Friday, February 13, 2009

Life is sweet event at Anyela's in Skaneateles!


Such an amazing, powerful night! What happens when you put over 100 women, chocolate and red wine??

Connections happen!

Us Bijou girls are so lucky to have been fortunate enough to be a part of this great night! We all got gussied up, only missing one Bijou girl...Jackie is on her way to HOLLYWOOD! Who can blame her for missing such an event. We know she won't miss the next event......

Speaking of the next was REVEALED tonight!!

Laura Ponticello of Laura's list announced that Skaneateles' very own...(I hope we can say that:)

THOM Filicia will present 'Inspired ideas for creating rooms you'll love!' He'll be signing his book, and I'm assuming will work the room, in a way only he could do! The event will be at Anyela's Vineyards again! So save the date : Thursday, April 30th

Tickets can be purchased right at Bijou, which is very convenient for us, because when we were spreading the would have been fantastic if we would have thought to sell the tickets at Bijou! See, we're all learning! So this time you'll be able to get tickets for this great night, remember, April 30th, don't make any other plans, but spending the night with Thom! (well you know what I mean;)

SO back to the event...the proceeds from ticket sales and raffle sales went to Vera house, a great cause that everyone was excited to help raise money for! Let me tell you what was there...besides the wine...which btw...IS FANTASTIC!!!! Not to mention the winery inside, it was my first time there, I have been hearing about it for quite sometime and just not had the chance to visit it....after going tonight...I'll be running out there often, what a great idea for just a a girls get together or to meet a friend...great place, don't rely on my pictures...which are somehow a bit blurry...seriously it's my camera..I only had one...maybe two glasses of wine:) I have heard that you can go out to Anyela's and have cheese platters and some tastings with light food involved too.

Okay let me continue, you know I'm too excited to keep focused, I wish I could be a roving reporter with a news camera to let you experience it yourself, it was just so much fun and really exhilarating...ahh, just come next time, you'll see for yourself! Nobody should miss these events...good food, great people, raising money for an important cause, all rolled into one! Life is sweet indeed!

So the chocolate...another local celebrity (well she WAS on Bridge street that very morning!) Donna Parr from Heart and Hand, (her license plate is 'pielady', he he) made tons and tons of bottomless chocolate cupcakes that were to die for...I think one of my friends...actually my web designers fiance;) may go with those little cupcakes for wedding favors this year, how cute would that be:) (and it was even my idea, I love bringing people together in one way or another:) Then there was the nunbetter chocolate, they brought white trash...not real white know just the sweet treat:) Laura was telling us that visiting their place was fascinating, they are really nuns...habit and all, sitting there making chocolate! And of course the chocolate pizza people, my favorite treat:) It was all so good, and I can honestly say that the chocolate and wine were Divine....and what I thought my focus for the evening would be....BUT it was seriously talking to everyone and the energy of the place that made the evening perfect for me!

Do yourself a favor, don't miss the next one, we'll be there for sure!

Please make sure you click on the highlighted takes you places...don't worry, I'll teach you blog speak:) Just point your cursor on the highlighted text or words up above and the Internet will magically take you to those places, when you are finished, have no worries, just click your back button and come back to us! Blogs are fun! I've got to get Donna Parr from heart n' hand a blog:)

Oh and one more thing, I'll get more info on it later, but another little bird told me, that the Auburn public theatre (which I will link to from our site) is hosting an extravaganza on Oscar night..with a red carpet and all!!!!! Sounds fun, hopefully I'll get more info about that and more importantly have a chance to list it here:) otherwise feel free to call Auburn Public theatre for yourself and let me know what you learn!! That sounds like fun! OHH I just peaked at their site and the info is all there! My little source (Hi Sherie!) told me the tickets were on sale...for $35! It's a great cause too, I can't wait to read up on that site, it was the first I had heard of it at Anyela's tonight...see all the stuff I learned:) and now I'm sharing with you!

Here are some more photos from the evening...Laure Lille was there taking photos professionally, I cannot wait to see those!!!!!!