Sunday, February 1, 2009

She said...Eight is enough...or is it?!

Okay well this is a bit belated, things have just gotten so busy and although I did mention Linda Phelps joined our team, I have not had the chance to mention that Samantha Mahoney did as well!

And so she sang....Eight is enough....

So let me tell you about the two of these girls! Linda Cuddeback Phelps worked with me and Lori Lovell at Hairtique, she put in about 10 years there. It's so nice to have her here with us, as she is really a true team player at heart! A very kind and caring person, always taking little moments to go above and beyond your pampering needs! The definition of attentive, has her picture right there! Her expertise in hair care is very classic! So if you lost track of Linda, no worries, we have her right here and she is fitting right in with our relaxed and stress free working environment!

Our newest new girl, is Samantha! Her mom actually delivered my youngest son Chase, it's so much a small world!! Samantha brings a lot of that young spunk, Kimberlee is now not that youngest girl here, I think she'll like that! Sam is very talented already, she has two years under here belt, getting really great experience at the Carousel mall at Master cuts!! She's great with a razor and is a true artist with color! (I can vouch for that, I had her do my hair for her interview!)

So that is it! Eight is enough! We do have a gem of a little salon, first there were 2, then 3, then 4, then 5,6 and then we jumped to 7 and now 8! It cracks me up when people ask..."How many girls do you have?" When I answer 8, they are shocked and ask..."Where do you put them all?" Well the beauty of it is...We ARE open 7 days a week, from 9 - 8pm! We job share! It's perfect! A very well balanced operation! And you know, I always say it...but really we couldn't do it without YOU! Thank you!

So for now, I will leave you wondering...."how did those lyrics go from that TV show?" (I've been trying to remember myself since I thought of the title for my post) and also..."Will Kim ever stop adding new girls or is this it?" Hmmm, ya just never know ;) wink wink!