Monday, June 1, 2009

True all over face color from Bareminerals is my favorite thing!

I heard a great concept for a party! I so want to do it...It's on my list of things I should do, as a matter of fact;)

A client of mine told me the annual party that her daughter has every year. It's called Tiffany's favorite things...She sends out invites to all her friends...instructs them to bring their "favorite thing"...(think Oprah's "favorite things" show) They all bring their favorite thing with a value of $35-40 dollars and then they all sit around a room and do a type of trade...I can't remember what that trading game is, but it's where they steal from each other and stuff:) To me it sounded like a great time and someday in my spare time..I'd like to have a party like that. (Don't be holding your breath..parties stress me out;)

So it got me thinking....What would my favorite thing be?? Well right now, if it were tomorrow and I just had to narrow it down...It would most certainly be the product that has everyone complimenting me on my glowing and beautiful face....I swear, everyone I put it on buys it, because the look it gives you is so amazing, yet natural somehow! (It has a golden glimmer to it)

It's called True, by Bareminerals ~
Soft Focus True All Over Face Color is so true to each individual that it brings out their own unique color. True is a glimmering, sheer wash of color that adds a delicate coraly-pink sweetness to the whole complexion. Provides softest, sheerest of coverage with no mess and no mistakes. Combines two of our most innovative color concepts to create lit-from-within beauty.