Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer does that to you!

I've been a bad blogging salon owner! But it is summer and I do know most of you would really want me to enjoy some of the summer we have had:) right;) ?

If only my brain and computer were compatible...So often during the day, when things happen at the salon....Things...great things happen all the time...I will think...and even go as far to take a picture...I'll blog this!! And then of course my day goes, we enjoy the sunshine and my post only remains in my brain...under the cloud of other information! I think I need a Lacie drive for my brain!

So, I'll do a little recap of the past month!

We've had so many wonderful bridal parties at Bijou! We've met tons and tons of wonderful people. People that have long come and gone, yet, the Bijou girls and I will say..."Remember that bride...she was so relaxed, so calm...and remember those bridesmaids, they were hysterical!" We really have a great time and it's our honor to help make those special days even better!

Let's see what else has been new? Oh yes, Laure Lille one of our most favorite photographers came in and did a Bijou photo shoot! The Bijou girls were really great and smiled pretty, plus helped me shine up the place! We are waiting patiently for the results, (but don't rush Laure, we want you to enjoy sailing, getting K off to school and enjoy those last days of summer!) However, if you want to see some STUNNING photos of our front desk girl, Victoria, check out these....

Thomas and I are also working on a new webpage, it's a bit of a long process, and of course we have had lots of guests this summer, including his brother and his girlfriend from France (ask me, I really learned firsthand how Frenchwomen do not get fat!!)...I want to thank all my clients for going with various Bijou girls during my summer vaca, I really love it that every client really seems to be happy with whomever does their hair. In fact, I had the best best compliment from Kelly P. today, she said..."Kim, I have never gone to a place to get my hair done more than once, ever, in my life...and I just love Bijou, all of your staff is so great, I love every single one of them!" I can't tell you how much I bust with pride when I hear things like this, because this was my vision and what I really wanted, for people to just be able to come in and enjoy everything about Bijou. Thank you Kelly for telling me that! The same day Kathleen M. was in and was complimenting me on the website and blog, I really do enjoy doing this and I'm really thankful when someone mentions this! I'm proud of everyone who works at Bijou, we are all very different, yet we all have a very common bond, making Bijou the best it can be! I am so grateful for everyone who affects Bijou in a positive way!

Oh a bit more of exciting news. We have our 9th Bijou girl that just joined our team! (including me) I will be doing a little feature on Stacy, she is also a little gem from Indiana, she was formerly a Chi educator for color and has joined our team with such a positive force! Everyone already adores her and it's as if she was always a part of the team!! Stay tuned for a picture and Bio of Stacy Oneal coming soon!!

Just one last, buy not least important thing, I wanted to let you know of our exciting fundraising results! I do have photos to post, however my camera is not cooperating with me at the moment! I want to thank Tim Green for letting us have this great opportunity and more importantly for suggesting it! (This was from my last email newsletter, in case you don't receive it, this info I thought was particularly important!)
Hello! I just wanted to give you the totals for the special we held last month! The lavendar pedicure special where you both save and gave...

The deal was you got to have a spa pedicure, all of Laura's list lavendar products which people have been buying to bring home to use...(The whip is great for shaving!) We made it so you could save $5.00 off the spa pedicure price and also give 10% of the $45 to either the Vera House or the John Dau foundation! It was a great success! I think I loved this special the best so far!

Laura presented the check to Dr. Barb who will hand the money to the John Dau foundation and save lives! We can thank Debbie, Marilyn, Ellen, Donna, Mary Ellen, Kimball, Susan, Debbie, Lisa, Dr. Barb, Kim, Helen, Robin, Carol, Laura, Lynn Anne, Rose and Beverly!

Tomorrow, Debra Hurley from Vera house will come to Bijou, and we will present her with the check and she will help make lives better!! For that we can thank Sharon, Kathy, Margaret, Kari, Beverly, Kathy, Becky, Shelly, Miss Ros, Deborah, Patricia, Lynn, Sue, Jane, Carolann, Chris, Miss Betty, Debbie, Elana, Chris, Chiara, Edie, Janet, Elaine, Salli, Denise, Annemarie, Kate, Stephanie, Katya, Tracey, Stephanie and Jennie!

ALSO, for the Tim Green Raffle, we really scored! Tim was so wonderful to offer this opportunity to us and we successfully raised $980. Little Peter Major came to draw the name, he pulled Griffin Lendyl's name first...then preceded to pull his own name. One of my dear clients had written out 5 raffles and put Peter's name on there...He was very disappointed and had a look on his face, I assured him I would keep whispering his name in Tim's ear!

WE are still working on the Susan Major flip flop project and got two new shipments in, my goal for those is to sell all 50. We've sold about 25 of the first batch and have more of the faith, hope and love in all sizes! All of the profit goes to Susan:):) Also Deb Zenamo has some wonderful smelling soaps that she handmade herself for the great make, bake and take fundraiser at Drooz Studio's, she had leftover ones from the sale and truly made them with all the love in the world, we have them at Bijou and all the proceeds will be given to Susan Major! (They are $5.00 each)

Thank you everyone!