Thursday, May 7, 2009

okay now for serious topics! Well kinda ;)

Most importantly!

Some things heard in the shop this week....

"This place is so happy, the customers are happy, the help is happy, the owner is happy...Can I live here??!" ~ Alice Gordan, happily stated that while meeting her a new friend who was also getting a pedicure! The two of them left saying they would book their next appointment together so they could chat! ( I am so happy to say, I see this SO often and it pleases me the most!)

A curly haired client, with a fresh new Deva cut by Courtney said.
"Can I just say Thank you, thank you for having this product, thank you for changing my life, with the product and the cut, I feel like I finally have a haircut that shows off my curly hair, Thank you!"
~ This person came in from a referral from another curly haired girl, she had purchased the curly girl book, but never had been taught how to officially use it. We very easily and simply showed her how to use it and she left looking fabulous and most of all comfortable with her hair that looked beautiful in ringlets, instead of a frizziness!

One of the little girls from a birthday party we had said..."This is the best day of my entire life, I wish I could come here everyday of my whole life!!"

So on one other note, please stop by for our RE-Grand opening, we would love to celebrate with you and treat you to some delectable treats from some of our favorite places!!! WE can't wait to see you!