Thursday, October 3, 2013

Positive energy

  Positive energy is contagious!  We at Bijou always try to be positive, but sometimes life and little bumps happen!

Recently a client whom I admire greatly, suggested to use a Reiki master to cleanse our salon.  This was an easy decision because I had thought lightly of it, but when she suggested it, I took it as (a sign) the right thing to do.  It was also easy because our Reiki master was also a dear client to the salon.  

I'm not unfamiliar with Reiki, but never had it done.  15 years ago I had a client who talked to me a lot about it, as she was doing her Phd in energy work. It's so very fascinating!  She went on to work in hospitals and huge corporate centers. I don't know how it works, but I believe with all my heart it's legit.

Our friend and reiki master came into the salon one night and cleared the energy, it was quite fascinating and uplifting.  We all felt better and our state of mind was positive and amazing!!!!  This was a good and cleansing ritual and we are grateful that!

Over the next week, we have people coming in and saying it feels so different in here, it feels so happy and nice!  One person who came in off the street said, I do energy work and I want you guys to know, whatever you have going on, it's all positive and great!  She said she felt our positive energy from the sidewalk outside!

Good things keep coming to us!

We have hired three new wonderful additions to the Bijou team!

We have Samantha who is from England, she has 12 years experience and is calming soothing and professional.  She is another previous salon owner from Geneva.  (These are reason I believe I have guardian angels:)

Next we have Michael who is a younger stylist (2 years) but with great education background and a lot of natural talent.  After beauty school he attended at 3 month advanced education with Aveda Institute in Austin Texas.   We've been wishing for a guy for a long time and are very excited to have this new energy in the salon!

Then last but not least, after we hired Michael and Samantha, two of my current Bijou girls asked me to interview one last person.  A person that they both loved working with at a previous job.  We met with Cindy and loved her too.  She has worked at JC penny salon in Auburn and has a very large clientele already.  She too is calming, professional and we are all very excited to meet her clientele!

All in all, we are blessed and we are grateful!