Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting to know...Courtney Conley!

So here we are again, getting to know your stylists! This week it's Courtney Conley! She is my June girl..she does not have a middle name, so I gave her one:) Courtney June Conley! In my business plan, I said I would add someone in June (I had added a girl in April, but specifically I stated that I would add another in June and so I did!) I made a post mentioning that and voila! Courtney showed up at my door the next day or so! Really, she did, read here!

Court is the best, she is always ready to be our cheerleader, always the super duper team player! Very considerate and very nurturing to every client that walks through the door! Courtney is a lot like I was as an employee, always thinking about work outside of work, researching ideas and making notes. Sometimes I come in and she has about 4 pages of Courtney's notes, I love the extra help and honestly it's more the thought that touches me more! We are all lucky to work with such a great girl!

1) My hair right now?
It's chin length Bob, but styled to be curly and full! It's a medium copper golden brown with medium gold highlights! (don't be deceived by the picture...they are Jessica Simpson extensions...I'm tricky like that;)

2) My current style?
My style is classy with a little bit of "bite"! It depends on the seasons!

3) What's on my ipod?
I like a little bit of everything! But I have to say, I'm still young at heart and listen to 107.9 and 93Q.

4) My current favorite product?
I have to say that with my hair being naturally curly, for me the best is Moroccan oil, curl & defining solution by Eufora and Kenra Volume spray #25.

5) Things or people that inspire me?
I would have to say that what inspired me was being brought up in the this industry with my Mother being a hairdresser and business owner. My mother has shown me that hard work and persistence pays off!

I'm a hairdresser because....
It is my love and passion, being able to help people look and feel their best is so rewarding!

7) Why I love working at Bijou
(sorry I couldn't resist to ask;)
What can I say, Kim Baker is SO up to date on education and marketing, Bijou is what it is because of her, "she sparkles inside and out"...(Okay stop, I'm blushing now...Ha she gets points for that one;)

8) Favorite Quote?
"It's not what I know that makes me great, it's about what I learn that makes me better!"