip" of Aveda Gel cleanser and was like brushing egg whites all over...felt very foamy and tingly! Then she removed that and started to apply the Aveda Plant peel!!!!!! Can I just say, before we started, I had this (from stress) dry skin, that desperately needed exfoliating and smoothed, and this plant peel, took a very fine layer of skin off, just what was ready! (you never want to take off too much, like in chemical peels, because your skin is not ready to let it go...think of when you sunburn..what peels, you are bright red and then in a day or two the skin is like brand new..feeling soft and like a baby skin does....HOWEVER...we know for a fact that sun damage is what causes premature trust me when I say...if something has to be burnt or peeled off and you are left with redness...that is not good! Aveda only believes in taking off what your skin is ready to still makes your skin feel amazing!!! Trust me...*feeling my smooth, baby bottom like skin right now*)

While the plant peel, which feels really warm and effective was on, she did a hand massage and foot massage! After all that I had my moisturizer and voila! Beautiful looking skin!

Let me tell you a little bit more about the Perfecting plant peel. Your fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, your skin tone is evened and your pores are refined to restore a youthful complexion.

All the benefits of a glycolic peel with no downtime.

You can even add a 30 min Peel while your color is processing, for Spa Junkies on the go.

Our professional facial masque actively smoothes and retexturizes skin with the instant exfoliation and radiance benefits of a 30% glycolic peel without the associated redness and irritation. Warms skin, helping to open pores. The Perfecting Plant Peel can be used on all skin types. This treatment combines the use of Argan leaf extract and organic Aloe Vera to help eliminate the redness and irritation typically associated with other peel treatments. The result is skin that is smoother, retexturized and refined with more even tone. Pores are also minimized, all without visible signs of redness or irritation.

Sigh, it felt wonderful!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And now for the prom!

Our most beautiful of them all, Victoria..(we are soo biased;)

Before and after for nails...Cassie was our model!

The Skaneateles Junior prom was the day before the Grand re opening celebration! Here are just a few photos from that day! We kept the girls hydrated and provided them with avoid any hypoglycemic melt downs ;) Nah really, we just wanted them happy! Kimberlee rocked on make up, each girl looked like movie stars, and Sam, Linda, Courtney and me, made each girl super happy! It flowed very nicely and having the extra space was so nice!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Grand Opening Re-cap!

Kim and Lori...starting the party~

Our new friends we met..they just walked on by and strolled on in:)
Align Center

Our Salon directors~

The Lovell family...2 little ones missing, they were busy mingling ;)

Plenty of friends...
Plenty of foood...

Plenty of gooodies!

Plenty of drinks..

Plenty of fun!

Our grand opening couldn't have been better. Okay I was a little stressed before-hand and did not know how I would get it all put together...Did I have enough food...enough drinks...would enough people come...would they forget???

Well silly me, I didn't get all the food out on time...but we did eventually get it out...we had plenty of drinks..and plenty of desserts and plenty of people! Thank you to everyone who came, Thank you!!! We were able to raise $200 for the John Dau foundation from the evening...We donated 10% of our sales, including Gift Certificates! Dr. Barb Connors and Judy Lindsay were able to join us for the evening, which was wonderful!

Thank you to the Bijou girls, who all ran around and helped the hour before and then came with their families..looking beautiful:) Thank you to Dylan, Chase and Thomas who cooked and prepared and ran all over Auburn to get last minute things...Thanks Shel for once again for coming through with all the extra stuff I needed and hadn't thought of:) Thank you Sherie for generously giving us hypnotiq and champagne..even though you didn't get to enjoy it..We'll make it up to you! Thanks Ros for taking care of the yummy things from Cheryl. Thank you Dina for baking up a storm and lending your tornado Victoria to keep things under control! Thank you Joelle and Alain from Joelle's bistro for the wonderful flowers and enchanting foods! Thank you Ryan, my sweet nephew for making your specialties to serve! Thank you Thea for providing us with beautiful boquets of flowers, they were awesome! Thanks James and Amy for keeping us there so late and laughing with us:) Thanks to our new friends for stopping in and getting to know us, we can't wait to see you next week! I'm sure i've missed so many thank you's..but if I did, trust me when I say it is not any less's only because my mind is close to being kaput! ;) Now that the expansion is over...prom is over..the party is over..I can get balance back to my life:) Until the next thing that is~!

Don't worry if you missed it..there is another chance to Party! We are hosting the chamber after hours in June:) Invitation to follow, be sure to sign up for our email newsletter!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

okay now for serious topics! Well kinda ;)

Most importantly!

Some things heard in the shop this week....

"This place is so happy, the customers are happy, the help is happy, the owner is happy...Can I live here??!" ~ Alice Gordan, happily stated that while meeting her a new friend who was also getting a pedicure! The two of them left saying they would book their next appointment together so they could chat! ( I am so happy to say, I see this SO often and it pleases me the most!)

