Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things just got EVEN easier at Bijou!

At Bijou we are always thinking of new ways to make life easier for everyone! I base a lot of my decisions on what is difficult for me when I do things outside of Bijou. Like for instance, I really hate that I never remember to book an appointment during the day when I am working...which happens to be the hours of the places I am trying to book an appointment. I will think about it early in the morning, before they open, then I go to work, work all day..Get out of work, worry about dinner and all that other stuff. THEN at 10pm...I'm slapping my forehead because, once again..I FORGOT to call to make an appointment. Seriously if I could book an online appointment for my automobile service garage, I would never have to be late again on an oil change. AS a matter of fact, the first garage that implements that...they have my business!

SO of course, I digress...Where was I..okay yes, we are all about making life easier on everyone:) So we have some really fun and exciting for everyone options, especially if you are computer savvy...CROSS that, you don't have to be savvy..just own a computer, it's easy, I promise you. You just have to go to HERE our new and beautifully improved website, click Booking and that is it, follow the easy instructions. Now YOU can book an appointment any time of the day, early or late, at BIJOU! If you have any troubles, please give us a call, we'll walk you through it!

THE other goodies we have are convenience related! I don't know about you, but I rely a lot on reminder calls from Dr.'s appointments and so on. We try to do reminder calls, but sometimes we can't get a hold of the person, or a kid takes a message, whatever it is. We have added a new feature to our program, but NEED a little bit more info from you. (ONLY if you'd like to participate and use this option:) So please do the following if you would like to:

Get a text message the morning of your appointment? - Call the front desk, give them your name and ask them to enter your cell phone in the appropriate box, with your cell phone carrier (verizon, A t&t, cricket..etc) and voila, you will get a txt the day of to remind you:)

Would you like an email confirmation, instead of a phone call? or BOTH? (just to be extra sure to remember) - again, call front desk and have one of them add your email address to your name, ALSO and this is a big one:

DO you want a BIRTHDAY email from us? With a big birthday surprise, something really worth your while...once again, you know what to do, I front desk and add your birthday (only the month and day is necessary) AND your email of course:)

Thanks, I hope you like these great new options as much as we do. When you come in though, be sure to take Asher up on his offer for Coffee, tea, water or hot cocoa, he's a bit worried his job will become obsolete;) NEVER, we will always need the front desk staff, NOW they just have more time to welcome and play "cruise director"!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just in case....

Just in case you ever wanted to be a tree...a magical nymph like tree...with fairy dust, curly branches and hair 3 feet high...

Come to Bijou, we've got it mastered!

Here is a little glimpse of Skaneateles Middle school play, 'Into the woods'...Bijou had the honor of being hairdressers to the little stars! Cinderella's dead mother, Cindy herself, and a few other cast members all looked great up on the stage because of Courtney, Samantha and yours truly!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Look what might be coming to Bijou...

Only the most perfect sculpted acrylic nails. We get a lot of phone calls for Acrylic nails or gel nails, we have tried to do gel nails, but I just didn't feel they were perfect. BUT I found the PERFECT girl to do them, with the perfect name...(especially these dreary winter days) SUMMER! (yes, that is her name, the perfectionist with tons of years of experience!)

Both of these sets, one on Somayyeh and the other on Samantha, we white tipped sculpted nails, there are no tips on these, she uses forms..which makes them nice and thin!
They are really perfect!

Stay tuned for details, because soon Bijou will be offering Acrylic and gel nails!

Medusa, tree-like hair

Once again we are volunteering at the Skaneateles Middle School for the play. This is my 4th year and I LOVE to do it! I wish I could (I say this every year) really bring a video recorder or energy recorder to show you how much fun backstage of a middle school play actually is...IF I would have known what I know now, I would have done drama way back when...Although the good energy and camaraderie may just be Skaneateles. Tonight when I went to the costume area to take some photos, all the kids were listening to Michael Jackson's - 'Beat it!'..and dancing, it was so contagious, I had to escape out of that room, before I started bustin' a childhood routine we used to do to that song...NOW that would have been embarrassing!

What I absolutely love the most about doing the plays is, that all the kids, no matter what their inside school personalities dictate, they all are there for the love of drama and they all are nice to cliques..just drama students..all the same....It's really great!

So I decided to post these pictures, under this title, because before doing the play, we were told that we had 8 "tree's"...and they wanted them to have crazy..medusa like hair. Sam and I both googled - 'medusa hair', 'medusa tree hair', 'hair to look like tree branches', and didn't really get much help. We improvised and Sam being the master teaser she is, whipped up this first tree hair. Everyone loved it and we both breathed a sigh of relief, knowing we nailed it!

For those of you far away, (in the NICE warm weather) I hope you enjoy the photo's, if I ever could figure out how to get a video on this, I'll post one, I'm working on it!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sierra says...(Moroccan oil, not "Mongolian" oil, Mom!)

Since this is my first guest appearance on the Bijou Blog, I'm not quite sure where to start! I guess I can begin by introducing myself. I'm Sierra, the female version of Asher: receptionist extraordinaire. When you call Bijou and hear, "Bijou, this is Sierra, how can I help you?" you would be talking with me. We may have met, if you have come in on a Wednesday, Thursday, and/or Sunday, since I have been here since August. Otherwise, we have yet to experience the pleasure of an introduction. My hair doesn't usually look like the above picture, that was a special occasion, so don't be thrown off.

Nevertheless, Kim has recently boosted my job profile to be receptionist extraordinaire/product tester. My first assignment was MOROCCANOIL. Now, I had dabbled in this before, after I began working here, but after successfully using up the whole tester size I never got around to picking up more. That was wrong. My hair went from being silky smooth to, well, not so silky smooth. I did pick up the added bonus of extra split ends, which, and I won't lie to you, have gotten me through many a long class period. That same day, Michele did my hair and even remarked that it was very dry. She reached right for the MOROCCANOIL. All of the stylists love it!

Anyway, I brought the oil home. My mom didn't know what it was, so I explained that it locks in moisture and makes your hair a lot smoother. She was doing my little sister Ava's hair at the time, so she put some right in and, after drying her hair, agreed with me one hundred percent. She even asked me for some of mine. Actually, I caught her sneaking some. She thought I was sleeping, but I saw her. Gotcha, Mom. Sure enough, I "woke up" half an hour later and this is how the conversation went:
Mom: "Sierra, I used some of that "Mongolian oil" and its great! I used a dime size and look at how shiny it is!"
Me: "Well, Mom, I've never heard of this "Mongolian oil" and I have no idea what it is, but I'm glad it's working for you, I really am."
Now I've been using MOROCCANOIL every time that I wash my hair (my mom prefers the Mongolian version, apparently, but in my professional receptionist opinion stick with the MOROCCAN), and it's definitely getting a lot healthier. I say hey, take one of the smaller versions home, test it out, and soon you'll be begging for more!
Call me.