Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A challenge!

I love a challenge! Some more than others;)

THIS is a fun one!

My good friend Sherie and I have been challenged to raise an additional $500 for positively pink packages! In a very "Oprah" like way, Laura would like to present Jennifer from positively pink packages with a $500 check! (maybe we can even make it a GIANT they do on television;) So it is up to us to sell 100 raffle tickets for $5.00 each. I'm up for it, I know Sherie is, how about you!?!

So do you want to hear what you could win?! Mirbeau Inn (my favorite luxury escape:) has graciously donated a gift certificate, to be precise it is the 'Touch of class' spa package, that includes a 50 minute treatment, PLUS lunch...ooh lala, (I know me and all the Bijou girls will be buying plenty of raffle tickets ourselves...we love Mirbeau) So they have this great package and we think it's fantastic, BUT I want to entice everyone a bit more....maybe to see just a few more tickets and hopefully exceed our $500 goal!! I think we can do it! Actually I know we can do it! What we are offering into the "pot" is 6 pedicures, you can use them all yourself, give them to 6 other people or whatever you choose to do, they are yours and there are no limitations to them!

So give us a hand and stop in to buy some raffles, I think Thom will be drawing them himself, so if you win....he'll be the one to hand the certificate to you:) Double bonus:)

Okay so we have two weeks, come in and help us out! Thanks so much!