A curly haired client, with a fresh new Deva cut by Courtney said.
"Can I just say Thank you, thank you for having this product, thank you for changing my life, with the product and the cut, I feel like I finally have a haircut that shows off my curly hair, Thank you!"
~ This person came in from a referral from another curly haired girl, she had purchased the curly girl book, but never had been taught how to officially use it. We very easily and simply showed her how to use it and she left looking fabulous and most of all comfortable with her hair that looked beautiful in ringlets, instead of a frizziness!

One of the little girls from a birthday party we had said..."This is the best day of my entire life, I wish I could come here everyday of my whole life!!"

So on one other note, please stop by for our RE-Grand opening, we would love to celebrate with you and treat you to some delectable treats from some of our favorite places!!! WE can't wait to see you!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The tales of the smalltown Skaneateles Bijou girls, going on a roadtrip!

Can you say road trip?? How to entertain ourselves on the road....
Almost there...thank God for the Garmin, we had no problem driving in the city!

The Chelsea hotel was a very interesting experience! Would we stay there again...? Heck Ya! It was a fun adventurous experience, that gave us a great fun tale to tell for weeks!

Okay so easy enough, 6 of the 8 of us decided we would like to attend the International Beauty show at the Jacob Javitz center in New York City! Flying by the seat of our pants, the week before I play Russian hotel roulette (well we had the tickets for months, but with the expansion...I was a little behind in planning;) The best deal and seemingly best place to stay was the Chelsea hotel! Okay big deal, it may or may not be haunted...and the reviews boasted "interesting" experiences. We Bijou girls are not chickens and Manhattan here we come...we just asked that Nancy, from Sid and Nancy, not make an appearance in our room!

So we get there and there is a problem with the hotel, computer glitch and they basically overbooked the whole hotel...They were sending people out to other hotels and we were instructed to "wait"...listen, everyone around me was getting really mad, and I just waited, I mean seriously, we have all experienced computer problems...(They should have called our awesome computer guy at Nachral studios, he can fix anything!) So I waited:) I have infinite patience, I don't know how, I guess I can entertain myself with my own thoughts and time flies...I was thinking...and watching the people...(thinking...oooh blog entry;) So we had the residence of the hotels, then we had the "guests" that we being evicted...the very nice, but very dirty and dusty Rastafarian's all in Tye dye, top to bottom (I would have loved a picture to offer you, but they were true blond haired Rastafarian's in every essence, I wanted to touch the dread locks, take a picture and talk to them, but they were rather unhappy at the moment, they had to leave) So I wait. And wait. Creating stories for each person that walked in, so much fun. So my patience paid off, and somehow we got a room! And definitely not the haunted room!
The lobby of the hotel, so cool! The paintings and history in this building were awesome! Just watching the "people" of the hotel was even better!

We checked in, check for bedbugs, (no really, we did, we even had our own sheets;) and headed for downtown. Ready to ride the subway and find the "fun" shopping! The bijou girls wanted purses..we just needed to find the Chinese people whispering "Prada, Gucci and Coach". I was a little worried, because you have to follow them into basements....go into cars with them...seriously all for fake bags...that is what is adventure is all about I guess:) Everyone except me found their treasures...I was more or less recording everything into my head:)
Proof that we actually did go down in one of THOSE basements, I swore they would never get me down...kinda scary, but kinda interesting...see the Asian guy hiding behind us...he's saying..."no camera, no pictures"...

We leave Canal street, walk and walk and walk, then we end up in Little Italy at a cozy little Italian place and settled down for a nice dinner! So good. But don't ask Kimberlee, she took a little nap, don't let that young girl fool you, she's really a 80 year old woman under that gorgeous exterior;) Ha!

So on the way home, after walking for hours and riding the subway to the hotel (we were hoping it was the right direction, no one really knew for sure;) We were lucky enough to add to our adventure and have an interesting character looking kinda near us and'll have to come into Bijou to hear what he was actually saying, but let's just say, it made Courtney start laughing hysterically, because she was thinking to herself...wait..I do bikini waxes..I see that sometimes! (Okay, now I'm hoping only some people will actually get down this far to our adventure and most will just skim over and skip this part)...I may be getting a bit to risque! So we luckily escape the subway and the "interesting" subway rider and head to our room!

