Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do you want smooth hair???

Aveda has a great new product, we've been lucky enough to let our clients that have been in over the week sample it and I just got the email that it is on it's way!!!!!

So Aveda has a shampoo and conditioner that is just fabulous, I'll give you the "express" link to read all about it, but I also will copy/paste some of the reviews...I find reviews incredibly helpful, I hardly buy a thing without checking out as many reviews as possible! I guess I'm a consensus person, I do like opinions, good or bad, I want to learn about things and the best way is to listen to people who have tried them!

I love this product June 15, 2009
"I have a ton of hair and this product is the only one that can tame it, even in Hawaii"
This product is best for: Coarse hair, Thick hair, Wavy hair

"This shampoo gave good results after the first time I used it. It doesn't strip the oils from your hair and leave it "squeeky" after rinsed. In conjunction with the Smooth Infusion Conditioner, it got rid of my frizzy ends I had been battling for months."
This product is best for: Fine hair, Thick hair, Dry hair, Wavy hair

"This is a fantastic shampoo! It really does soften my hair- and usually my hair only gets soft after conditioning it. It makes straightening my hair a little easier and smoothes it out really nicely. I highly recommend this shampoo to anyone who wants to soften and smooth their hair, and if you straighten your hair and your hair is thick, then this is the product for you!"

"I am 53 years young and my hair is naturally a dark ash blonde. Uck! So I have beautiful highlights all over and my hair is, as a result of constant highlighting, stressed. But I use only Aveda products on my hair and you would guess my hair to be that of someone many years younger because it is healthy, shiny, non-frizzy, and simply gorgeous!! Thank you Aveda!!"

These are just a "few"...there are actually 54 pages of them and more than 95 reviews. The new product is the product that replaced hang straight! We already love it and I know it will fly off the shelf as soon as we get it!