Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First day of the "unveiling"!

I got flowers...on top of everything from my friend Shel...I got flowers...not only did she help me decorate...and give me all kinds of emotional support...and treats....she also surprised me with flowers...if only they could live forever, they are perfect!

Here we are unveiling of the windows! WAIT, where is the sun??? Couldn't it have shined, just for this moment??
Help from the kiddo's...they were just as excited as any of us adults!

Jackie, seeing the new room, freshly decorated for the first time...she looks kinda happy!
It would have been a great idea to take everyone's picture when they first see it...all the comments and gushing is so much fun for us! We are all very proud! Thank you!

Laura, from Laura's list, looks happy sitting in the window, perfect place to curl up with a good book! I can't wait to have time to do that, Laura brought in a whole bunch of interesting books to look at and buy, or just borrow while you're processing:) And here is our little Claire bear! She liked it so much and sat so nicely that he Mama was able to enjoy a quiet pedicure with her friend AND stay to dry her nailpolish! I think the window seat will be a success! So calming and relaxing...she didn't even TRY to punch the big balls up above her!! YES!!

Wait till tomorrow and I have new pictures of all the new products we just got in...and the wonderful surprise that came from my other favorite Sh girl! I think girls that start their name with Sh are really great, kind and loving! Thanks guys!