Monday, March 31, 2008

Look who is new at Bijou!

Our newest addition to the Bijou team is Michele Zeppieri! She brings 21 years of experience to us and a love for color creating!

With a shining personality and a cutting edge attitude, Michele is quickly adapting to life at Bijou!

Michele formerly worked at Carlos Salon on Genessee street and after they closed she worked at the Yankee Clipper for 7 years! We are happy to have her with us!

Stop in and say hello to our newest member!

Mondays education!

So today two of us from the Bijou team partook in an educational day from Schwartzkopf, we viewed the 4 new trend cuts and color.

We did one of the cuts, one I personally like very much and one color that was so very interesting and I can't wait to have someone to try it out on!!

I will include a picture of the cut we did at the end, and the photos attached of Jackie and our mannequins are of the color was done with a demi permanent (demi, meaning it lasts a bit longer than semi, but not totally permanent, good for about 70% grey coverage and blending! We broke the head down into 4 horizontal sections and then each of those 4 horizontal sections we broke down into about 6 small sections...we had 3 colors, all the same level (levels are numbered from 1, being the darkest, to 10 being the lightest) 6, but different tones (tones are the shades of color, we did a mahogany, chocolate and copper red) we mapped out the head on a piece of paper and numbered our color bowls and color coded them (have I lost you yet??) So it looked like a sudoku puzzle in the shape of a head and only with numbers 1,2 and 3! We had to strategically place each number/color, so that it did not bump up or sit next to was quite fun and a bit challenging!
The end result was stunning, just stunning!!!
The model that is pictured below, the blonde is done with that technique, and the shades are a violet tone, a beige tone and a platinum! (which is blue) Can you see the colors??

It was a fun class and we definitely learned a lot! This week we will share it with Kimberlee and our new team member Michele Zeppieri, who were both unable to make it!

Education is essential in our field, as trends change so quickly! It's also a blast!!!!

Stop in to see us and who knows maybe we can talk you into trying our new color technique:)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When I was trying to choose a couple product lines, one of my good friends who is also a business owner, told me to find out which product line is the "best". My reply was that I felt that all professional products were created equal! This is what I believed to be true. I had tried everything, from Aveda to Paul Mitchell and I liked them all, but it made no difference to me which one, so I was basically going to make my decision based on what smell I liked. (Isn't that how we all choose shampoos?)

I had settled on Senscience, a very nice line made by Sheseido Corporation, it made my hair feel great and I had liked it alot in the past. I also was interested in an organic line as well. I was trying the line MOP (modern organic products) I really thought this was going to be the other product line I chose, but after using it for a week, I really did not like it at all!!!

While speaking with the Senscience rep, he said to me, "I have another product line, and this product line is the best one I have seen in 30 years"...At this point I was so sick of hearing spiel's about how great this one was and how great that one was, I just wanted that part of the ordering finished...however he kept insisting...So I agreed to let him give me the lowdown of Eufora. I was already semi interested because it was all natural and organic.

When he set out the products, he said one thing that caught my ear...(after all natural and organic) "the main ingredient is aloe vera" oooh that is interesting I thought! You see the reason I thought all products were created equal, was because if you look, always and I mean always, the main ingredient is water, h2o, aqua...deionized or purified, whatever it's just water! AND it makes up 75% of the bottle...just water! However, Eufora's main ingredient is aloe vera slurry, pharmaceutical grade (meaning it's the most consistent) I was sold, he didn't have to go any further but he did! I then learned even more great things Eufora did! BUT I still needed to try it!

After a week, my hair felt "brand new", it felt amazing! Even my 13 year old son said "Mom, I've been using that Eufora Shampoo, and my hair has never felt better!" I kid you not!

Since I have been carrying it, I can't get over the people who will come back and say..."This stuff is amazing, I have never used anything like it!"

Just the other day someone came in and said, "Oh my God, it's Eufora, my one friend who is always up on the new and great things told me about this and I have been wondering how I could get some around here, and YOU have it!!"

One other thing, my clients that have known me for 12+ years, know that I am not a product pusher, I never have high school friends always ask me, "oh you must be so good at sales" and I always tell them, "nope, I'm really bad!" Well turns out I am excellent...WHEN I believe in something...otherwise forget it! I can say it...Eufora is an outstanding product!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pedicure for 2!

Lately we have been so busy with pedicures...a sure sign that Spring is coming!!

It's been really wonderful.

It's made me think alot about women bonding, there has been a lot of Mothers and daughters, (little daughters and mommies, teens and their moms, and Mothers and their daughters, who are already mommies themselves!) sisters (young and older), friends (long time and new) and even co-workers!
Life is passing us all by so quickly, before we know it summer will be here and then winter again. I encourage everyone to take a minute with a good friend or family, sit and relax, smell the roses..I mean get a pedicure!