Friday, April 24, 2009

Deva curl in Skaneateles!

I heard about Deva curl last year, and gave it to my curly haired friend, who tries out curly haired products for me...Last year, she vetoed it! Did not like!

I told another salon owner in NJ who sells it and she was shocked, she thought we must have not used it correctly!

I put the product away and searched for more curly haired solutions.

Over Christmas we got the "curly girl book", written by...of course the owner of Deva curl. We sold so many books, but still not had much luck with the product!

Then the Deva curl class came to Syracuse, Michele and Courtney attended the class and they were WOWWED! I ordered the complete line and was willing to try it, once again. Courtney and Michele are dying to do a cut they learned, specifically for curly hair, so if you are game, give one of them a call! Okay so back to my story...Tonight my last person, my curly hair friend, let me use the stuff and do it how Michele and Courtney learned, and let me tell you...I'm wowed!

Normally Jaime's curls are not at all defined or bouncy...with about 10 pins, and them simply put in, she had wow hair! I could not believe it! So we are all jazzed up about the Deva curl, it's awesome if you have curly hair, let us show you how to actually work it and do it, really, it's so simple, easier than anything!

Check out Jaime and Taylor....I should have gotten a picture of the before for Jaime, that would have been impressive, but Taylor was a pretty good sport...she's a teen who is used to wearing it super straight... This is with absolutely no curling iron and not a bit of work from me!! I think it's magic!

Monday, April 20, 2009

If you can't find a picture of what you want...Draw it!

So what do you do if you cannot find your hairstyle in the pages of magazines or even hairstyling books?? WELL.....Linda here had her guy Josh draw a picture, it worked for him! A few weeks ago Josh came to me and had a drawing of what he would like...he came with two drawings actually...One was of the guy from Twin peaks (that old 80's series) and the other of what he wanted his to look like! SO much fun! I love to do things like this. Did I mention Josh has reddish brown hair and we were going to color him jet black!!?

So the hand drawing was such a success, he made a drawing of what his girl Linda should have...and what do you know?! It came out perfect!!! Samantha did such a great job and voila, a new technique for communicating hairstyles is born! So if you are having a hard time finding a picture, just remember, you could draw it yourself!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thom Filicia says....keep selling those raffle tickets!

No, really...He stopped by just to say that! Sell more tickets.. wink, wink..

HE DID in fact stop by, and I DO have pictures to prove it. The clients were so excited and those with foils in their hair gladly chatted it up:) He was giving plenty of compliments about Bijou and I felt guilty taking them all for myself, when low and behold, Shelly stopped in and was able to eat some of the compliments herself! (maybe I DO have mental telepathy;)

All in all it was a great treat for everyone at Bijou and we thank Thom for taking time to stop by and say hello!

NOW about those raffle it's been roughly 3 days since we started selling them and we are doing pretty well! We've sold $125 worth...our goal is $500 (and my personal goal is to blow that $500 out of the park and do more!) It's a great prize...for $5.00 you get a chance to win a gift certificate for Mirbeau (a 50 minute service and 3 course lunch meal) PLUS 6 free pedicures from us at Bijou!! Not to mention, it's a fantastic cause! The more I read about Jennifer Tom at Positively pink packages, the more I want to do to help!

Thanks for helping me!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A challenge!

I love a challenge! Some more than others;)

THIS is a fun one!

My good friend Sherie and I have been challenged to raise an additional $500 for positively pink packages! In a very "Oprah" like way, Laura would like to present Jennifer from positively pink packages with a $500 check! (maybe we can even make it a GIANT they do on television;) So it is up to us to sell 100 raffle tickets for $5.00 each. I'm up for it, I know Sherie is, how about you!?!

So do you want to hear what you could win?! Mirbeau Inn (my favorite luxury escape:) has graciously donated a gift certificate, to be precise it is the 'Touch of class' spa package, that includes a 50 minute treatment, PLUS lunch...ooh lala, (I know me and all the Bijou girls will be buying plenty of raffle tickets ourselves...we love Mirbeau) So they have this great package and we think it's fantastic, BUT I want to entice everyone a bit more....maybe to see just a few more tickets and hopefully exceed our $500 goal!! I think we can do it! Actually I know we can do it! What we are offering into the "pot" is 6 pedicures, you can use them all yourself, give them to 6 other people or whatever you choose to do, they are yours and there are no limitations to them!

So give us a hand and stop in to buy some raffles, I think Thom will be drawing them himself, so if you win....he'll be the one to hand the certificate to you:) Double bonus:)

Okay so we have two weeks, come in and help us out! Thanks so much!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday Thanks!

Well this week has been more than surreal...first we opened our front doors, the sun shining through and so many people stopping in! I love to hear everyone's comments, I do wish I could have a camera set up so I can remember it for life and share it with the one's who helped me the most, they too deserve to hear all the lovely things said! Thanks!

So...It is my birthday along with Easter:) Happens every once in a while! (I think I made a new rule...every year from now on, I will start counting congratulate me, I'm 35 tomorrow!!) So many surprises and wonderful gifts and wishes, I do not feel as though I deserve it, I've received enough already, but of course I love to be spoiled and will allow myself to basque in the love I am receiving! Thank you!

