Sunday, May 10, 2009

Grand Opening Re-cap!

Kim and Lori...starting the party~

Our new friends we met..they just walked on by and strolled on in:)
Align Center

Our Salon directors~

The Lovell family...2 little ones missing, they were busy mingling ;)

Plenty of friends...
Plenty of foood...

Plenty of gooodies!

Plenty of drinks..

Plenty of fun!

Our grand opening couldn't have been better. Okay I was a little stressed before-hand and did not know how I would get it all put together...Did I have enough food...enough drinks...would enough people come...would they forget???

Well silly me, I didn't get all the food out on time...but we did eventually get it out...we had plenty of drinks..and plenty of desserts and plenty of people! Thank you to everyone who came, Thank you!!! We were able to raise $200 for the John Dau foundation from the evening...We donated 10% of our sales, including Gift Certificates! Dr. Barb Connors and Judy Lindsay were able to join us for the evening, which was wonderful!

Thank you to the Bijou girls, who all ran around and helped the hour before and then came with their families..looking beautiful:) Thank you to Dylan, Chase and Thomas who cooked and prepared and ran all over Auburn to get last minute things...Thanks Shel for once again for coming through with all the extra stuff I needed and hadn't thought of:) Thank you Sherie for generously giving us hypnotiq and champagne..even though you didn't get to enjoy it..We'll make it up to you! Thanks Ros for taking care of the yummy things from Cheryl. Thank you Dina for baking up a storm and lending your tornado Victoria to keep things under control! Thank you Joelle and Alain from Joelle's bistro for the wonderful flowers and enchanting foods! Thank you Ryan, my sweet nephew for making your specialties to serve! Thank you Thea for providing us with beautiful boquets of flowers, they were awesome! Thanks James and Amy for keeping us there so late and laughing with us:) Thanks to our new friends for stopping in and getting to know us, we can't wait to see you next week! I'm sure i've missed so many thank you's..but if I did, trust me when I say it is not any less's only because my mind is close to being kaput! ;) Now that the expansion is over...prom is over..the party is over..I can get balance back to my life:) Until the next thing that is~!

Don't worry if you missed it..there is another chance to Party! We are hosting the chamber after hours in June:) Invitation to follow, be sure to sign up for our email newsletter!