Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We've had very interesting guests before...but this out does them all!!!

Okay at Bijou salon in Skaneateles, we have had some really super duper interesting people come visit us, we've been so lucky since we've opened, but it seems our luck may have changed....Let's not jump to conclusions...but really what could this be? Did the Milfoil monster really need a pedicure or is it his....milfoil...?!?! that needs trimming???

Here's what happened....(First of all, I've heard of this milfoil, I pretty much know what it is, you can click here for a full explanation, I pretty much know what the danger is, but you can click here to find out for yourself! And I have even heard what the solution is, (just in case you don't, click here) BUT a monster, lurking in our lake, wreaking havoc around town...NO WAY! Something should be done!)

Jackie our lovely cruise director (haha, she loves when I call her that..she's our front desk coordinator) walked to the bank to get some change and she came back asking me if it was my kids who made the big giant monster tracks in the I had to think, because we walked downtown yesterday for a ice cream, and stopped in front of Bijou to pull a couple of weeds, but monster tracks?? That didn't make much sense! So I walked outside and low and behold, the memory of the pancake breakfast this year flashed before my eyes, I almost ran inside I was so frightened! I grabbed my camera, snapped a shot and ran back inside! We were on guard all day, but I suppose he stays in the lake during the day, hiding from the milfoil fighters!!

When I finally got home from a long days of work, I got online and started to research this monster, my boys had heard all about it and just the other day while sitting at the foot of the lake, we were talking about how cool it would be to have a mythical creature like Nessie, or my kids favorite movie 'Magic in the water', but really I was NOT serious! I couldn't believe this Milfoil monster even has the nerve to Twitter, taunting us all in Skaneateles! It's crazy! The more I research, the more I find, he's actually walked the grounds at the Skaneateles Golf course!! Beware and be careful...he's dangerous and invasive, if he's allowed to just roam free, there is no telling the damage he may inflict!

I'm lucky I know a little bit about the milfoil project from my good friend Tommy,(among many other hard working guys out on those vacuum boats!) who when he came in yesterday, showed the signs of how hard he is working to solve this problem, let me tell you, he was as red as a lobster and that (he said) was with a spf of 55! But what do you know?? After we saw the footprints, we started asking in the salon...Why is it bad? What happens if we just keep letting it grow? How did it get there? I was surprised, because we all were not completely sure and I thought hmmm, just another affirmation of my favorite saying..."Everything happens for a reason"...Cause watch out Milfoil coming around our shops and businesses, you betcha we will learn all about you and you'll be run right out of this town!!

I think we will have to have a salon meeting, just in case he decides to stop in, we need to be prepared to learn how to take care of him....errr service him, yes milfoil monster, you will be our guest at Bijou, come right in, we'll give you a little pedicure, maybe a manicure...and then a BIG haircut!! Beware, you don't want to be visiting Bijou...we've got your number!

WHAT CAN YOU DO?? I found out just by looking at the page of info on the milfoil project!

What can I do personally to limit the impact of milfoil in the lake?

  • First of all, your personal donation will help to fund this major project.
  • Please spread the word about this project and fundraising need to friends, neighbors and colleagues.
  • Be mindful that milfoil spreads when disturbed by boat propellers or other trauma. By avoiding existing patches, you can slow the spread of milfoil.
  • Finally, as mapping of milfoil patches is an ongoing effort, please contact us if you discover milfoil near your property.

Please be sure to click on every link if you have time, really make yourself aware of this monster in our lake! All of us at Bijou didn't know enough before these footprints appeared in front of our door, but have no fear, we know now and are fully prepared if he comes back!