Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mini or micro trend or no way?!

So while visiting France this year, we attended a wedding.  I was SO excited to see what was done with the brides hair (my new sister-in-law), I had fun imagining what I would have done with it.  She has hair very similar to mine, fine..but with some decent body.

When it was finally time to see the beautiful bride, her hair looked amazing....I first saw her across the judges chambers (the only official way to get married...getting married in church is only for tradition..they did both:)  The style was similar to what we do here, but up close I saw some interesting differences.  I kept trying to zoom in with my camera on the hair, so I could look closer, finally I just grabbed her and poked through her hair.  THEY used a crimper!!  I hadn't seen crimpers since the 80's!!!  (While they were a short lived fad, I actually loved it because they gave me the illusion of thick hair:)  Okay, this I had to investigate when I got back to the states!  The crimping is not screaming (like Miranda's picture below;) But it's done to add oomph to each strand.

While I was in France, I kept thinking about the crimping, I couldn't believe that they used a crimping iron..I wondered if it would make it to the long would it take??  I have to admit, I kind of thought it was just this ONE salon that did it and that no where else in France would dare to crimp hair.....Imagine my surprise when I got back home and saw this photo on the Bumble and bumble facebook page!  It was the same type of crimping...I contacted the stylist who did the look for Bb and she told  me she used a "mini crimper" or "micro crimper".  I HAD TO HAVE ONE!


So of course I bought one...And experimented on our cute Bijou girl ~ Miranda!  We thought the whole head looked like feathers...Boy did it add volume!!  Her head of hair had quadrupled!
 While we have not used it a ton...when it did come in very handy was for the summer theater production of Les Miserables!  We were lucky enough to style the hair for the "lovely ladies"...Since they were prostitutes, we had full artistic control to do whatever we wanted.  SO FUN! It really creates awesome texture and feel.
 I'm hoping someone comes in for a special Halloween event where we can re-create something like this!!?  Anyone willing to come in for fun and let us play?