Monday, November 11, 2013

Are you a candidate for Deva curl!?

Attention all curly haired girls, we have an alternative way of cutting to offer.  Taylor and Steph recently came back from a curly hair cutting lab at the actual Deva curl academy in NYC.  Now first let me say, both of these girls have curly hair and actually before taking the class understood the fine art of cutting curly hair!  They both have many reviews of guests saying they had cut their curly hair better than any other stylist had, one of the girls had a guest who had been driving to Boston to get her hair cut for 10 years and now felt she finally found someone who understood her curly locks...So this Deva training is just an added bonus for these already experienced curly stylists!

So here are a few questions, or FAQ's

 Can I get a Deva Cut?

If you have waves or curls, a Deva cut may be just what you need!! And remember, frizz is just a curl waiting to happen! To see the 4 different curl types defined by Deva and for more information on your curls you can visit

 What exactly is the Deva cut??

The Deva Cutting technique is revolutionary because it involves cutting curly hair the way it is worn—dry! This allows stylists to focus on each individual curl, which is especially important if your hair is made up of multiple curl types.  Normally most traditional hair cutting techniques were created for straight hair. The advantage of Deva Cuts is that it's customized to work with your unique curl pattern. This curl exclusive cut requires special training to learn the technique. As we said, The hair is cut dry, simply because we wear our hair dry not wet. Curly hair and its spring factor can be misinterpreted while wet- that's why we cut the hair in its natural form, while dry, curl by curl. This unique innovation allows the stylist to sculpt each client's hair, according to their individual curl, look, and style because no two curls are alike.

Do I need to do anything to my hair to prepare for a Deva cut?

Yes! If you have an appointment for a Devacut, we need you to come in “Deva ready.” Your stylist will need to see your curls looking detangled, defined, and falling naturally.
The Devacut is done on fresh, dry curls it will help us if the morning of your appointment,  you wash, detangle, and style your hair with product so that your curls are defined when you come in for your appointment. If you have kinkier curls (natural hair), it's best if you come in with a “wash n’ go” (finger-style) so that your stylist can accurately assess your shrinkage.
Please do not pull your curls up in a ponytail, braid, bun, clips, or wear a hat when you come in for your appointment. Your stylist needs to see your curls detangled, defined and falling naturally.

If I get a Deva cut, can I still wear it straight at times?

Yes you can, but during the consultation which is required, you must mention this to your Deva Stylist.  The cut is slightly different to accommodate both straight days and curly days.

If I get a Deva cut, do I need all the products?

While it is recommended for the most optimal curl, you can still get the cut and try to use other products, but you will get the best curl with the specialized products.  Talk to your Deva stylist, to customize what exactly you need.

I hope all your questions were answered, feel free to set up a complimentary 15 minute consultation with either Taylor or Steph if you have any more questions.  When you come for your cut, keep a list of questions for them, they love to share their curly hair knowledge!

Now for the exciting part, we have a contest going on from 11/11/13 to 11/14/14 at noon!  Just visit and Like our facebook page (search Bijou-Skaneateles) and tell us why you want a Deva curl makeover!  We will be giving away two!  You will also receive a sample kit of the products!


 So, while typing this up, I was searching through the Deva curl page and they have a whole page dedicated to quotes!  YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE QUOTES!?  Enjoy!

