Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Aveda Facials in Skaneateles!

(Don't worry, this is not what the process actually looks like;)

I just finished having the most luxurious facial ever! I was trying to relax...however..I also wanted to stay conscious and able to recall order to blog it of course;)

So first of all, let me say...My room is so relaxing..the chandelier..the painted tree..the warm chocolaty relaxing! Perfect in fact!

Courtney did my facial! After I got all cozy into the nice warm bed...I'm so glad I chose the organic bamboo sheets, they are like velvet! She started with a "hug" to my feet...(This is a gentle massage with HOT towels to your feet, to serve the purpose of cleaning and also warming the tootsies) It felt SO good, my tension was immediately erased from the past two weeks! (and boy I was stressed)

Then she started with the cleansing, moving onto the exfoliation...she made a "whip" of Aveda Gel cleanser and was like brushing egg whites all over...felt very foamy and tingly! Then she removed that and started to apply the Aveda Plant peel!!!!!! Can I just say, before we started, I had this (from stress) dry skin, that desperately needed exfoliating and smoothed, and this plant peel, took a very fine layer of skin off, just what was ready! (you never want to take off too much, like in chemical peels, because your skin is not ready to let it go...think of when you sunburn..what peels, you are bright red and then in a day or two the skin is like brand new..feeling soft and like a baby skin does....HOWEVER...we know for a fact that sun damage is what causes premature trust me when I say...if something has to be burnt or peeled off and you are left with redness...that is not good! Aveda only believes in taking off what your skin is ready to still makes your skin feel amazing!!! Trust me...*feeling my smooth, baby bottom like skin right now*)

While the plant peel, which feels really warm and effective was on, she did a hand massage and foot massage! After all that I had my moisturizer and voila! Beautiful looking skin!

Let me tell you a little bit more about the Perfecting plant peel. Your fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, your skin tone is evened and your pores are refined to restore a youthful complexion.

All the benefits of a glycolic peel with no downtime.

You can even add a 30 min Peel while your color is processing, for Spa Junkies on the go.

Our professional facial masque actively smoothes and retexturizes skin with the instant exfoliation and radiance benefits of a 30% glycolic peel without the associated redness and irritation. Warms skin, helping to open pores. The Perfecting Plant Peel can be used on all skin types. This treatment combines the use of Argan leaf extract and organic Aloe Vera to help eliminate the redness and irritation typically associated with other peel treatments. The result is skin that is smoother, retexturized and refined with more even tone. Pores are also minimized, all without visible signs of redness or irritation.

Sigh, it felt wonderful!