Monday, November 4, 2013

Bijou super "hair" heroes vs. The Teaser

So you watched the lets back up a month and I'll tell you how something like this is born! It all started with a simple idea, I guess that's how most things start..then the snowball happens..

About a month ago, the girls all started chattering that they were dressing up as superhero's!  "Yeah, super "hair" heroes."  I laughed, I knew what my costume would be ~ "Super-hair salon owner"!

They were serious though, big plans went into these costumes.  Taylor and Steph went to buy their costumes, Jolene, Andrea, and Stephanie Lee were making theirs...And Michael volunteered to be the super villain.  Next ~ Taylor had an idea, I think she was half joking..."Let's make a video!"  As soon as she said it, I thought it was brilliant!  It filled all our heads for the next couple weeks.  We posted on FB that if anyone wanted to help us and be in our video to let us know.  We got great girls to help us out and add to the fun!

The day of, everyone was ready..I had made a very basic script and gotten lunch and treats for them from Wegman's (good thing, because the "superheroes have to eat too" part was my favorite!) At noon I headed in to Bijou to start shooting the little movies.  I figured the best was to take lots of little movies on the ipad and then put them all together...hehehe, that should work..right?!  We totally had a rock solid plan... Really, we all had no clue what the heck we were doing! But it added to the fun! Chaotic creativity at it's finest!

We shot the video, everyone adding to the ideas as we went along, it truly was a group effort and it was such a bonding experience for everyone!

Shooting was actually the easy took about 2 hours total.  THEN the hard took about 2 hours of splicing it together to create a story line, then at night we worked from 9pm to 2am adding and moving things around, my darling husband is a perfectionist and is also amazingly creative, his engineering brain gave it context, gave the super villain a name and a plot line...he had to create this without us filming it that way:) Truly amazing how that worked out! We've had great feedback and it was even posted on Salon today FB page!  Woo hoo to us!

As a boss and leader, I'm incredibly proud of them, we all work really well together as a team..and this proves it!  I'm grateful to each person who makes Bijou work!
  I know they are already planning a part two...I know the rest of the girls won't miss this one...and until then keep sharing our very first video.