“Free your hair, and the rest will follow.”
“I often have the fantasy that curly girls are mermaids who have had to adapt to life on dry land. We come from the sea. The ocean is in our blood. It sings through our heart and lungs, our skin and hair. Our curls require the nourishment only a watery environment can provide. Both ocean waves and curly hair are forces of nature that can't be tamed. We can only accept and admire their power and beauty.”
“Curly hair is a fact. It’s not something that’s going to go away. The more you try to ignore it, the worse it’s going to get.”
“Remember: You are not washing laundry here. You are cleansing the most beautiful, priceless fabric in this entire world. Also your hair is visual. It is already looking better in this seemingly unconventional way. Your hair speaks for itself. Remember your scalp is an extension of your facial skin.”
“Where there’s a Wave, There’s a Curl.”
“When I was young, people used to ask me if my curls were a permanent. I would say, ‘Yes, they are permanent – for life.’”
“Accepting my curls is Zen: Every day is a new day.”
“Curl your enthusiasm!”
“Frizz is just a Curl waiting to happen!”
“The weather will not change for you, you must change your perspective.”
“The runway shows say Curls are back. We say they never left!”
“There's a U in cUrl & there's a cUrl in U.”
“Whatever Curly type you are, be a Deva'lishious one.”
“With every stray frizz, there is a curl trying to come together.”
“It takes courage to Curl-up to be who you really are.”
“Curls that lay together stay together.”
“You will never get a'head of your Curls if you are always trying to get 'even' with them.”
“Well conditioned hair gathers no frizz.”
“Don't comprise your curls, they’re all you've got.”
“Curl love & happiness can exist only in accepting them.”
“Curls, like beauty come in all shapes & sizes.”

“Having curls & not acknowledging them, is like looking for your spectacles & you are wearing them.”
“People who fight their Curls with a blowfryer, usually end up burned!”
“The Curls are greener on the Deva side.”

-- Lorraine Massey, author, Curly Girl: The Handbook

Monday, November 4, 2013

Bijou super "hair" heroes vs. The Teaser

So you watched the lets back up a month and I'll tell you how something like this is born! It all started with a simple idea, I guess that's how most things start..then the snowball happens..

About a month ago, the girls all started chattering that they were dressing up as superhero's!  "Yeah, super "hair" heroes."  I laughed, I knew what my costume would be ~ "Super-hair salon owner"!

They were serious though, big plans went into these costumes.  Taylor and Steph went to buy their costumes, Jolene, Andrea, and Stephanie Lee were making theirs...And Michael volunteered to be the super villain.  Next ~ Taylor had an idea, I think she was half joking..."Let's make a video!"  As soon as she said it, I thought it was brilliant!  It filled all our heads for the next couple weeks.  We posted on FB that if anyone wanted to help us and be in our video to let us know.  We got great girls to help us out and add to the fun!

The day of, everyone was ready..I had made a very basic script and gotten lunch and treats for them from Wegman's (good thing, because the "superheroes have to eat too" part was my favorite!) At noon I headed in to Bijou to start shooting the little movies.  I figured the best was to take lots of little movies on the ipad and then put them all together...hehehe, that should work..right?!  We totally had a rock solid plan... Really, we all had no clue what the heck we were doing! But it added to the fun! Chaotic creativity at it's finest!

We shot the video, everyone adding to the ideas as we went along, it truly was a group effort and it was such a bonding experience for everyone!

Shooting was actually the easy took about 2 hours total.  THEN the hard took about 2 hours of splicing it together to create a story line, then at night we worked from 9pm to 2am adding and moving things around, my darling husband is a perfectionist and is also amazingly creative, his engineering brain gave it context, gave the super villain a name and a plot line...he had to create this without us filming it that way:) Truly amazing how that worked out! We've had great feedback and it was even posted on Salon today FB page!  Woo hoo to us!

As a boss and leader, I'm incredibly proud of them, we all work really well together as a team..and this proves it!  I'm grateful to each person who makes Bijou work!
  I know they are already planning a part two...I know the rest of the girls won't miss this one...and until then keep sharing our very first video.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Advanced education with Eufora

Eufora products...We love them!  Hands down the most unique product line around!  SO glad I found them so long ago!

