Sunday, March 29, 2009

One step forward, ten steps back..but then ten more steps forward and add twenty more!

Well after the photo, where the retail area seemed almost complete....26 boxes from Aveda came...then the glass shelving units another 10 boxes...and suddenly my area that was spic and span was all disarray again!

I feel like we've changed the salon around every weekend,(click slideshow) we have to take it apart on the non business hours and then put it back together for the next day of work..making it look presentable! 

Last night we were there from 3pm to 3am...working, and working hard!  We made such progress and the kids were great...Dylan pitched in a lot and Chase was on "sticker on the bag" duty!  

And last night we made big we will put the shelves in from Aveda, paint the bar, (I hope:) and organize more!  Shelly and Chiara are coming in for some painting...Don't worry, I'll take pictures!  If you want to stop by and take a peek...stop on...BUT watch out, we might ask you to pick up a paint brush!