Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Advanced education with Eufora

Eufora products...We love them!  Hands down the most unique product line around!  SO glad I found them so long ago!

Their education is amazing as well!  Just when we think we have had every class to teach us how to cut long hair...They give us a full day of cutting long hair, with techniques that are new to us.  Every time she taught a new zone, that's why I love them...they teach systems.  Systems are like structure or steps to a's very important to be able to replicate the haircut..instead of being a "one hit wonder."  And the systems make sense, like architecture for the hair!   Holding the hair out from where it lives (something I always pay close attention to, since day one!) and taking into consideration the shape and curves of the head, to knowing which pitch to hold your fingers to get the hair to do what you want it to!

Our educator was so passionate, it got all of us fired a good way;)...We have been on such a positive roll that this was a perfect end to the last month.  In our class was a 54 year veteran of hairstyling.  Carmen from Syracuse,  I think he is so adorable.  Our educator was really honored to have him there, and she mentioned how humbled she felt that, here a young educator like her, had someone so seasoned in her class...She talked about being humble and about not having an ego.   She was a very smart young woman!
When we were done, we all went back to work, busy as ever and have already all put our techniques to use!   Steph, had Taylor do the haircut we learned, on her.  It looks awesome!  All in all the day was amazing, it was great to be all together in a big group too! 

We are very grateful for Eufora and Paramount Beauty Distributor  for bringing the Eufora Global educators to Syracuse!!

WE cannot wait for VIA to come, we will all be taking that class hopefully!  VIA is: Integrating the precision and strength of British foundation with the elegant drape, grace and flair of the French style, a meticulously crafted hair cutting system has evolved; VIA - Versatile, Innovative and Architectural. For the stylist who wants to go from good to great, this systematic approach to hair cutting teaches how to create hair movement through the cut and not the finish. This system provides the ultimate in speed, accuracy and client satisfaction. This exclusive and advanced system will allow you to bring individuality and uniqueness to every cut with a profound understanding and the expertise to create what you envision.

Course includes lecture, demonstration and hands-on instruction.
3-day course: $775.00