Their education is amazing as well!  Just when we think we have had every class to teach us how to cut long hair...They give us a full day of cutting long hair, with techniques that are new to us.  Every time she taught a new zone, that's why I love them...they teach systems.  Systems are like structure or steps to a's very important to be able to replicate the haircut..instead of being a "one hit wonder."  And the systems make sense, like architecture for the hair!   Holding the hair out from where it lives (something I always pay close attention to, since day one!) and taking into consideration the shape and curves of the head, to knowing which pitch to hold your fingers to get the hair to do what you want it to!

Our educator was so passionate, it got all of us fired a good way;)...We have been on such a positive roll that this was a perfect end to the last month.  In our class was a 54 year veteran of hairstyling.  Carmen from Syracuse,  I think he is so adorable.  Our educator was really honored to have him there, and she mentioned how humbled she felt that, here a young educator like her, had someone so seasoned in her class...She talked about being humble and about not having an ego.   She was a very smart young woman!
When we were done, we all went back to work, busy as ever and have already all put our techniques to use!   Steph, had Taylor do the haircut we learned, on her.  It looks awesome!  All in all the day was amazing, it was great to be all together in a big group too! 

We are very grateful for Eufora and Paramount Beauty Distributor  for bringing the Eufora Global educators to Syracuse!!

WE cannot wait for VIA to come, we will all be taking that class hopefully!  VIA is: Integrating the precision and strength of British foundation with the elegant drape, grace and flair of the French style, a meticulously crafted hair cutting system has evolved; VIA - Versatile, Innovative and Architectural. For the stylist who wants to go from good to great, this systematic approach to hair cutting teaches how to create hair movement through the cut and not the finish. This system provides the ultimate in speed, accuracy and client satisfaction. This exclusive and advanced system will allow you to bring individuality and uniqueness to every cut with a profound understanding and the expertise to create what you envision.

Course includes lecture, demonstration and hands-on instruction.
3-day course: $775.00

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello Ipad mini!


We have a new tech "tool" at the salon.  In addition to our full size Ipad, which is meant for kids to browse through when getting a haircut or to find that style you've been seeing on the red carpet...all at the touch of a finger!  We now have an Ipad mini!!

This little mini is for everyone, but mostly for the team.  It's to keep updated on social networking, being able to post last minute openings or specials, taking pics of their work easily (instead of having to fish out their phones,) not to mention if the girls and guy want to in their spare time, watch some hair videos or tutorials or brush up on their product knowledge for our awesome haircare lines...this is what it's for!  

One great use that I know will benefit clients is PINTEREST!  We have a very active pinterest account, it's a great tool for in the salon, think of it as a  visual tool.  To explain Pinterest the simplest way is to compare it to bulletin boards.  Imagine we have a room in the salon that has a bunch of bulletin boards for visual inspiration, each of our stylists have their own, there is color inspiration, fashion inspiration, oodles of style boards..anything, the skies the limit on this site!

How we use it:
Bijou has a pinterest account with our logo and each stylist has their own board
We have one marked Bijou color inspiration, Bijou Style, Updo’s at Bijou, salon decor, etc.

Now imagine that you tell your Bijou stylist at your appt, “Next time, I want to change my whole look..can you start thinking of ideas for me”?  We can create a whole pinterest board just for you!  We also have an app that we can take a picture of you and try out different hair color ideas.  IF you are going for a big change, let your stylist play around with some of her ideas and then you can look at yourself with different options!

If you want to have a chuckle, click here!

While we are already very active on social networking, I know you don't always get to see the work of everyone, this is mainly because not everyone has fancy phones or are super adept at making collages.  Now with our little team tool, we can all be represented equally:)  Expect to see work from your favorite girls and guy!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mini or micro trend or no way?!

So while visiting France this year, we attended a wedding.  I was SO excited to see what was done with the brides hair (my new sister-in-law), I had fun imagining what I would have done with it.  She has hair very similar to mine, fine..but with some decent body.

