Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I know, I know...you see lemonade stands everywhere! When I see them, I always stop and buy a cup, remembering fondly my own lemonade stands..where we would collect our nickels and when the kool-aid or lemonade was all gone, to the store we went...For candy of course!

These kids, the lemonade kids raise money to give! Yep you heard me, GIVE..they give it away, they think with their hearts, and then they choose who to give it to. I already know where it will go this year;) I've got connections;)

So the next time you see Dave's lemonade girls...buy a cup or two and pat them on the back...they deserve it. Their Father is most definitely smiling down on them everyday!!

Here is our friend Mason, he came in at the beginning of the summer with various Tupperware of cookies....Yep cookies! We were so excited and thought brilliant, cookie delivery, perfect for us, we love cookies! Then he told us what he was doing, he just finished his associates degree..I'm pretty sure he had it with honors and he was going to American college in D.C. He was for the summer, in addition to working at the Skaneateles Bakery, selling cookies for his college education! Impressive huh!? COLLEGIATE COOKIE, he is professional - he uses tongs to serve them and uses almost all organic ingredients, he is consistent - he's been in the shop every week selling cookies and last week he happily told us he has sold this summer, over $1000 worth of cookies! His cookies are really great, we look forward to his experimenting in cookie flavors...one of my favorites were acai berry oatmeal cookies...they are about 1/3 less sugar and 1/3 less fat!

OH do you want to know what he is studying? International relations...he wants to go into politics! Good luck Mason and Good Job Dave's lemonade kids! Bravo to you both!