I bet you're wondering what I got? I know I would be wondering..."what'd she get?" Don't worry, I'll be happy to share:)

My b'day started really when we took off the black paper on the windows...but the surprises started coming on Thursday night...first a romantic evening with Thomas at Joelle's bistro for sushi!!!! DID you know that every Thursday is sushi night and oooh let me tell you it is priced right and words cannot describe how good they are! Then on Friday morning when I came into work, the girls were all in a fuss, saying that there were mouse turds in the bathroom (I was ready to strangle one of my sons, thinking they left food around and attracted critters) I was a little skeptical and was actually wondering who would jump out at me...the kept saying..just leave the door open and look, it's a big mess...So I did....AND Jackie, my salon coordinator (newly appointed and well deserved) had pulled a 'While you were out' type of makeover to the bathroom...I regretfully do not have my pictures from it yet, but will post them asap! I was almost ready to cry, because the bathroom had really been my soar spot, and now it's wonderfully decorated with love from a friend! I'm really lucky to have a friend and mentor such as herself!

Wait! It gets better! Then Laura and Erin stopped in, took a picture of our giant sign in the window FOR Thom Filicia...(I think it really was for him to see, I wonder if he'll see this? If so, woo hoo, can you stop in and tell us how we did?) Laura brought me a bag full of goodies...napkins for my grand opening (May 9th) and a wine bottle stopper...(how did she know we needed one of those???) Then the rest of the Bijou girls gave me their gift and wooo hoo I get to pick out a sweet purse from Village Choices, maybe Vera Bradley..who knows what I'll find!! Then Saturday (I've never had a b'day weekend, So lucky!) Shelly stopped by (as if she hasn't given me enough;) and gave me an awesome book and some Bijou bling...Michele gave me some Mojito mix, a martini glass and an inspirational book (so sweet of her) and Chiara dropped by on her way out of town to present me with a beautiful handmade cloth planter with some tulips! That girl is amazing! Tonight I'm basking in my families love, as they are right now cooking and hopefully giving me the Twilight movie, so we can watch it:) AND on top of all that I was gifted with my nieces time behind the desk at Bijou, she was a big help and it's so good to spend time with her!

For Easter we are heading to Joelle's for brunch with my friend Dee and that will just make the whole weekend spectacular!

I know this is a very very personal post, but I am just wanting to say Thank you to everyone for making my day so special and wonderful! Life is good!

We'll be back to regular Bijou news very soon! We have some super duper exciting things coming up...Including a very special raffle to win a Mirbeau surprise for two, some classes that are coming up, we'll be showcasing some of our new products and keeping you updated on everything else new around town that we have learned!! (Like Joelle's is serving Tappas during the week!!!)

Stay tuned, we won't disappoint!

One other thing...our lovely Mimi..who helps us out at the front desk, greeting people, serving drinks and compliments..she makes our lives easier when she is there! She is going in for surgery on Monday...please say a wonderful prayer for her and keep her in your thoughts, she is very very special! Plus we're going to all go visit her while she is in rehab at the Jewish home, so if you want to join the caravan for the party, let us know;)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First day of the "unveiling"!

I got flowers...on top of everything from my friend Shel...I got flowers...not only did she help me decorate...and give me all kinds of emotional support...and treats....she also surprised me with flowers...if only they could live forever, they are perfect!

Here we are unveiling of the windows! WAIT, where is the sun??? Couldn't it have shined, just for this moment??
Help from the kiddo's...they were just as excited as any of us adults!

Jackie, seeing the new room, freshly decorated for the first time...she looks kinda happy!
It would have been a great idea to take everyone's picture when they first see it...all the comments and gushing is so much fun for us! We are all very proud! Thank you!

Laura, from Laura's list, looks happy sitting in the window, perfect place to curl up with a good book! I can't wait to have time to do that, Laura brought in a whole bunch of interesting books to look at and buy, or just borrow while you're processing:) And here is our little Claire bear! She liked it so much and sat so nicely that he Mama was able to enjoy a quiet pedicure with her friend AND stay to dry her nailpolish! I think the window seat will be a success! So calming and relaxing...she didn't even TRY to punch the big balls up above her!! YES!!

Wait till tomorrow and I have new pictures of all the new products we just got in...and the wonderful surprise that came from my other favorite Sh girl! I think girls that start their name with Sh are really great, kind and loving! Thanks guys!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I have friends who blog...and decorate too:)

One of my most treasured friend Shelly made a post about Bijou:) We were there late last night and early this morning...Chloe helped us with the big reveal! (She'll be working at Bijou as soon as she can, ha! who am I kidding, she'll be managing it by age 14:)

Thanks Shel! I'm honored to be featured on the drooz blog:)

Monday, April 6, 2009

I hope that in this case...a picture is worth a thousand words...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's!!!!!

A couple of years ago...we made a great morning of April fool's...(when we had time and were not sleep deprived;) The boys got up and looked at eachother, and just laughed...but didn't say anything to eachother to keep it a secret....when they both looked in the mirror...and then at eachother...priceless!!

Okay, so I DID say that we would be done by April 1st.

HOWEVER, I DID also say that if we were not...I would say..April Fool's day!

So here I am... I say...

April Fool's day...we are not finished...close but no cigar!

I wanted to give an idea for April fool's day, that I overheard a client say and she was wondering where she could find the tablet...she said to put those little tub tint tablets into the screw the tip of the faucet off and insert that and when your kids turn on the's a color!! Brilliant, I want to do it! I once stuck a raisin inside of the toothpaste top so that when the kids tried to put toothpaste on their brushes, it looked like a giant bug coming out. So Lisa was wondering where to get those things....I thought of it this morning and knowing our blue haired gal (wait she is not a senior citizen...she had her hair dyed blue yesterday, fyi:) You can get those tablets in the easter egg kits that are all over the stores right now!!

Have a great tricky day!