Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's!!!!!

A couple of years ago...we made a great morning of April fool's...(when we had time and were not sleep deprived;) The boys got up and looked at eachother, and just laughed...but didn't say anything to eachother to keep it a secret....when they both looked in the mirror...and then at eachother...priceless!!

Okay, so I DID say that we would be done by April 1st.

HOWEVER, I DID also say that if we were not...I would say..April Fool's day!

So here I am... I say...

April Fool's day...we are not finished...close but no cigar!

I wanted to give an idea for April fool's day, that I overheard a client say and she was wondering where she could find the tablet...she said to put those little tub tint tablets into the screw the tip of the faucet off and insert that and when your kids turn on the's a color!! Brilliant, I want to do it! I once stuck a raisin inside of the toothpaste top so that when the kids tried to put toothpaste on their brushes, it looked like a giant bug coming out. So Lisa was wondering where to get those things....I thought of it this morning and knowing our blue haired gal (wait she is not a senior citizen...she had her hair dyed blue yesterday, fyi:) You can get those tablets in the easter egg kits that are all over the stores right now!!

Have a great tricky day!