Saturday, April 5, 2008

First there were two....

Now we have four!!

When I first opened, I had one girl...Kimberlee Pontello, she is sweet, funny, witty and incredible with color and cutting. She's laid back like me, but has an edge to her (when she first started, she had that awesome posh spice inverted bob, with platinum blond on the top and all dark underneath, every month she has changed her look with a different color, it's fun to see what she will do next) She's great with everyone and although she is edgy and has spunk..she is also incredibly calm and soothing. She is amazing, she just has that natural ability in hairdressing!

Then shortly after I opened my doors, Jackie Gage came to see me (I think I was open for 2 days) She had called to make an appointment to talk to me about a salon coordinator position and I told her although I dream about having one of those, unfortunately I was just not ready for one yet...she asked if she could still come by to talk. When she walked through the doors, I immediately knew we would be fast friends (could it be that she said she hadn't been interested in working at any of the other salons in town until she read my article and then came right down to peek through the windows and loved it right away:) She decided that she would like to put her one foot through the door and work one day a week, alternating Tuesdays and Sundays! And will wait patiently for her "salon coordinator" job! Jackie is one of those people that make great and endearing friends, they cherish life, they love to take care of people and they make you feel just special! She's like me, in the way that she likes to put that little extra touch to make you say oooh or ahhh! She's great with cutting and she is our designated perm expert!!!

Now recently, we have added another girl. Michele! She is full of life and has great spunk and ads that extra "Spark" that we were missing!! She has an incredible way with people and is kind and caring. Michele's favorite thing is color, on her first day, she asked me where the pink was...and she had a really cool client that she colored a beautiful mahogany with pink highlights. She also colored my hair and I can honestly say, it's the color that I have been looking for forever!! I'm so glad to have Michele here, because now with the four of us, we are a pack, we all mesh well and blend just perfectly.

Life is good at Bijou! I'm more than happy with each girl and I will keep them forever!!:)
We are still looking for either one full time person and one part time person for days. I haven't wanted to advertise, because I feel that the right person will come to me, I'm in no hurry, I never believe to rush anything, just let things flow...So if you know of anyone that you think would blend well with us, have them give me a call:)

We all do great manicures and pedicures, as our customers compliment us all the time and our repeat business tells no lie!! Our main objective and what drives us professionally is making people feel good! It's a great feeling to come to work and make people feel and look great!
I keep thinking of this too late, but eventually will get on the ball...I would like to take before and after photos...I will make sure that I keep my camera here and will start posting those photos soon!