Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bijou's FIRST magazine article!

Yep I told you, we are lucky, blessed..whatever you call it, we have angels watching over us (I say this because an angel store did reside in our spot before us:)

My new friend, Michelle from Nails magazine was visiting Doug's fish fry, she was actually getting ready to stand in line and peeked over and saw our window...she looked in and came in (Thanks God!) made an appointment, (Linda stayed to accommodate her and pamper her to the fullest) and she asked to write an article about us...AS IF she had to ask!!! We were beyond honored! Michelle is such a lovely writer and the article brought a tear to my eye (I know, big surprise!) but it was so nice hearing, or rather "seeing" in print the dream I had in my head for so long..that what I was doing and what the Bijou girls were living by, was actually working..I can't believe it, I was right:)

Thank you Michelle and Nails magazine for doing the 'On the road' feature! And thanks also for coming back with your husband to enjoy another pedicure together! I really wish I could make another Bijou in Binghamton just for you!

I will try to get the actual written article, otherwise come into Bijou and read it:)