Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bijou Christmas party at Mirbeau, what a treat!

Christmas schedules can get hectic. Parties are just one more thing to add to the huge list of obligations for Christmas! For months we have been planning our "Christmas party", really an exciting thing for me, cause last year our party was small, really it was me and Kimberlee:) BUT now we had people to celebrate with! After months of considering where we were going to have our party, we had so many ideas of where to go, Joelles' or Rosalies...and where NOT to go...bowling and pizza, no no no!

Thomas and I were very thankful of the girls hard work over the year and we appreciate more than anything how well everyone gets along! So we thought a real indulgence was in order! To Mirbeau we go!

Our itinerary was this:

Yoga @ 9:15 - 10:15

Rest in the quiet room 10:15 to 11:00

Treatments from 11 to 12....massages, facials and vichy' ahhhh!

Outdoor hot tub (with snow added, yay!) 12 to 1pm

Lunch and presents till 3pm

We all had a great time with Yoga, we all did it without laughing hysterically at ourselves! Laura Ponticello from Laura's book's joined us, I told her if we got out of line and ruined her relaxation, to give us a code word..."mistletoe"...well Sue, who taught the yoga, kept us plenty busy with poses and stretches that there was no time for being silly, we were working...the idea of a massage was looking good!

So after that we relaxed in the quiet room and steam rooms, had some fruit and just enjoyed the serenity of the whole place! If you have not been there, put it on your Christmas wish list! It's truly an experience and everyone should try to go there! All the staff made sure we had a relaxing and positive experience!

Next we had our treatments, we all noticed how nice it was when each attendant came to get us and called us by our formal names, Miss Baker, Miss Pontello, Miss was such a nice touch! All our treatments were fabulous and left us feeling just as we should jello! Our next huge treat was going out in the snow, to the outdoor hot tub, it was unbelievably fun, snowflakes coming down, drinking wine...

Lunch was up and good thing, cause our tummies were really rumbling (plus the wine and hot tub were taking effect on us, we all wobbled up the stairs to the dining room:)! The food was fabulous and we were lucky enough to have Shane one of the servers as our buddy! He was SO sweet and had a lot of fun teasing us! He also brought us out a special plate of cookies and chocolate covered strawberries, for "his special guests", sooo sweet:) He's really lucky he didn't get a big kiss from each of us, we really appreciated his special attention and it made the end of our unforgettable day even better!

So thank you to everyone at Mirbeau for making our whole day so special! All our attendants were really great and the whole day was magical, almost like being at Disney, but for big kids and no rides! We all agreed the whole experience left us feeling like Princesses! We may have to make this an annual event!