Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Getting to know Kim Baker - Owner of Bijou (that still sounds so weird!)

Hey there! Well I wasn't planning on featuring myself so soon, but for the past week my computer has been giving me problems! I'm still working on the kinks, like the kink that is not allowing me to upload photos! So I did want to make a post today and this was the only picture I had on my home computer:) I know, I know, that IS a baby starfish on my nose! (trust me, no animals were harmed in the making of that photo, he was fine:) And please excuse my hair we were combing the beach in Maine for all sorts of stuff!

I'm a bit short on photos of myself, as I am always the picture taker and not the poser! Most everyone who knows me knows that I almost always have a smile on my face:) So without any more rambling...here is my Q&A...and yes this homework was harder than I anticipated! But like Michele says...actually kinda fun in the end!

1) My hair right now?
Blond with caramel highlights, flipped under or out, tucked behind my ears and if I can't make it look good, my favorite grey Beret will do just fine!

2) My current style?
Wow, all over the place, I would have to say...flowy (is that a word?) pants, whimsical sweaters, chunky jewelry. Or leggings with my black twirly (is THAT a word?) skirt , black tunic with my favorite brown sweater...and my silver lady bug pin! But my favorite is my brown yoga pants and aqua sweatshirt, not at work of course:) (told ya, all over the place)

3) What's on my ipod?
Ingrid Michaelson, Feist, Ditty Bops, Dishwalla, Robby Williams, Lily Allen, Zucchero, Muse...actually you can hear my favorites on the blog...turn up your volume!

4) My current favorite product?
Moroccan oil! Kenra Taffy (love the way it smells and how easy it is to work with!) Eufora Hydrating shampoo (saved my hair!!) and Urgent repair (thanks urgent repair God, you saved my hair too!)

5) Things or people that inspire me?
The people that inspire me are my boys! (all three of them!) My Bijou girls (all 9 of them, including Mimi and Victoria too) The strong women entrepreneurs I get to work with, my artist friends, my clients...Things that inspire me...colors in nature...when fall comes I want to add sparks of fall to every ones hair...when I look at hair cuts, I see structure, I think of buildings...inspiration to me is everywhere you see it!

I'm a hairdresser because....
I love making people feel better about themselves, we as hairdressers are therapists, only 30% of our price is hair, 70% is making people feel special and look their personal best!

7) Why I love working at Bijou
(sorry I couldn't resist to ask;)
Because we are a fabulous team! We all have the same objective, to make our clients have the best experience when they come to Bijou, that means no tension, a professional and clean salon! I am incredibly lucky to work with such great, talented girls! The Bijou girls are the best!

8) Favorite Quote?
Oh my most favorite thing to say and what I believe wholeheartedly is that "Everything happens for a reason!" and also that there are no coincidences, coincidences are Gods way of "winking" at you, letting you know you are on your right path!

Favorite Books? (I love books, I forgot to add this one for the girls...ahh, more homework!)
The best book ever! Tales of a female nomad! And of course, the Twilight series (not just for young adults!) Kabul Beauty school, The last lecture, Nicholas Sparks books...too many to name!


Laura Ponticello said...

What Kim forgets to mention, is that her beauty radiates on the inside and outside because of her big heart.

Laura Ponticello, www.laurasbooklist.com