When it was finally time to see the beautiful bride, her hair looked amazing....I first saw her across the judges chambers (the only official way to get married...getting married in church is only for tradition..they did both:)  The style was similar to what we do here, but up close I saw some interesting differences.  I kept trying to zoom in with my camera on the hair, so I could look closer, finally I just grabbed her and poked through her hair.  THEY used a crimper!!  I hadn't seen crimpers since the 80's!!!  (While they were a short lived fad, I actually loved it because they gave me the illusion of thick hair:)  Okay, this I had to investigate when I got back to the states!  The crimping is not screaming (like Miranda's picture below;) But it's done to add oomph to each strand.

While I was in France, I kept thinking about the crimping, I couldn't believe that they used a crimping iron..I wondered if it would make it to the long would it take??  I have to admit, I kind of thought it was just this ONE salon that did it and that no where else in France would dare to crimp hair.....Imagine my surprise when I got back home and saw this photo on the Bumble and bumble facebook page!  It was the same type of crimping...I contacted the stylist who did the look for Bb and she told  me she used a "mini crimper" or "micro crimper".  I HAD TO HAVE ONE!


So of course I bought one...And experimented on our cute Bijou girl ~ Miranda!  We thought the whole head looked like feathers...Boy did it add volume!!  Her head of hair had quadrupled!
 While we have not used it a ton...when it did come in very handy was for the summer theater production of Les Miserables!  We were lucky enough to style the hair for the "lovely ladies"...Since they were prostitutes, we had full artistic control to do whatever we wanted.  SO FUN! It really creates awesome texture and feel.
 I'm hoping someone comes in for a special Halloween event where we can re-create something like this!!?  Anyone willing to come in for fun and let us play?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Ombre's at Bijou salon


adjective \ˈäm-ˌbrā\

Definition of OMBRÉ

:  having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark
ombré noun

Origin of OMBRÉ

French, past participle of ombrer to shade, from Italian ombrare, from ombra shade, from Latin umbra — more at umbrage
First Known Use: 1893
I can't seem to find the year that the Ombre trend started.  I remember someone calling and asking for it, we googled it.  Seemed easy enough (in theory)...Let me attest, after that first one, we booked several classes.  I can safely say, we have Ombre experts at Bijou Salon in Skaneateles!  We've done so many, that, last week I heard a customer who was there from East Syracuse, saying she heard we were the best at Ombre's!  (What a compliment!)  After I heard her say that, I got to thinking..hmm...Monday BLOG POST idea!  (You really can't imagine how many times a day I say that;)
So thinking about Ombre's, I started to research who started them.  Who was the first celebrity (you know it always starts there, Ombre...The "Jennifer Aniston" haircut, etc.  I recall my favorite celebrity - Drew Barrymore!  (I remember seeing it and thinking, Oh is she just being lazy?  Then when I heard it was called the Ombre, I thought...hmmm a fancy word for growing out your roots, genius!)  But really I couldn't find a definite answer on when the trend was started and who started it.  Hmm, I guess the internet doesn't have all the answers.  (Or more likely, I just couldn't dig deep enough:)

Have Ombre's always existed?    It appears so, I mean look, grass, think if you look hard enough, just like with any artist inspiration, you can see things around you that were inspired by natural Ombre's.

Then the Ombre trend just exploded and it appears that in one way or another it will stick around.

Look at all the amazing things done with this technique...(I'm very partial the sequined purple ombre dress, some of our high school Juniors this year should look into that!)

Here are some ombre's we have done over the years...JUST a FEW!

WHILE OMBRE'S can be stunning...They can also be disastrous!  THIS is why you should always seek a professional.  I'm not kidding when I said we had to learn the technique, it can be done so many different ways and we've had countless classes on perfecting it!  Scroll to the bottom to see OMBRE DON'TS!


Okay you've seen the for just a couple bad' not try this at home kids.. you could end up like this!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Positive energy

  Positive energy is contagious!  We at Bijou always try to be positive, but sometimes life and little bumps happen!

