Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello Ipad mini!


We have a new tech "tool" at the salon.  In addition to our full size Ipad, which is meant for kids to browse through when getting a haircut or to find that style you've been seeing on the red carpet...all at the touch of a finger!  We now have an Ipad mini!!

This little mini is for everyone, but mostly for the team.  It's to keep updated on social networking, being able to post last minute openings or specials, taking pics of their work easily (instead of having to fish out their phones,) not to mention if the girls and guy want to in their spare time, watch some hair videos or tutorials or brush up on their product knowledge for our awesome haircare lines...this is what it's for!  

One great use that I know will benefit clients is PINTEREST!  We have a very active pinterest account, it's a great tool for in the salon, think of it as a  visual tool.  To explain Pinterest the simplest way is to compare it to bulletin boards.  Imagine we have a room in the salon that has a bunch of bulletin boards for visual inspiration, each of our stylists have their own, there is color inspiration, fashion inspiration, oodles of style boards..anything, the skies the limit on this site!

How we use it:
Bijou has a pinterest account with our logo and each stylist has their own board
We have one marked Bijou color inspiration, Bijou Style, Updo’s at Bijou, salon decor, etc.

Now imagine that you tell your Bijou stylist at your appt, “Next time, I want to change my whole look..can you start thinking of ideas for me”?  We can create a whole pinterest board just for you!  We also have an app that we can take a picture of you and try out different hair color ideas.  IF you are going for a big change, let your stylist play around with some of her ideas and then you can look at yourself with different options!

If you want to have a chuckle, click here!

While we are already very active on social networking, I know you don't always get to see the work of everyone, this is mainly because not everyone has fancy phones or are super adept at making collages.  Now with our little team tool, we can all be represented equally:)  Expect to see work from your favorite girls and guy!


Monica Jones said...

Ooh ooh I want a pinterest board for hairstyles that will make me look thinner.

Monica Jones said...

I want a pinterest board of hairstyles to make me look thinner.