Monday, November 11, 2013

Are you a candidate for Deva curl!?

Attention all curly haired girls, we have an alternative way of cutting to offer.  Taylor and Steph recently came back from a curly hair cutting lab at the actual Deva curl academy in NYC.  Now first let me say, both of these girls have curly hair and actually before taking the class understood the fine art of cutting curly hair!  They both have many reviews of guests saying they had cut their curly hair better than any other stylist had, one of the girls had a guest who had been driving to Boston to get her hair cut for 10 years and now felt she finally found someone who understood her curly locks...So this Deva training is just an added bonus for these already experienced curly stylists!

So here are a few questions, or FAQ's

 Can I get a Deva Cut?

If you have waves or curls, a Deva cut may be just what you need!! And remember, frizz is just a curl waiting to happen! To see the 4 different curl types defined by Deva and for more information on your curls you can visit

 What exactly is the Deva cut??

The Deva Cutting technique is revolutionary because it involves cutting curly hair the way it is worn—dry! This allows stylists to focus on each individual curl, which is especially important if your hair is made up of multiple curl types.  Normally most traditional hair cutting techniques were created for straight hair. The advantage of Deva Cuts is that it's customized to work with your unique curl pattern. This curl exclusive cut requires special training to learn the technique. As we said, The hair is cut dry, simply because we wear our hair dry not wet. Curly hair and its spring factor can be misinterpreted while wet- that's why we cut the hair in its natural form, while dry, curl by curl. This unique innovation allows the stylist to sculpt each client's hair, according to their individual curl, look, and style because no two curls are alike.

Do I need to do anything to my hair to prepare for a Deva cut?

Yes! If you have an appointment for a Devacut, we need you to come in “Deva ready.” Your stylist will need to see your curls looking detangled, defined, and falling naturally.
The Devacut is done on fresh, dry curls it will help us if the morning of your appointment,  you wash, detangle, and style your hair with product so that your curls are defined when you come in for your appointment. If you have kinkier curls (natural hair), it's best if you come in with a “wash n’ go” (finger-style) so that your stylist can accurately assess your shrinkage.
Please do not pull your curls up in a ponytail, braid, bun, clips, or wear a hat when you come in for your appointment. Your stylist needs to see your curls detangled, defined and falling naturally.

If I get a Deva cut, can I still wear it straight at times?

Yes you can, but during the consultation which is required, you must mention this to your Deva Stylist.  The cut is slightly different to accommodate both straight days and curly days.

If I get a Deva cut, do I need all the products?

While it is recommended for the most optimal curl, you can still get the cut and try to use other products, but you will get the best curl with the specialized products.  Talk to your Deva stylist, to customize what exactly you need.

I hope all your questions were answered, feel free to set up a complimentary 15 minute consultation with either Taylor or Steph if you have any more questions.  When you come for your cut, keep a list of questions for them, they love to share their curly hair knowledge!

Now for the exciting part, we have a contest going on from 11/11/13 to 11/14/14 at noon!  Just visit and Like our facebook page (search Bijou-Skaneateles) and tell us why you want a Deva curl makeover!  We will be giving away two!  You will also receive a sample kit of the products!


 So, while typing this up, I was searching through the Deva curl page and they have a whole page dedicated to quotes!  YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE QUOTES!?  Enjoy!

“Free your hair, and the rest will follow.”
“I often have the fantasy that curly girls are mermaids who have had to adapt to life on dry land. We come from the sea. The ocean is in our blood. It sings through our heart and lungs, our skin and hair. Our curls require the nourishment only a watery environment can provide. Both ocean waves and curly hair are forces of nature that can't be tamed. We can only accept and admire their power and beauty.”
“Curly hair is a fact. It’s not something that’s going to go away. The more you try to ignore it, the worse it’s going to get.”
“Remember: You are not washing laundry here. You are cleansing the most beautiful, priceless fabric in this entire world. Also your hair is visual. It is already looking better in this seemingly unconventional way. Your hair speaks for itself. Remember your scalp is an extension of your facial skin.”
“Where there’s a Wave, There’s a Curl.”
“When I was young, people used to ask me if my curls were a permanent. I would say, ‘Yes, they are permanent – for life.’”
“Accepting my curls is Zen: Every day is a new day.”
“Curl your enthusiasm!”
“Frizz is just a Curl waiting to happen!”
“The weather will not change for you, you must change your perspective.”
“The runway shows say Curls are back. We say they never left!”
“There's a U in cUrl & there's a cUrl in U.”
“Whatever Curly type you are, be a Deva'lishious one.”
“With every stray frizz, there is a curl trying to come together.”
“It takes courage to Curl-up to be who you really are.”
“Curls that lay together stay together.”
“You will never get a'head of your Curls if you are always trying to get 'even' with them.”
“Well conditioned hair gathers no frizz.”
“Don't comprise your curls, they’re all you've got.”
“Curl love & happiness can exist only in accepting them.”
“Curls, like beauty come in all shapes & sizes.”

“Having curls & not acknowledging them, is like looking for your spectacles & you are wearing them.”
“People who fight their Curls with a blowfryer, usually end up burned!”
“The Curls are greener on the Deva side.”

-- Lorraine Massey, author, Curly Girl: The Handbook

Monday, November 4, 2013

Bijou super "hair" heroes vs. The Teaser

So you watched the lets back up a month and I'll tell you how something like this is born! It all started with a simple idea, I guess that's how most things start..then the snowball happens..

About a month ago, the girls all started chattering that they were dressing up as superhero's!  "Yeah, super "hair" heroes."  I laughed, I knew what my costume would be ~ "Super-hair salon owner"!

They were serious though, big plans went into these costumes.  Taylor and Steph went to buy their costumes, Jolene, Andrea, and Stephanie Lee were making theirs...And Michael volunteered to be the super villain.  Next ~ Taylor had an idea, I think she was half joking..."Let's make a video!"  As soon as she said it, I thought it was brilliant!  It filled all our heads for the next couple weeks.  We posted on FB that if anyone wanted to help us and be in our video to let us know.  We got great girls to help us out and add to the fun!

The day of, everyone was ready..I had made a very basic script and gotten lunch and treats for them from Wegman's (good thing, because the "superheroes have to eat too" part was my favorite!) At noon I headed in to Bijou to start shooting the little movies.  I figured the best was to take lots of little movies on the ipad and then put them all together...hehehe, that should work..right?!  We totally had a rock solid plan... Really, we all had no clue what the heck we were doing! But it added to the fun! Chaotic creativity at it's finest!

We shot the video, everyone adding to the ideas as we went along, it truly was a group effort and it was such a bonding experience for everyone!

Shooting was actually the easy took about 2 hours total.  THEN the hard took about 2 hours of splicing it together to create a story line, then at night we worked from 9pm to 2am adding and moving things around, my darling husband is a perfectionist and is also amazingly creative, his engineering brain gave it context, gave the super villain a name and a plot line...he had to create this without us filming it that way:) Truly amazing how that worked out! We've had great feedback and it was even posted on Salon today FB page!  Woo hoo to us!

As a boss and leader, I'm incredibly proud of them, we all work really well together as a team..and this proves it!  I'm grateful to each person who makes Bijou work!
  I know they are already planning a part two...I know the rest of the girls won't miss this one...and until then keep sharing our very first video.