Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thom Filicia says....keep selling those raffle tickets!

No, really...He stopped by just to say that! Sell more tickets.. wink, wink..

HE DID in fact stop by, and I DO have pictures to prove it. The clients were so excited and those with foils in their hair gladly chatted it up:) He was giving plenty of compliments about Bijou and I felt guilty taking them all for myself, when low and behold, Shelly stopped in and was able to eat some of the compliments herself! (maybe I DO have mental telepathy;)

All in all it was a great treat for everyone at Bijou and we thank Thom for taking time to stop by and say hello!

NOW about those raffle it's been roughly 3 days since we started selling them and we are doing pretty well! We've sold $125 worth...our goal is $500 (and my personal goal is to blow that $500 out of the park and do more!) It's a great prize...for $5.00 you get a chance to win a gift certificate for Mirbeau (a 50 minute service and 3 course lunch meal) PLUS 6 free pedicures from us at Bijou!! Not to mention, it's a fantastic cause! The more I read about Jennifer Tom at Positively pink packages, the more I want to do to help!

Thanks for helping me!