Recently a client whom I admire greatly, suggested to use a Reiki master to cleanse our salon.  This was an easy decision because I had thought lightly of it, but when she suggested it, I took it as (a sign) the right thing to do.  It was also easy because our Reiki master was also a dear client to the salon.  

I'm not unfamiliar with Reiki, but never had it done.  15 years ago I had a client who talked to me a lot about it, as she was doing her Phd in energy work. It's so very fascinating!  She went on to work in hospitals and huge corporate centers. I don't know how it works, but I believe with all my heart it's legit.

Our friend and reiki master came into the salon one night and cleared the energy, it was quite fascinating and uplifting.  We all felt better and our state of mind was positive and amazing!!!!  This was a good and cleansing ritual and we are grateful that!

Over the next week, we have people coming in and saying it feels so different in here, it feels so happy and nice!  One person who came in off the street said, I do energy work and I want you guys to know, whatever you have going on, it's all positive and great!  She said she felt our positive energy from the sidewalk outside!

Good things keep coming to us!

We have hired three new wonderful additions to the Bijou team!

We have Samantha who is from England, she has 12 years experience and is calming soothing and professional.  She is another previous salon owner from Geneva.  (These are reason I believe I have guardian angels:)

Next we have Michael who is a younger stylist (2 years) but with great education background and a lot of natural talent.  After beauty school he attended at 3 month advanced education with Aveda Institute in Austin Texas.   We've been wishing for a guy for a long time and are very excited to have this new energy in the salon!

Then last but not least, after we hired Michael and Samantha, two of my current Bijou girls asked me to interview one last person.  A person that they both loved working with at a previous job.  We met with Cindy and loved her too.  She has worked at JC penny salon in Auburn and has a very large clientele already.  She too is calming, professional and we are all very excited to meet her clientele!

All in all, we are blessed and we are grateful! 


Monday, September 23, 2013



Changes happen in every business, people leave, it's strictly business, not personal.  In my industry, it happens very often.  For a person who isn't a fan of changes, this is hard.  For a person who doesn't enjoy conflict, this is difficult.  For a sensitive person, it's painful.  Some are harder than others.  But with time anything get's easier.  

What I do know is the past is behind you, learn from it.  The future is ahead, prepare for it.  The present is here, live it.  Bijou, just like always will focus on the guests that we serve and the team that we have.  We are, and have always been committed to the team and family of Bijou.

 The little bump in the road that happened last week....Courtney is no longer working at Bijou.  This has not been easy for anyone, but everything happens for a reason.  It will all be fine for everyone, in no time!

 Below is the letter we sent out.    


As some of you may already have been informed, Courtney started her own business and announced  on September 13 to all the Bijou girls during our monthly meeting, that she had signed a lease in Auburn and was resigning. Past the surprise, we ultimately supported her decision and she offered, if we needed to, to help till her shop was actually opened some time in November. However after a week, her heart and mind being understandably no longer with the Bijou family, we decided that it was best for our team to focus on Bijou and its customers and decline her offer. Consequently, her last day was this past Saturday, which should give her more time to focus on her business.

Over the years, we have invested a lot of time and efforts to help her grow and get a somehow steady clientele which will need to be accommodated in the future. Our policy at Bijou has always been to make customers comfortable enough that they can switch from stylist to stylist, to find the best suited one, or just for a change of style, as each stylist puts their own personality in their work. Ultimately, we know that no clients belong to Bijou or any stylist in particular.

While we would love to continue to accommodate customers who have been served by Courtney in the past, we understand some of you will want to follow her in Auburn, and we thank you for the time you shared with us. We hope it has been pleasant and please know the door will always be opened, if you decide to come back, even just occasionally. As for the ones who would decide to remain our clients, we have a growing
dedicated and professional team who stays current with the new trends and techniques. Please, do not hesitate to contact me so we can discuss your needs and I can make a recommendation for a stylist who will best suit you.
Thank you,

Kim and the Bijou family