Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A busy Monday and Tuesday!

Okay, here is the other big drastic change...hard to imagine, yes I know, for me too...But in a couple of days, this will be a little cubby hole for us Bijou girls! The other shelves will be removed too, on Saturday our most awesome construction guy, James, will be putting the hardwood down on the rest of the existing carpet...and then we'll add the cabinetry in the cubby hole, add the two stations and move the current dispensary to the facial room and redirect all our color....I think it's essential to do it in the right steps....Those steps..however, are a mystery to me! If anyone is good at these types of "going in the right order to avoid mass confusion" give me a call!

I keep asking James..."Sooooo, I should do this first.....right?" I think he actually thinks I know what I'm talking about....oh well, it'll all work out...I usually "fly by the seat of my pants", something I don't mind at all, if it's right..it'll work out:) We'll get there one way or another...right?....right?!

Here is James...well he won't allow me to take pictures anymore..so shy! But the point of this photo is....MY FLOOR is being cut! Deep breath...all for a good cause...have I mentioned, that I somewhat don't really love change?? Yeah, I prefer to keep things the same...
This will be the new view from the reception desk...oh scratch that...there won't be a reception desk there anymore...okay this will be a new view from the new 6th station...you can imagine it, no? (Don't worry, me either;)
Okay, so there is an awful lot of dust...I can handle it...actually, I need to leave right now, so I can go in and dust right now instead of blogging...I have clients tomorrow...any suggestions on how to get rid of all the dust...let me know!

Okay enough about the expansion...Here we were lucky enough on Monday to attend the Women in business luncheon at the Lodge here is town! An afternoon of meeting exciting, interesting and inspiring women, having a nice lunch and listening to successful women share their experiences about how they balanced motherhood and being businesswomen. Courtney, Linda and I attended and had a really great time!
So that was our Monday and Tuesday, back to work on Wednesday! We are keeping busy as bee's at Bijou salon! Remember Bijou is blooming, we have to work work work:)

Our trade show table...quite nice if I do say so myself!