Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Time to catch up!

So let me tell you, I have so much to catch up on, so much that all I have been thinking about in everything I do, is "OH, I should blog that", even the Bijou girls, are saying..."Sounds like a blog story to me"...

So let me do things a little out of order. Bare with me, I know I am not chronologically correct in the post...I am posting Thom Filicia first, because I am so excited to share our experience and then I'll share the crazy weekend at the International Beauty show in NYC!

So the week of the event was so exciting, we had a contest going at the shop, as to who would go...Courtney and Kimberlee both won...Courtney won the retail portion of the contest and Kimberlee guessed that their were 46 cotton balls in the jar...too funny!

For about 3 weeks we had been selling raffle tickets for the event, to raise money for positively pink packages...our goal was $500..I knew we could beat that, and we did, we doubled it and added an extra $105! Our total being $1105! (Now I may be wrong about that number, it is a number in my head, but it could have also been our room number...nah that was 730..anyway, I do think it's the right number, Sher will have to verify that for me:) Plus Thom Filicia Inc. also donated $1000 to Jennifer Tom at Positively pink packages and we all felt the event was a true success!

Hearing Jennifer's story, just listening made me feel proud, proud that she is a strong women, who fought and won and then did something after she won her fight... I'm so impressed with that girl! She is an amazing woman! Having her Dad there made it all the better! It's amazing what you can achieve with love and support!

Then Thom got up and spoke, listening to him talk about his Mom's death, brought tears to my eyes, Laura saved the day, as the moment caught him off guard too, that Laura, she's the absolute best, stepped right in and lent him a hand! I loved hearing Thom's frankness...Talking about his inability to spell and how hard it was to actually write his book, I appreciated his candor, with his boyish grin and incredibly warm demeanor, he inspired so many people that night, this I can say for sure:)

It was an incredible evening, just as I knew it would be:) Thank you Laura, Thom, and Jennifer for being such inspiring people!

Stay tuned, wait for some comedy as I post next (tomorrow) about our trip to NYC, where we had "stormy" the woman (well man, well actually she was the first Drag King of NYC, ions ago) storm into our room........