Okay so a bit of history and somewhere here you will see the picture of the corridor, very narrow, very long, very dark...of course here is the line with the key (stupid me for wanting to hold the key) Michele, Kimberlee, Courtney and Jackie in the caboose! I get the door unlocked as Kimberlee and Courtney are loudly admiring the AXE gashes in the door before ours, and I freeze..suddenly recalling the very few horror movies I have watched..(seriously I opted out of the showering in the a.m. because I was sure Janet Lee could have been killed in our shower) So I freeze...I say to the girls..."I can't open it, it's dark..I just can't do it.." and Michele says..."Oh give me the key, I'll do it" and then I turn to look down the hallway at Jackie who has this really over reactive look on her face...Like she was IN a horror film...and I give her this confused look and I'm really thinking...Gee, Jackie, a little over expressive for the situation, I don't really see a ghost, I'm just being a chicken and she screams and pushes us....and says...something like...."Heeee's commmmming, get in the rooom nowwwwww!" So before I know it, a horror film is happening for realz!! Michele flies in and hides in the bathroom, still totally confused but sensing danger...Jackie hid in the closet..( and she is supposed to be the mother hen in our show;) and Kimberlee and I are holding the dooor which is being pushed open by this man who is shouting..."You are in big trouble, who do you think you are, you're gonna be sorry, this is my house and you're in it"...Oh yeah! So I said, "You are going to be in trouble mister, because we've called security and they are going to come and take care of you", he kept shouting...we were screaming...and when security came...I went to the door, the man is shouting, and I realize he is very old...(okay we have wild imaginations..i thought it was the "HAC" man from the subway....) and I say, "This man tried to get into our room" and he says......(drumrolll please)...


"I am not a man, I am a woman!!!" To which I look more closely and say very very sincerely..."Oh my goodness, I am SO sorry!" so I basically talk the the security guy and realize that she has lived here for 30 years, in the room next to to her it looked like we were sneaking away to her room....her room did not have a bathroom in it, she was obliged to use a community bathroom and to her, I think we looked like we were breaking into her room, the woman was 82 years old...and later we found out, that she was in her time...a very very famous big band singer...she always had a low voice and resembled a man so she didn't make it huge until she started dressing as a drag king...she was one of the first ones in NYC and apparently during the gay rights days, in books that are written about it..our neighbor "Stormy" was the first one listed to pull a punch during the gay rights riots...

We did steal away into the rooftop, ignored the signs that said only residence could go up there...we just had to see for ourselves...(that's not entirely true...the doorman told us how we could get up there, and he suggested it...good thing "Stormy" wasn't having her morning cup of coffee up there:)...The rooftops were so cool, such a treat to see:)

The rest of the night was so much less uneventful and then the next day we had a fabulous time at the hair show! It got us all excited, we took some various classes, business orientated for Jackie and I, and the girls watched some really cool foiling classes along with up'do's and cutting shows! It was a great success and charged us up for spring!

Riding home, studying what we learned and reading the new stuff we saw!

Time to catch up!

So let me tell you, I have so much to catch up on, so much that all I have been thinking about in everything I do, is "OH, I should blog that", even the Bijou girls, are saying..."Sounds like a blog story to me"...

So let me do things a little out of order. Bare with me, I know I am not chronologically correct in the post...I am posting Thom Filicia first, because I am so excited to share our experience and then I'll share the crazy weekend at the International Beauty show in NYC!

So the week of the event was so exciting, we had a contest going at the shop, as to who would go...Courtney and Kimberlee both won...Courtney won the retail portion of the contest and Kimberlee guessed that their were 46 cotton balls in the jar...too funny!

For about 3 weeks we had been selling raffle tickets for the event, to raise money for positively pink packages...our goal was $500..I knew we could beat that, and we did, we doubled it and added an extra $105! Our total being $1105! (Now I may be wrong about that number, it is a number in my head, but it could have also been our room number...nah that was 730..anyway, I do think it's the right number, Sher will have to verify that for me:) Plus Thom Filicia Inc. also donated $1000 to Jennifer Tom at Positively pink packages and we all felt the event was a true success!

Hearing Jennifer's story, just listening made me feel proud, proud that she is a strong women, who fought and won and then did something after she won her fight... I'm so impressed with that girl! She is an amazing woman! Having her Dad there made it all the better! It's amazing what you can achieve with love and support!

Then Thom got up and spoke, listening to him talk about his Mom's death, brought tears to my eyes, Laura saved the day, as the moment caught him off guard too, that Laura, she's the absolute best, stepped right in and lent him a hand! I loved hearing Thom's frankness...Talking about his inability to spell and how hard it was to actually write his book, I appreciated his candor, with his boyish grin and incredibly warm demeanor, he inspired so many people that night, this I can say for sure:)

It was an incredible evening, just as I knew it would be:) Thank you Laura, Thom, and Jennifer for being such inspiring people!

Stay tuned, wait for some comedy as I post next (tomorrow) about our trip to NYC, where we had "stormy" the woman (well man, well actually she was the first Drag King of NYC, ions ago) storm into our room........